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Yip, blocked again! 

By whom?

By a feminist, called Lara Witt. (No idea). Makes a change from a Christian or a Muslim. I didn’t even know of her existence before now. I may have had an interaction, yet I do not remember. 

Here is the person

Obviously, I’m in a block list or have tweeted something she strongly disagreed with.

She’s probably a Steve Shives or Kristi Winters follower. 

No loss. 


I tweeted a meme. Simple meme using a Free-to-use image with my own words upon it. 

Here it is:

Standard Atheist meme.

Do you think it was liked, Retweeted or had comments very quickly after, from my nearly 16,000 followers?

No…this below is what I saw for a very good while. Repeatedly. From 11:12am to 11:47am, till I Retweeted it myself…..there was nothing! 

Twitter protects Islam. I also reckon they are suppressing my account. Low interactions, loss of followers, and for an account of nearly 16k, I have a very limited reach. Low amount of retweets, likes,and conversations, it’s all happening to me. My following has dropped dramatically. Now at 15.8k.


Sharing due to the religious discussion and NOTHING else!

Yaxley talking, without milkshake, with a woman, who is muslim.

Just got to say…

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Just got to say… that those people on Twitter, who just like like like like like one side of an argument and ignore the lucid, valid responses are definitely fanboys\fangirls and therefore not worth noticing\replying to! It’s mostly because of who tweeted what, not the actual content!

 The liked tweets may have been debunked, proved irrational, but they still like like like like like away!

They want to be noticed or need to.prove their loyalty to the GroupThink. 

It’s rare to be liked by someone who is on the other side of a debate. They just can’t bring themself do it. Even when you tweet something which is accurate and factually correct.

It’s safe to assume that your only use is being there as a red rag for their buddies. 

A case of

 “Look at and like this tweet our noble wonderful leader has tweeted! Look at the (part)response by this idiot…but certainty don’t look further at their other responses! Oh no!”


Tough questions bring tough answers to deal with.

I would not let in;

1- Illegal economic migrants. E.g.- No documents, you get sent back to the place of origin\original departure. If you cross a river at night, walk over a border at night with the clear intent of avoiding detection…then Sorry, you will be sent back! 

2- Criminal migrants. E.g.- If found to be a criminal, e.g. In the process of a criminal act, such as people smuggling, you will sent back immediately!

3- Jihadist minded migrants. E.g.- If found to be an ex soldier in ISIS, you would be sent back.

4- Illegal Refugees. E.g.- Refugees that have passed through one or even several safe countries without documentation or any indication of trying to contact the first safe country’s authorities.

Failure to identify your origin, your documents, full disclosure on name, previous address and relationships.(political) will result in your removal back to the place of your departure. Repeat offenders should be held in detainment camps for 12 weeks, with a slower processing.

I would let in;

1- Kurdish refugees. Turkey, the next country closest the The EU is not safe for the Kurds. Registration requirements and Proof that they are Kurdish. 

2- Iraqi and Syrian Christians. Even as an atheist, I’d let them in due to Muslim persecution. Registration and and Proof that they are christians. 

3- Genuine Legal economic migrants that have legal documentation and the correct work permits and who have passed all the requirements. Closest country that can provide that work. Registration requirements.

4- Those in need of urgent Genuine Emergency medical support, that only the West can provide. Closest safe country only. Registration requirements.

5- Genuine refugees from a ongoing war zone. Closest safe country only. Registration requirements.

6- Genuine refugees from political, ethnic and religious persecution. They still have to provide honest legitimate dicumentation and meet the requirements. Closest safe country only. Registration.

This also means support for all agencies dealing with these people.

It can also be added as an argument against immigration from NA-ME* that letting in people with qualifications is actually impoverishing these nations. The BrainDrain of good people, nurses, doctors, engineers, etc,  that can help rebuild, build and\or improve infrastructure is not healthy for that nation. The West should encourage people to stay in their countries to make them better and create places where people are more inclined to stay.

*NAME is North Africa-Middle East. (Also including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen, as many Refugees\migrants claim their from Middle East, yet come from these countries)

Libya must be made safe. A robust UN naval force should be patrolling off the coast.

No migrants to be taken to Europe. The rescue boats should take them back to the migrants point of depature, if possible. This is a measure to discourage unsafe voyages.

Human trafficking should be halted. 

I’m Not against immigration. Permitted legal immigration from Commonwealth and Rest of the World is fine. Legal documents must be the priority.

I’m Not against refugees. They must however have a destination of the First Safest Country. Not traverse several safe countries.

I’m Not against help and support to those who require it. Desperate people who are judged to be Genuine, get my support.

I’m just pro legal documentation and going through the proper channels. If I have to do it, then so should they. Impatience with the bureaucrats is not an excuse to jump the process. 

I’m on the Left, yet I do see the sense of having borders. Humans migrating under threat(Refugees) and Migrating Humans for economic reasons aren’t illegal, yet how they go about it, can be! 

Tara McCarthy is a Wuss.

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Blocked Again!

(Yes, another of my famous, or is it infamous?, Series about Who has blocked my atheist ass on Twitter today?)

Well, it was a quick one. 1 tweet was enough and BAM! Blocked in a heartbeat!

Who was it?

It was Tara McCarthy.(realitycalls8*)

*HaHa..I think reality called by today. Me! 


Ah yes, some of you may not have clue who she is. Well, she’s described by RationalWiki as a “white supremacist, neo-nazi, anti-Semitic, homophobic YouTube vlogger, who promotes racist Alt-Right political ideology”

Image via Everipedia info site.

She’s pals with Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern.(alt-right identitarians)

She’s a Christian Race Realist. She’s been described by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), as “a racist hate preacher”. An ethno-nationalist Catholic (with Indian heritage, that doesn’t sit well with many strict ethno-nationalists!) and to cap all that off…A Massive Wuss

Where did this happen?

Twitter, of course.

She blocked me after I quote tweeted her pinned tweet.

Here are the tweets-

The pinned tweet;

The reply by me;

As you can see, it wasn’t insulting or belligerent. Just a simple response. 

Just goes to show that those who claim that they have an omnipotent, omnipresent god on their side….actually can’t really back it up in a debate with a mere Atheist!

This meme below is accurate. If she’s a christian, then….

What if it was a bad time for her to see your tweet

Yes, she might have been busy, tired or moody. She might not have liked to have been quotetweeted,  yet if you felt someone challenged you over your beliefs….you’d want to defend yourself, your beliefs or your god and surely, at the very least, you would try to tweet a smart comeback, would you?

But did she?

Nah, she didn’t…..just went straight to a block. Like a massive Wuss!

*Wuss -A wuss is a crybaby, a soft person unable to stand up for their beliefs, ineffectual in defending moral, ethical or intellectual positions.

This is a Fair Use blog about what people can do to help on Climate change. Seymourism is the application of these ideas. 

4 main rules.

1-Assess the consequences.

2-Encourage positive changes.

3-Avoid causing damage.

4-Cut down on what cannot be cut out.

6 principles for good housekeeping.

Assume responsibility yourself.

Keep things local.

Keep things simple.

Avoid specialization.

Avoid violence, towards helpful insects.

Be moderate.

Simple ways to save water.

Choose water-efficient appliances.

Cut down on car-washing water.

Recycle your kitchen water.

Use a Dual water syatem.

Buy a water butt.

How to reduce water pollution.

Reduce using liquid detergents.

Reduce use of washing powders.

Dilute bleach and scouring powders.

Don’t use water freshners.

Use organic garden chemicals.

Never dump chemicals in the water system.

Cleaning up coasts and estuaries

Keep a watch for illegal dumping.

Boycott polluters.

Don’t dump waste directly into the seas.

Control sewage.

Do not use anti-fouling paints on the underside of boats.

Clean up plastic pollution.

How to help the presevation of rare breeds.

But local varieties.

Use a seed bank.

Set up a Rare breed preservation society.

How to reduce the use of biocides

Inorganic Fungicides, insecticides and herbicides are dangerous. Avoid & Ban.

Buy organically grown food.

But fresh produce

The principles of organic farming.


Soul improvement.

Pollution abatement.

Quality of produce.

Efficient energy use.

Satisfying employment.

Support true Free Range Farming. Ban battery Hen farming.

Everyday action on factory farming.

Assume responsibility.

Look out for dishonest labels.

Eat less meat.

Support humane farmers.

Avoid artificial additives.

Read the label.

Buy fresh produce.

Know the risks and avoid buying foods with many additives.

Food processing often devalues food.

Plastic pollution.

Use greaseproof paper.

Plasticizers (the chemicals that make plastic cling film stretch)can migrate into food. Be wary.

How to make your cupboard healthier

Buy fresh local food.

Choose wholegrains.

Eat flesh, not fat. Eat lean meat.

Choose natural drinks. Make your own lemonade, for e.g.

Avoid excessive sugar, salt and false flavourings.

Ask questions about your food.


I think the above are all good ideas. I’m sharing these views in order to create a curiosity about reading further. 

Note on Fair use.

This handy short point by point blog has been created to transmit important ideas to the future generations that have to contend with Climate change, plastic pollution and everyday environmental issues. All credits to the copyright holder. DK publications.

Please buy ‘Blueprint for a Green Planet’ By John Seymour and Herbert Girardet.(1987)