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Urban agriculture

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The Smallholders party

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A new party for small holders. It is ecological and a cooperative party. It would represent those who wish to pursue a life based upon The Art of self sufficiency by John Seymour. Either individually or as part of an eco-community. It would be Liberal agrarian in its philosophy.

The Smallholders party of England and Wales, would be it’s formal title.

A party that wants people to return back to the land. 

This is the flag and logo of the Smallholders party. (Credit for logo and flag design- Kris Powers)

The bee represents the Hive of activity and the organic nature of Smallholding. Bees are very important. The shovel is for the working of the soil and hard work well done. The green is for the ecological policies that the party stands for, the purple is of similar colour to the Co-operative party of the UK.

We are a left leaning, yet not Far Left party. We are not a Marxist, Trotskyist, Maoist, Leninist or Stalinist party. We reject all authoritarian socialist ideologies. We do agree with many of The Green Party policies. We would support the NHS Party and The Co-Operative Party. We would seek to gain cross party support for many rural policies.

We base many of our ideas on this classic book. The New Complete book of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour.

We are not a backwards looking nostalgic party, yet we do recognise that with climate change, Green thinking and a desire to reduce growth to a minimum, some old practices may need to be restored. For those that say this is impractical, they should be referred to the following books:

Victorian Farm

Edwardian Farm

Food from your garden

The Cottage Garden

These books encapsulates much of our thinking.

We favour localism.

We favour distributism.

We favour proportional representation.

We favour regionalism.

We reject plastic and we wish to return to stone, wood, wax paper, glass  and metal 

Rochdale Principles

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David T. Ansted

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