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Fiscal localism – Wikipedia

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WordPress Ad. 

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Blocked again??? 

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Yup, just found out I’m blocked again by a person I can’t remember ever tweeting. I’m possibly blocked because of who I’m following. 

The person that blocked me is

By using the link above in WordPress you can actually see their tweets. You can’t respond, yet you can use it to find out what they tweet about and to give an idea of why they blocked you. You can do this on Google too! 

Reading their tweets, which are run-of-the-mill stuff, it’s obviously because I follow Douglas Murray and Andrew Doyle. 

So, I’m probably blocked because of Guilt by association. So, not because I’m an atheist, not because I’m a left leaning centrist, not because I’m a humanist, not because I’m cosmopolitan and not because I support Free Speech.[because all these things are so so very bad things? (Sarcasm)] It’s just because of the company on Twitter that I keep.

This is typical of the Woke\Cancel Culture individual. They don’t like certain things said and they will block you for even following someone they disagree with. They love their echo chambers and their self righteousness. 

So I’ll say it…I’m glad I’m blocked by this person….no loss to me! 
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Yup, going on my Twitter purge search for old accounts to unfollow, I’ve found another account that has blocked me.

I wonder why? Doesn’t matter, they did it in 2016\7. Last tweeted in Jan 2017.

Gender issues. 

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