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Lady Colin Campbell – Wikipedia

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23rd May 2020 Update I’ve blocked


Tough question.

Trans activists and advocates will say All sports that have biological women in as Trans women are women(in their minds)

Common man\woman on the street. Well it has to be fair, hasn’t it?

Leftie – yes, I don’t care about the debates. Let them all play in women sports. Even the 6ft 2in rugby player that hasn’t transitioned and only came out as a women yesterday.

Right winger – Absolutely not. There’s so ruining mentally wrong with them. If they are born a man, then men they must play as! 


I’d say that any women sports that has Transwomen participating in should be reclassed as Gender inclusive. This is because they’ve added another variable to the sport. XY and XX are now participants. 

Anything that doesn’t involve physicality would be fine. Darts, car racing, shooting. This is about skill.

When it comes to track and field…There’s a difference. That has to be acknowledged. 

When the numbers are there, in order not to have the potential for Trans Dominance of (biological) female sports,I think Trans women and Trans men should have their own specific world records, leagues and championships. 

Gender inclusive (meaning all comers) sports would also mean a conclusion to this debate.

Women who feel that they want to have only biologically born female sports should be allowed to set them up and set the rules.

Fans would then be the arbiter. A trans woman sport doesn’t get the sponsorship because no one watched it……well, the public gets what the public wants.

Most people would be quite okay to watch trans woman football. Cos it’s all about the game! 

Simp!y, because I want discussion about what they tweet. My pinned tweet talks about wanting debate. I mostly disagree with what they say. If I said so directly, and spoke my mind, i’d be blocked in a instant. Doing the “I’m doing this for debate” way means I stay unblocked and get my disagreement in at a later point in the discussion thread. 
I only willingly follow 3 Conservatives. 

1: Wrath of Gnon

2: Rory Stewart

3:Survive the Jive.

And that’s because for 1 and 3, they don’t do politics. And 2, because he’s almost a likeable caring Ex-Conservative “Tory the Tory”. A rare thing in my mind. A rural conservative that has a non metropolitan\Westminster bubble view on topics. His RoryWalks must have opened his eyes on a few things.

I only follow 2 fully recognized Far Right members. 

I do keep tabs on 1 RedIce TV and 2 Varg. This is because of my Anti-EthnoNationalistic stance. You have to hear their views to disagree. I’m not going to be an echo chamber. 

I do not follow Richard Spencer or any of his ilk. Not do I follow British or Swedish Ethno Nationalists.

Hjortspring boat – Wikipedia

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The BBC Dankumentary

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Needs to be watched on its entirety. Left wing screechers….FUCK OFF!