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Asatru – RationalWiki

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Yup, it’s the only series that I constantly blog about. The “Who has blocked me on Twitter this week?” series! 

 Well, who has done this deed and do I know why?

It’s a person named

Arthur Chu. And he’s verified! 

Says in his bio “Mad genius, comedian, actor, and freelance voiceover artist broadcasting from the distant shores of Lake Erie.”

 Broadview Heights, Ohio.

He has 38.5K followers.

He’s seems to be of the opinion that ‘Trans women are women’. Now I’m civically bound to agree with that. Yet he must have seen me say “Trans women are (also) modified men’, which is factually true or he’s seen me included in tweets that have the so called ‘TERF’ element of feminism also tagged in. This usually triggers people into blocking me as they can’t cope with the criticism, by TERFs, about trans activists or the reality of my statement.

They don’t understand that I’m supporting Trans, when I say that.

Yet another member of the ostrich brigade.

It’s no loss being blocked by him.

I’m often sharing stories about who blocked me on Twitter, so it’s nice to have a story about someone actually following me! 

And who followed me?

Only the best Twitterer of 2018! (& probably 2019!) #TitaniaMcGrath

Titania McGrath has only been in Twitter since April, 2018, but has already achieved a massive following media interest and some notoriety. I really like ‘her’* tweets.’She’ tweets about progressives, regressivelefties, the political correctness, emotional millenials, uberfeminists, all of ‘The Woke’ that are on Twitter, the gender\transgender debates and politics in general. ‘Her’ takes on many situations are brilliant. A mix of sarcasm, mocking, righteous indignation, parody and hints of comedy. They often take the ‘logic’ of the tweets ‘she’ highlights and goes hilariously above and beyond. 

I am really chuffed to bits to have ‘her’ follow me.(Not sarcasm, I’m sincere here!)

I even sent a tweet with 💐 flowers to Titania and said “4U & TYVM”(Thank You Very Much) for following. Yes, I am a #BigFan. #NotCravingValidationThough 

To be one of the 590(now 593)that Titania follows is amazing. #DopamineFix .Not sure why I’m being followed exactly. What did I tweet that got the follow? (Must bottle that!) I’ think that i’m a very random tweeter. I do have tweets consistently about Atheism, Religion, US\UK and World politics, yet I’ll throw in music clips, podcasts and anything I deem interesting TO ME. That many other people find it interesting {and to date around 16k followers have done so}…is very much a bonus.

I think the followback was maybe because I follow and Retweet an amazing bunch of people that has the same thinking about certain topics. People like JonathanPieNews and um.. Andrew Doyle, Helen Pluckrose, SherlockMichael, Peter Boghossian, Gaad Sad, Stephen Knight (GSpellchecker) and ConcreteMilk(Damo).

I hope I don’t mess it up and tweet something that makes them think “Why & for what reason did we follow him again?” #Worried 😟

However long it lasts….(I’m remembering that Sam Harris once followed me……yet only for a day or two! #WhyDidYouLeaveMe?) ….this made me twitterhappy** today!(25-01-2019)

So…I’m sending non binary regards, Halal friendly affections and FarLeftie passion and best wishes to you, Titania.I

*I’m putting it as ‘her’, because I don’t want to assume their gender.😀

** TwitterHappy is when something specific on Twitter (i.e – not real life, which actually matters!) makes you smile. I’ve tried explaining things like being followed by such and such, “this person who has 23k followers” or “a celebrity Retweeted me”, to workmates, family and friends and they are never ever impressed by it. So I’ve decided to preface any emotion with the word ‘Twitter’ if it’s about Social media. So TwitterSad is when you are unfollowed by a long term follower & Facebook friend, who declares that they no longer like you retweeting°° Donald Trump for example. You’re sad that they unfollowed, but it’s not real sadness. Twitter is just a big playground, with Kurt Cobain’s “Your in High school again. No recess” on the tannoy.

It don’t matter much.

 {°°Just to add-None of my Retweets are endorsed unless I say they are!)

PS. DO NOT refer to Titania as ‘Tits’! 

[All photos are public domain screenshots.]

The Meteors – Wikipedia

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Wardruna – Wikipedia

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How successful are my blogs?

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They’re not! 😀😀😀

Some of the posts here are just things I want to read at a later time. I claim no credit at all for them. The amount of blogs that are actually readable or of any use is very few. The only blogs which I’d really want recognition for are:

Blogs on Islamophobia.

Blogs on Why I use the terms, Modified Men Modified Women.

The single blog called Atheists for Odin?

The blogs that mention What my views on various topics are.

And the blogs on Seymourism and Solarism. 

That’s it. 

I’m amazed that any of my blogs have been read. 

Favourite tweeters of 2018.

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Here is a quick list of my favorite tweeters of 2018. No particular order, yet the first few are my most GoTo’s. The names used are their Twitter names.

GSpellchecker (Stephen Knight)




Godless_Mom (Courtney Heard)



Hevallo (Mark Campbell)





Reality Revelations

Secular Bloke 



ArgblatteTalar @RefugeeinSweden

StyxOfficial Styxhexenhammer666

United Kingdom census, 1921

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Can’t wait for 2022, for this census to be released.

Ancestry is my hobby.

That the 1931 UK census isn’t going available, as it was destroyed in 1942, is VERY disappointing! This would have helped with many questions about my great grandparents and grandparents.

The next census after that will be the 1951 census. 2052 is when it might be released.