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Yip, blocked again! 

By whom?

By a feminist, called Lara Witt. (No idea). Makes a change from a Christian or a Muslim. I didn’t even know of her existence before now. I may have had an interaction, yet I do not remember. 

Here is the person

Obviously, I’m in a block list or have tweeted something she strongly disagreed with.

She’s probably a Steve Shives or Kristi Winters follower. 

No loss. 


I tweeted a meme. Simple meme using a Free-to-use image with my own words upon it. 

Here it is:

Standard Atheist meme.

Do you think it was liked, Retweeted or had comments very quickly after, from my nearly 16,000 followers?

No…this below is what I saw for a very good while. Repeatedly. From 11:12am to 11:47am, till I Retweeted it myself…..there was nothing! 

Twitter protects Islam. I also reckon they are suppressing my account. Low interactions, loss of followers, and for an account of nearly 16k, I have a very limited reach. Low amount of retweets, likes,and conversations, it’s all happening to me. My following has dropped dramatically. Now at 15.8k.


Sharing due to the religious discussion and NOTHING else!

Yaxley talking, without milkshake, with a woman, who is muslim.

Just got to say…

Posted: May 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

Just got to say… that those people on Twitter, who just like like like like like one side of an argument and ignore the lucid, valid responses are definitely fanboys\fangirls and therefore not worth noticing\replying to! It’s mostly because of who tweeted what, not the actual content!

 The liked tweets may have been debunked, proved irrational, but they still like like like like like away!

They want to be noticed or need to.prove their loyalty to the GroupThink. 

It’s rare to be liked by someone who is on the other side of a debate. They just can’t bring themself do it. Even when you tweet something which is accurate and factually correct.

It’s safe to assume that your only use is being there as a red rag for their buddies. 

A case of

 “Look at and like this tweet our noble wonderful leader has tweeted! Look at the (part)response by this idiot…but certainty don’t look further at their other responses! Oh no!”