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A great visionary. I support this step 100%.


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Why do I follow extremists of the Left and the Right?

Good question.

I follow them to educate myself on what they think about.

I follow them to help form my own opinions.

Religion and politics lie upon a spectrum of views and opinions.

Where to place yourself?

Well, you have to agree with people to place yourself upon that spectrum.

Religion….I’m an atheist.I’m anti-abrahamic in the main. 

Politically… I’m a EcoSocialist. I’m anti-capitalistic and anti-authoritarian (eg,Soviet style communism).

You also have to disagree with people to place yourself upon that spectrum.

Religion…I have a soft spot for Asatru, Buddhism, Jainism and Taoism. This is because I listen to the peaceful coexistence in their message. 

Politically… I have an interest in liberalism. I listen. This is because they want social progression and I agree broadly.

Religion… I despise the whole idea of Creationism and holy book infallibility. Yet I listen to the advocates in order to see how wrong they are.

Politics…I despise the whole conservative, alt-right,far right religious evangelicalistic stance. Also, I headscratch myself and go “Huh!” to those who advocate outdated Communism, Maoism and unrealistic socialist utopian ideals, yet I listen to what they say.

So, I listen to fascists, national socialists, hardcore marxists, soviet and chinese communists, Racialist Asatruists/White Pride Odinists, Christian fundamentalists and islamists, but only to see that I actually agree* very rarely and I find i reject vast areas of their thinking. I do believe in Free Speech and the exchange of ideas and opinions.
* I agree with many of the non political, non racist, off grid ideals and with some fact based views on Christianity genocide of Scandinavia and Europe and with communalistic socialist ideals of some hardcore marixist communists. 

There’s a vast amount of opinion out there. You aren’t going agree with people. Shutting those people out and their ideas isn’t the way forward. You’re basically shutting the door to live in your nice, tidy and friendly safe space. 

Will you get insulted? Yes, I was called a “homo lover” by a Odinist  tribalistic racialist. He shut down the thread after I gave some progressive thoughts on their opinion that ‘Germanic Law’ should be reapplied.

Will you get agreement? Yes, on the subject of culture clash and opposition to a possible Islamification of some areas of the bigger European cities.

Does this mean you have right wing views or they have left wing tendencies? I say not so.

You’ve just come to a consensus and it’s wonderful!

You can not practise tolerance if you only tolerate people you agree with. First signs of animal life on Earth may be from microbes.

on the beach….draw a triangle. The curve of the Earth is so sutbtle that the angles look constant. Try drawing a triangle from New York  to LA to Brasilia.  The curve distorts the triangle.

Hardwicke House

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It just got my interest, that’s all. Wonder if it will ever get released? 
UK TV oddities.