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Hello Angry Losers

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England Arise!

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With Brexit, comes Freedom! Not only from Europe, but from the UK.

England regains herself thru’ Brexit.

How is this possible? Well, it seems that Scotland might go independent and the demographic change in Northern Ireland and the desire not to have a Hard Border (a consequence ofBrexit) will ultimately create a majority in favour of unification with the south. 

This means that The UK will come to an end. Wales may move towards independence, but may take a while to develop the atmosphere for this change. What will be certain that a push for a United Kingdom of England(& Wales) may emerge. Who is to say that the monarchy will survive this? So with more democracy….we may have a Republic of England. A republic within a collection of nations. A new structure could be formed.

The ConFederation of British Nations could be a mini Commonwealth.

What of England? Does Alfred’s Dream fail and the ancient Kingdoms of England, such as Cornwall, Mercia and Wessex arise?

A Democratic Confederation of England perhaps? 

Would English nationalism be a big factor?

England may diminish. With no real power…. We just become another country. 

English Independence.

Scientific American: Red Planet versus Dead Planet: Scientists Debate Next Destination for Astronauts in Space.

Tesla Solar | Tesla UK

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“The Superior Man”

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Is Varg, throwing the idea that he supports Christian, racist nationalists/Nazis, under the bus in this video?

 He’s pro-Neanderthal and pro-ancient lifestyle.

He seems to want Primitivism & Tribalism. Hmmm 

Block helenohenzo the Serial pest. Delusional ad homophobic. This guy speaks for many atheists and homosexual atheists who want to see Henzo removed from Social Media.