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Defending Evolution .



                            An insight into my thoughts .

I have been atheist for a very long time . I have been Anti-Superstition for slightly longer . When I was old enough to see all the evidence and claims , I was convinced ,thru’ a careful logic , of the correctness of the process which led to the view that there was no god , no angels etc and that evolution was a far better way to explain our origins than the Bible .


It was the dreadful story of Noah and The Flood which indicated to me  that all was not true with the Bible . That a loving and all-knowing god could do this seemed crazy . It still does . Infinite punishment for finite crimes , drowning ,suffering & sadistic behavior from a god regretting his creation. I also realized that adults ,for I was but 6-7 , were lying to me and lying to themselves .
To be anti-stupidstition and Anti-deist wasn’t about rejecting ‘ my creator’ and not turning away from being ‘ tuned into the Cosmos’ .   It was about truth .



@Athe1stp0wer is about passing information about Youtubers , websites and other Godless Tweeters .

The more people , the stronger the voice for change .

My Favorite Youtubers

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In no particular order , but i think Reverend should be at the top for her whiplash Logic .I also enjoy her content .

If any of the links fail – I am working on it.I want to create a tidy article too !

NEW ENTRY – >>>> The bible and other fairy tales #AtheistSong ⬆B-dance has moved ⬆ #AtheistRap

Also , new channel Completely Godless – Youtube JaredQuinlan

⏬sarahmae⏬ ( Covendom ) ( Sarah Mae )



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Things I don’t like in this religion

1/ Foreskin surgery

2/The Radicalization of this religion

3/The failure on its part to encourage Women’s rights !

4/Blasphemy Laws .

5/The Koranic verses which call for the Death of apostates / unbelievers

6/Its lack of change .
It seems to many that Islam needs to go through a Reformation or a new Schism to Humanistic Islam , which maybe purges all the bad verses out of it . A distancing from the Warrior creed that it can be seen as .

7/The Naming of Weapons by Muhammad .

8/The use of the Lash

9/Husband can beat wives

10/The cutting off of limbs

11/The killing of the poetess , Asma bint Marwan , March 624.

12/Promising 72 virgins to men .( What about 72 virgin men for women ? )

13/You can’t pluck your eyebrows

14/No pictures .

15/Ban against yawning .

16/The Avoiding of dogs. Muslims are encouraged to cross the street

17/New fattwas prohibiting travel to the Moon and Mars !!!! Tut tut .

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Things I don’t like about the belief .

1-The Old Testament Laws ,which don’t fit in with modern society .

2-Especially Foreskin removal .

3-The use of this religion in Israel/Palestine to justify land grab or denying Arabs voting or Land rights .

4-Lack of evidence for the existence of god .

I like a lot of things that people of the Jewish faith have brought . Comedy and food .


JamesKemlo ( Elucidatus ) and I

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©copyright JamesKemlo / Elucidatus

One or two people every so often used to ask me why , formerly http://www.twitter(dot)com/JamesKemlo 😦 ⬅now a russian bot ) had blocked me for so long .
I then have to use a couple of Tweets to explain that the only reason I have is that I RT’d a tweet by which was similar to a JamesKemlo tweet from a few hrs before .

The Tweet was

“Let there be light” god said .
Who the fuck was god talking to ?

-The only difference being one of them had #atheism Hashtag added / Subtracted from theirs . Feb 10th 2013 I think it was .

2013,Feb 10th ( The Tweet was too far back to retrieve )

It was misunderstanding ,that has now been righted .

Please follow —

Excellent Photographer and he finds very interesting news items on his Twitter account .

Elucidatus . Junpei Hayakawa .

I have made a couple of overtures to him to unblock and thru’ the help of ( Thank you ) he has unblocked me .
16 March 2015 .