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Song and Hymn. 

Hymn To The Aten (sung in Ancient Egyptian) 

Written and performed by Erika Mermuse. (Full credit to E. Mermuse)

The Great Hymn to the Aten.

via Let’s Talk Religion. 


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I’m supposedly a terrible Antichrist, hater of all religions. I’m a godless antitheist. A destroyer of faith.

and while it is true I do object strongly to the god concept in all religions and I dislike commandments from imaginary gods…I am actually ambiguous about most religions. Quite the secularist actually. 

I do have religions that I don’t like and think are threats to society.


Which ones do I dislike?

Evangelical Christianity.(Protestant)

Evangelical Catholicism.

Islam. Sunni and Shi’ite.

Nationalistic Hinduism.

Jehovah’s witnesses.


Tarot and astrology beliefs.

And thats about it.

The Other religions, cults and denominations, if they keep to themselves…no problem.

No problem with

Traditionalist catholicism.(obviously priest abuses and their anti-abortion stance I do object strongly towards.)

Amish. (They keep to themselves and pursue a traditionalist agrarianism.)

The liberal end of the Church of England Eg. Women supporting, LGBTQAI+ Anglicans. (The wishy washy elements(

Paganism.(unless they REALLY believe that the Old gods are very real!)

Satanism.[Not the Hollywood version. Atheistic Rational Satanism]

Jainism. No problem.

Buddhism. No problem. 

Taoism. No problem.

Confucianism. No problem.

Shintoism. No problem.

Bahaism. No problem.

Rastafarianism. No problem.

Pastafarianism. No problem.

Zoroastrian. No problem.

Asatruism. No problem.

Jedism. No problem.

Do I endorse any religions?

No, not really. I do tacitly encourage asatruism.(In opposition to christianity!) I mention 2 Aztec gods occasionally. (To wind up the godly!)

Paganism, with its Appreciate the Earth message is good.?

Do I or would I support any religions or venerating beliefs?

If there was a solar religion or solar veneration community. Yes. I’d support that one.


Communalism – Wikipedia

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Diggers – Wikipedia

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Nice thoughts by me.

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My race= human. 

My country=Planet Earth.

My belief=Respect those who respect you.

My morals=Truth and rationalism.

My aim=Peace.


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My politics.

I’m not

an anarchist. I do have interest in anarchism. Yet I’m not an anarchist. I used to love reading a book called ‘Demanding the Impossible‘. A history of Anarchism by Peter Marshall. I’ve read books by Colin Ward. I liked reading ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’ by Leo Tolstoy. (Pacifist Proto-Anarchist)

I’m not

an anarcho-communist. Or any variation of this, such as Anarcho-Capitalist.

I’m not

A Marxist communist. 

I’m not

a Trotskyist, Maoist, Stalinist, Leninist or Castroist. I actually think Marx and Engels got a few things incorrect and Some of their ideas are clearly outdated.

I’m not

a Democratic socialist such as Corbyn, tho’ I do have many social-ist leanings. (Renationalize the railways, for example). (I’m a democrat).

I’m not a Regressive Left, social conservative or a Limp Liberal. I would not be Socialist Workers party or anything neo-con or neo-liberal.

The NHS party? I’d support them. Yet it is a one trick pony.

The Co-operative party? I’d support them, yet Not the Labour party, that they affiliate with. I am pro-Trade Unions and Co-operative shops.

The SNP? I think some policies are okay.I lean towards independence for Scotland.

Plaid Cymru? I’d vote for them. I might disagree with a few things tho’.

The Green party? I’d vote for them, tho’ disagree with a couple of things. 

I am Democratic. If possible, can we have proportional representation in the UK?

Am I a Liberal Democratic party or a Labour party supporter? No. Don’t like the upper echelons of these parties. Nick Clegg is a Yellow Tory. I don’t think Diane Abbot is fit to be Home Secretary. I suppose if I had to choose, I’d prefer Corbyn over Tories.(only just!)

Am I Centre Left or Centrist? Probably not. Though I’ll Never a Blairite be. I have some centrist leanings.

The Social democrats? Not sure. I’m reviewing my stance and maybe I could be shifting inbetween The Green Party and the SDpUK.

Am I a libertarian? I probably have some leanings towards this. Yet I believe some government is necessary and regulations are important and need to be enforced. I’m libertarian in things to do with legalizing marijuana and free sperch, not economics.

The Independent Group. Change UK? No. Neo-liberalism sucks.

Am I a conservative? No. I do think that some things about prisons and crime and punishment need to be tougher. That’s about it. Do I respect or follow any conservatives? No. I only think conservatives are tolerable when they present tv shows about Railways. I did think Rory Stuart was okay, yet he made up percentages to support his views, so I unfollowed.[Update-Followed again , due to.leadership Tory contest] I suppose Ken Clarke is consistent in his Pro-EU stance. The UK conservative party have no real substance. I echo Peter Hitchens with that view. I hope the Conservatives split as a party. And stay out of power for a very long time.

Am I a Trump Supporter? Hell, no! Trump is unfit to be President. The GOP are awful. The U.S. Democrats need better people, not Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton (Again and Again). 

Am I a Nazi? No. Racist Anti-Jewish political parties are beyond the pale.

Ukipper? No. Tho’ they have Pro free speech and anti-article 13 as policies, that I agree with.

Brexit party? No. Tho’ I do think until the 2016 referendum is invalidated, the Decision to Leave should be upheld. (I voted remain)

Britain First? No. Christian nationalism with xenophobia is not my bag.

[Monster Raving Loony Party? No. They aren’t on the Right, but I’m putting them here because I’ve only just thought of them.]

For Britain? No, tho’ I’d agree that it is odd that a country that is for liberalism, women’s rights, trans rights and GLBTQAI+ rights and free speech and democracy would think it okay to allow very conservative, misogynistic, anti-trans, homophobic, censorious\pro blasphemy laws and authoritarian minded people to come into.our society.

Am I far right? Nope. I’m cosmopolitan. I’m not a racist. Ethno-nationalism is not something I’d advance.

Generation Identity? No. I’d only agree that borders are important and Islam can be very divisive in society.

Am I a Zionist? No. I do think Israel to its 1967 borders should exist. Palestine should have a region of its own. (Not under Hamas) I’m a selective Anti-settlementist, not so much anti-zionism.

Am I a Islamist? No.

Am I a civic nationalist? No. Not really. I’m not really a nationalist. I’m a pro-nationalist supporter for such places as Catalonia and Kurdistan. Civic patriot perhaps? Just not in “my” country. Try to support the country you live in type thinking. It’s not a strong passion. I think some people would say I’m a weak nationalist*(see below). 

Am I a open borders or we need borders type? Definitely the latter. Open borders is idealistic. I used to support the idea. *Am I a Borderist?

Would you talk\have you talked to Far Right or Far left people? Yes. You have to have debates with such people.

Can you be friendly with people on the Far right and far left? Not sure. Probably not. You could send decent comments about general. For example, if a highly nationalistic conservative just got engaged and tweeted a photo and I had a previous recent conversation with them…I’d say congratulations. If they had a photo of Margaret Thatcher behind them and was evidently proud of it….I’d ignore the post. On social media, I would not be impolite to them. I’d think they’d have awful ideas and might mention that, so a friendship would be difficult to maintain. 

Do you have Traditionalist\very nationalistic as friendly people on social media? Not many to none.They are mostly Catholics who would block me for my Pagan Atheist views. I know of, wa Itch and read posts, blogs and videos of A Catholic traditionalist (Wrath of Gnon) and an Evola-quoting English nationalist pagan(SurvivetheJive). So 2.

Do you have Anarchist\antifa supporters as social media ‘friends’? Not really. Maybe a couple of anarchistic leaning people. None to very few who are antifa. Though any Murray Bookchin supporter of communalism(Not communism) will be followed by me on social media. I think antifa in Syria, who fight against Islamo-fascism are in the right place. I think Pacifist\restrained antifa members are decent. Those antifa’s who destroy property of innocent people and who stop legal debates are actually going about it the incorrect way and providing optics to the RightWingers to present the left as violent thugs. They are not helping themselves when they do this. Silent, peaceful and well ordered protest can achieve better results. If the right attack, make sure it is seen that they did it first.(Anarchists must be media savvy and coordinate with police(Yes, I know that is counter to their thinking as they think police are on the Establishments side. This is why it has to be done. To counter the perceived narrative)

What or how would you describe yourself politically\Socially?

I’m working on it. Um…A lower working class barely skilled, comprehensive educated Democratic liberalish traditionalist, communalist agrarian eco-social-ist with back to the land, rewilding and self sufficiency (Seymourism) leanings, a very small smattering of conservative views on crime and imprisionment, who’d also like to see a section of society reach a transhumanist utopia(to reap any  benefits from medical advances), who thinks it’s better to have a rich, patchwork quilt of colourful nations, rather a grey, grubby duvet of unitedness. 

I’m a traditionalist in the realms of architecture, countryside (not fox hunting)and putting a load of criticism on Ultra progressives, and being respectful of our ancestors efforts to.improve society. I’m pro-High culture and against modernist ideas of art. I
Libertarian traditionalist? 

Kamaboko – Wikipedia

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Wendell Berry

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He seems to be an American of similar type to John Seymour. Agrarianism and small community farming. Old economics and thrift. Self sufficient and back to the land.