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Others will be listed soon .

The BibleGod is a dick of a character . Odin would kick his fucking ass all over the Sinai . Thor would then smash his fucked up sadistic brains all over Jerusalem .

I’m getting carried away …..

All you need is logic , reason and plenty of evidence …..& maybe quite a bit of time to explain it all .

Pat Condell VS Richard Coughlan:

Just a reminder of the true character of Coughlan…:
I think this is the Twitter acct of the person that I argued / debated on TheTruePooka’s Facebook page .Also on Twitter as
When I asked about why he was making ad hominem attacks rather than answering my questions , TTPooka’s response was ” Richard will be Richard ” …Hmmmm .
I intend to show the full conversation in photos here soon , but it was basically , me defending Sam Harris and Reachard Tedics sics being confrontational rather than conversational . 

The above vid shows Coughlan616 as seen by some ppl ,one of which is TJ ( The Amazing Atheist) author / anti-theist ( Good bloke )


The 6 Moral Dealbreakers of Christianity: Zinnia Jones

Theism is Not Rational:

Religion Rebutted #1 Pascals Wager: Please follow this excellent Youtuber here .