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Updated 20th March 2021.28th March 2021.21st April 2021. 1st May 2021. 1st June. (Missed July!) 24th August.(Missed September!) 20th October. January 2022.

Following 4,331.4,251.3,855. 3,770. 3,737. 3,707. 3,687. 2,866. I’ve unfollowed 1,465 accounts since March 2020.

Aim– to purge out uninteresting accounts that no longer tweet,(before 2nd February 2020) that no longer follow me (maybe to be listed), who have under 100 followers (sorry, just try to build up more, without me!), so that I may reach my goal of 2,500. With this number, I’ll have, or hopefully have, a better experience of Twitter. 366 left to go.

No more uninteresting tweets to wade thru’!

No more following ppl that last tweeted in years past.

No more following ppl who follow, then unfollow.

No more following tiny accounts. 

I may still follow accounts that I disagree with. 

I’ve purged down from following  17,800!

Unfollowed  13,469. 13,549.13,945. 14,030. 14,063 . 14,093. 14,013. 14,934 have gone!!

Followers 14,658.14,646. 14,613. 14,610. 14,511. 14,342. 14,282.14,144 (Whatever it does, going up or down or staying level – I’ll only block accounts that follow me that seem to be ad bots, obvious bots, locked accounts and the clearly dim and unfriendly.) 514 accounts have unfollowed me since March.

Tweets 362.9K.364.3k. 366.3k. 367.5k. 371.5k. 384.2k. 390.2k.405.1k Keep grinding them out! In the 400,000 tweets club! 

Likes 272.6K.273.9k. 275.6k. 277.2k. 281.6k. 294.2k. 300.7k. 320.5k. I wish I could review the earlier ones.

Media 57.2K. 57.3K. 57.4k. 57.5k.57.7k. 58.4k. 58.9k. 59.6k.Photos and videos. As above.

Joined August 2012.

Updates as often as I can. Once a month perhaps, around the 20th. 

Next one around the 24th of February, 2022.

Additional – 

I may, in April 2022, finally lock my account and start purging out accounts that follow me, yet have not tweeted since 20th, August 2020. I then hope to reduce my followers down to 10,800. (Or less!)

I’ll then unlock my account.

I’m doing this, because I’ve decided that Twitter algorithms are ruining the app for me and I’ve had enough of it! 

To be in that 10,800(or less!) group-

Have more than 3,600 followers.

Have tweeted more than 3,600 tweets.

Speak English. 1st or 2nd language.

Follow me.(duh!)

Be active on Twitter. 

Not be locked.

Twitter and it’s algorithms is ruinous to my Twitter account!

More blockers! 

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Here’s a few more accounts that have blocked me on Twitter.

The Uninteresting tweeters are-

And this next person has blocked 222,032 accounts >>
I’ll update this as I go along. 

Why have they blocked me

They’ve blocked me due to

my opinions,

who I follow,

my questions,

my atheism,

my opposition to white nationalism,

my arguments against identity politics,

my anti-CRT stance,

my pro Gender critical tweets,

my intervention into trans debates.

My critical opinions of those who have pronouns in their bio.

My annoying habit of busting their bubble.

They are not blocking me because of


Impolite behavior.

Cos I dont do that!