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FYI, Jaclyn Glenn Still Sucks

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Three times a plagiarist. I unfollowed all of her Social Media. Jaclynglenn.Ltd is a goodless Joel Osteen. In for the $$$$ and recognition.

 Update:  I did refollow briefly and accept that you can not keep demanding people apologize for shitty things they did. I’ve unfollowed, but that’s because I’m doing a Twitter purge. I’m unfollowing all those people who do not followback.

If you think seven billion people aren’t affecting the climate….. Fuck off. You’re an idiot in the same league as a FlatEarther!

Yes, the world does change in its patterns, but we are adding to the changes that we want less off.Heat rises, deforestation and water shortage.
Wake up! 

Wheel of the Year

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Top Twitter Atheists.

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Not in any order. Just a list of Top Atheists. In my opinion, these are the ones to follow. This is stage one, from the top of my head…and I will be adding more detail and more accounts later. 

Only those over 12,500 followers will be added. Some Youtube atheists, with under 12.5k, that have impressed me (or are my internet friends), will be added.

Happy following! 86.7K followers 42.7K followers 29.9K followers 17.9K followers 26.6K followers 56.2K followers 10.6K followers 10.9K followers 11.8K followers 7,947 followers 17.7K followers 52.8K followers 21.6K followers
And me . I’m at 13.6k followers.

Refugee or migrant?

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If you are bombed out of your house in Syria and flee….you’re a War Refugee. If you are a Kurd from Syria (#Rojava) and go to Turkey and face discrimination and leave to go to Greece….you’re still a refugee.

If you live in a dirt poor village in Somalia and leave voluntarily…. you’re an economic migrant. If you cross seven borders to get to the UK…you are an illegal economic migrant. You should be sent back. You broke the law. You should be given support.

In my opinion, you cease being a war refugee,if you go to the next country from the safe country you are currently in.


You leave Syria (as there’s a war there) You cross the border and as there are no guards stationed on the Syrian side, cross illegally into Turkey. If you have relatives in Britain, for example, and they are supportive and say they want to help you. You should now apply in Turkey for travel permits to go into Greece, then Bulgaria, then Hungary…and so on, till you get to Britain. This is the proper way.

There should be support for Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece to keep refugees in those countries. 

What you shouldn’t do, is just leave Turkey and trek to Calais as an border crossing refugee. This is not the proper way. In fact its against the law. You are doing it illegally and you should be sent back to your point of first entry.(Turkey)
Try again.Do it correctly next time! 

(This is a roughly thought) 

Refugees and economic migrants.

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The Syrian Civil war. Homes destroyed, family members murdered, all economic possibilities crushed.  A person living in a village outside Alleppo sees Assad’s forces or ISIS (theocratic fascists) approaching….and they decide to leave their home for very good reason. They could be a supporter of the opposition or a Shi’ite Muslim. They had a good job, good prospects and a home life.

They leave their  village and cross the border into Turkey. With no real border crossing or administration, they are now in Turkey illegally, but understandably relieved and SAFE from violence. So, without documentation, they declare to the Turkish administration or an aid agency that they are a refugee. It is the first safe place and its welcoming. 

They try to wait for the end of the war. They get documents to show that they are a displaced person. They live in the camps run by various western aid agencies. They apply for the correct permits to live in Turkey. They see the war continuing and increasily bitter and destructive. They ultimately wish to go to their cousin in Spain or wherever, perhaps Britain and apply for visas and passports. They save up half the money by doing various jobs or savings and their cousin pays the other half. They go through the airport. All above board and correctly done. They finally arrived in Madrid and then reestablish some sort of life.

I have zero problem with this refugee.
But….what is happening is;

Civil War in Syria and a person leaves for Turkey and, as above, enters that country illegally.

Then they make the wrong decision.

They don’t want to live in the camps and they don’t want go back one day to a broken Syria. Fair enough. They understandable want a better life, but and here’s the very big BUT…..they don’t want to go through the proper processes, channels and checks. They are impatient or, and i can understand this, desperate for better. Then they cross, even though safe from Assad or ISIS, by a risky boat trip into Greece, walk up into Albania, cross into Bosnia, Croatia and either Hungary or Austria, then Germany and onwards to France. Finally, they arrive at The Jungle, Calais or a similar place.They try to illegally ride trucks, lorries or buses or enter the channel tunnel. Some even try swimming or sail across with the aid of Human traffickers. All of it ILLEGALLY done. The ceased being a refugee as soon as they step across the Turkish border. They become, in many peoples eyes, lawbreaking economic migrants. Men, women and the older looking children. This makes it harder for the refugees that  Do go through the correct hurdles.

Sending them back to Turkey or the previous country they passed through may be Harsh policy*, but it’s what should be happening. This would done for practical purposes. A village on the “refugees trail” could be overrun briefly by hundreds of people…all needing shelter, food and water. To say that no criminal behaviour would occur is to be blinkered to the realities of the World. Also, criminal and/or  nationalistic and xenophobic gangs may target them. They would cease to be SAFE once more! 

I have sympathy and empathy for them, but if I tried crossing the channel, with no documents, by passed the authorities in France, crossed into Germany and got caught trying to get into Hungary or Poland..what would happen to me? ….I’d obviously get sent back to Britain. Might even get prosecuted for illegal entry. Criminal behaviour even. 

Treat every one the same, they say? Hmmmmm.

It may be an awful strain, painstakingly slow and all most certainly an admistrational nightmare. Yes, i understand that! I do watch and read the news and I do think about how I would feel if I was in that situation. I stress this again…Going through the correct procedure is what should be happening. Money should be made available for this.
I’m definitely pro-refugees are welcome, but I add….”if they are legal and documented” They can take advantage of European free movement laws..only when they start out in a European country! 
I hope you understand the nuance.  They may want to come to Britain, but they should do it the Proper and Legal way. If you say that all undocumented, unassessed and unrecorded persons can enter Britain….you are probably RegressiveLeft and I’d have to argue against you. They may not want to live in France, Germany or Italy and want to come to Britain to seek a better life or connect with extended family members, but I really think they should have a better route planned out and follow the law.(I don’t understand why they don’t want to live in Germany…..all of the cities there look beautiful places to live in…and some of the countries these ‘refugees’ pass through have better rights and job opportunities than Britain!)

*I would have Kurds and Kurds from Syria fastracked to come to live in Britain. Kurds are not safe in Turkey and I would say that Turkey is a potential warzone for them. I’d extend the safe countries, for Kurds, to include Bulgaria and Greece. I’d still say that they have to follow the law and apply for documents. 


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End the War on Drugs.

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This is an exceptionally good idea.

Imagine all the non-hardcore heroin users leading productive lives and having a better outlook. 

Legalising cannabis and Heroin is the way forward. Taxing and regulation is the way forward.  

I think the atheist community has a SteveShives problem. Why don’t you fuck off Steve?

Here are 5 Stupid things about Steve Shives:

 1/ Ideological and dogmatic. Holy feminism must not be questioned. 

2/ Unable to self criticise or criticise feminists within his group.

3/ Supersensitive. Blocking people for following critics is not 

4/ Serial blocker #BlockedBySteve 

5/ Not equal to his wife. Her views dominate him.