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Jesus never existed.

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Thoughts and quotes.

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Atheism is only the gateway to reality. 

The only god that exists is the god within yourself. We are all little gods of our story and destiny. 

What kind of a Free Speech defender are you, if you don’t allow criticism of yourself! I

We are all @ the 1st power.

The most perfect god is the one that doesn’t need to exist. 

You have to take their Conspiracy ideas to another level, where they think you are ludicrous. You have to go One Step Beyond. 

Just mention that Hitler was part of the Jewish Conspiracy to kill nationalism, national identity and allow the Great Replacement to occur. Since they like and promote Hitler this actually means that they are also a part of the Jewish Conspiracy. You can say that they are enabling Jewish Domination by talking positively about Hitler and the Third Reich. The only way to counteract is to be silent on the subject and not praise up the Third Reich!

How you do it:

You firstly say that World War One was Phase 1 of this Conspiracy. It was started to destroy European Monarchy and open Nationalistic faultlines.

Secondly, World War Two was Phase 2 of this Conspiracy. They wanted to get a Charismatic leader to lead a major European country into having a war over nationalism so that the continent would be weakened enough to cause the importation of new peoples. The nationalist faultlines were exploited for this reason. They needed a big believer in Nationalism to rise, so they could bring him and Nationalism down into the gutter.

Thirdly, you state that Hitler was a useful idiot as he believed in his mission. He was being used to force Jews from Europe back to Palestine and to give Jewish leaders a massive victimhood to guilt the new Big Powers into supporting Israel. He was a failure because he broke the back of European dominance and enabled this plan to work. By bringing the Soviet\Russian and US armies into the heart of Europe, he brought about the collapse of the European dominance over the globe. Hitler is therefore the greatest of enablers, cucked to bring down Europe in order to allow for the Great Replacement and rule by regIonalism elites. 

This stream of thought will possibly wind up those hardcore Nazis, especially if you call them Jew Enablers


  1. The way to beat conspiracy nuts is to Go One Step Beyond. When they try to counter your Conspiracy+ argument this actually moves them to a position where they have to use reason and logic.
  2. When they start using this method to counter your craziness, 
  3.  you can then point out their logic fails in believing in the Jewish Conspiracy. 
  4. Go for the GOTCHA moment. (They’ll usually block you for pissing them off and proving them to be an idiot! Yet, you may get the more thoughtful thinker to conduct a reappraisal of what they believe and give up being a Nazi!)

Whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not : everyone in the UK is now a Leaver. 

I voted Remain in 2016. And if there was another referendum, I’d probably vote Remain again. 

Yet here we are. I’ll have to recalibrate to a Leaver mentality. So I’m going with a #GreenLeave and #NewAgrarianRevival agenda.

All those who want to fight for a Rejoin The Eu Campaign….good for you. All you hardcore Remainers that want nothing to do with coins, logos and post Brexit plans….fine. You will be seen as the heavy anchors, the feet draggers, the moaners and the negativity of the country.

You should seize the possibilities.

We should #BuyBritish.

We should embrace Regionalism and Localism.

Support our farms and rural industries.

Improve our politics. Proportional Representation.

Switch our economy over. Sustainable and self sufficient.

Or explained in a lengthy way

: the now very strange opinion of supporting biological women over trans women. Especially when they have biological men(also known as transwomen)entering their female only spaces. 

I also support the dropping of T from LGBT. And even of Lesbians splitting away from LGB.

Two differences of opinion.

1-prostitution should be legal. Only to those over 21. Let women decide. Of course illegal sex trafficking should be stopped.

2-pornography should be legal. Only to those over 21. Of course, only from legal licensed shops. 

Trans women are Trans women. That’s it. 

Trans men are Trans men. That’s it.

These statements above are fact. Trans women aren’t biological women. Trans men aren’t biological men. It’s not transphobic. Science is not transphobic. 

Trans Identified Man is a better description.

Trans Identified Woman is a better description.

Modified Men and Modified Women can also be used as a description.

Woman: noun, Adult Human Female.

Man: noun, Adult Human Male.

No man has a vagina.
No woman has a penis.

Men with intersex status are still men.

Women with intersex status are still women.

Surgery may create a neo-vagina or neo-penis.That’s it.

There are no lesbians with a penis.

There are no gay men with a vagina.

TERF is an insult. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist(They aren’t excluding men, they are putting biological female first!)

TERM is… something not used. Trans Exclusionary Radical Menist. 

Women First.

A feeling doesn’t make you a biological women.

A feeling doesn’t make you a biological man.

Men who think they are women don’t have female brains or feminized brains. They are men, with effeminate urges. Some are fetishists.They may not have a mental disorder, yet they do have a born sex identity maladjustment.(bsim)

Female stereotypes are driven by society. Pink is only a female colour, because it has been indoctrinated as a female colour. So is the colour  blue.

Men who say they are women are not more important than actual biologically born women.

Posie Parker is worth listening to.

Self identification can and will be misused.

Criminals who are Trans Identified men should serve time in a separate prison wing for Trans Identified Men. Not in female prisons.

Criminals who are Trans Identified woman should serve time in a separate prison wing for Trans Identified Women. Not in male prisons. 

Only a trans identified man who has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and has gone through full surgery after the age of 18 and before 28 and completed all the feminization courses over a year can still be refused entry into female spaces, even after requesting such a desire to the biological women who use it and must accept their decision.

Biological female (Natal females) sports can only be for biologically females.

I believe the Gender Spectrum is mostly a load of nonsense. There are not 100+ genders. Neither are there 7 billion.

Non binary is also mostly nonsense. You are either male or female.They is not a singular descriptive.

People who push the idea of Drag kids are sinister. 

Via YouTube. Posie Parker.
I’m actually fed up with All this trans stuff. It’s amazing that some Trans people can be called Transphobic, if they have criticisms of their own about the Trans community. 

Why can’t they trans quietly and without any attention seeking? Just do it already. 

That shows you that it’s All gone too far. 

statements are for a trial blog.  (Disclaimer)

Trans women are trans women?

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Said by a unknown person.


We have all been tricked into saying a lie. Trans women are women is a lie. It is compelled speech and your celebrity job is on the line if you say anything ctitical of it and you are well known.

Trans women are Transwomen is the true statement. They are biologically born men with a biologically male formed brain. Only their thoughts are “female” inclined. 

How are they a woman? They are XY, not XX. Only through surgery and cosmetics can they be outwardly female. A pastiche. 

Is it in their minds? They have a male brain that MAY have been flushed with oestrogen. It’s a myth that a female mind is trapped within a male body!

Is it in their biology? No. They are genetically Male.

Is it in the pathways of their brain and if so, How much of that is a social construct? 

What is a woman? It is an adult female who was born with a vulva, vagina and womb* and breast tissue created for breast feeding**. 
*yes, I know there are some conditions that mean women are born without these. Yet, they are the exceptions.

**functioning or non functioning.


What are your thoughts? 


The alliance between Sharia law advocates, Corporate Globalism and Marxist communists.

The aims:

They want to anonymise you.

They want you to think like them.

They want to control speech.

They want global dominance.

They want no borders.

They want to destroy Western liberty.

They want Multiculturalism (which ironically is the death of diversity)

They want no more national identities.

They want Masculine traits abolished into non threatening effeminate “I don’t want to offend anyone” compliance.

 “Equality” is actually the equality of outcomes, not the equality of opportunity.

Feminism is the gradual destruction of societal norms. The illusion of empowerment. Islam wants a policed patriarchal-friendly feminism. Liberation through being covered up.

They want an end to LGB rights. A discarding of these homosexual rights for Ultra progressive Trans rights. No male, no female identities alllowed.

Opiates to stupify the masses and and reliance on Big pharma.