Why does the Left support Palestine?

Posted: September 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

It baffles me why the Left support a people that;

Support Religious theocracy

support Misogyny

support Paternalism

support Patriarchy

have a Lack of Free Speech

have a Lack of homosexual rights

have a Lack of womens rights

have a Lack of religious freedom

have a Lack of political freedom

have Blasphemy laws

have very strong bigoted attitudes(especially against Jews)

that Support extreme violence

that has a strong strain of Martyrdom fixation

that allows governmental Corruption 

and many more things beside.

These are things that the Left are against! By supporting Palestinians, you do support their way of life. The Palestinian Flag waving by Labour Party members only confirms my belief that they aren’t the party that looks at facts. 

These are not people to support. Yes, they have been displaced by Israel, denied rights, bombed and lack fair treatment. Yet, when you look at the news, research and fact check information…..They are not a people that you can easily side with. 

I do not side with Palestine OR Israel. Both states should exist until a time that they could potentially create a single state. I doubt this would happen. Not in my lifetime. I propose a Secular, Democratic Republic of Jerusalem. A state where all rights are valued. All people are valued. With No more animosity.

I believe Paestine should rid itself of the religion binding it to extremism. I believe they should tackle the above issues. They should use non-violence.They should cease the hatred. They should embrace peace.

I believe that Israel up to the 1967 borders should exist. I believe they should give back the West bank in its entirety, with Israel settlements not destroyed and given as partial compensation. They should embrace peace

  1. The Left should not be blind to the inadequacies, inequalities and disposition of the people that they support!
  2. The Left must also criticise the Palestinians as vigorously as they do the Israelis.
  3. Take no sides in this conflict.
  1. Michel BOURGOIS says:

    The Left only support the Palestinians by symmetric opposition to the Right. “They support Israel? We’ll support Palestine on our end”. It’s a childish behavior. As for myself, I claim the wrongdoings are equally scattered on either side. The Palestinians are to blame with everything you mention in your article above, and the Israelians for the gratuitous murders of children by snipers on the border of the 2 “countries”, for the implantation of Jewish colonies in the occupied territories, etc… Above all both people are to blame for the religiously-fed motivations to harm each other.

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