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I support Gay , Lesbian , Bisexual , Transgender and Asexual people .

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1- Right to a future .
2- Right to a safe environment
3- Right to free movement
4- Right to contraception and abortion
5- Right to equality
6- Right to vote at 16
7- Right to affordable Housing
8- Right to organize & Unionize
9- Right to strike
10- Right to proper training
11- Right to free education
12- Right to a living wage, minimum wage and 35 hr working week
13- Right to Entertainment & New drugs policy

What do religions do that Humanists seem reluctant to do?

They go out and convert.They go out and spread the word.

Humanists?I would say, less so.There seems to be an attitude that humanists should not force their views on others and basically wait for ppl to come to you.

This has to change.

Religious Evangelicals (of many beliefs) go out upon the High street and stand for hours preaching from their Holy books . Holy books that are full of myths, half truths and lies.They will pass them off as truth and attempt to win people over.

We, atheists and Humanists, should be out on the street also .Challenging the lies with evidence, their faith, with our facts …

We need more Critical thinkers, not less.



There is no God .

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A critical review .

I find no fault with these below  except with The Theory of God .


An All-Virtuous Being cannot exist°°

1 -God is ( by definition )a being than which no greater being can be thought .
2 -Greatness includes the greatness of virtue .
3 -Therefore, God is a being than which no being could be more virtuous .
4 -But virtue involves overcoming pains and danger .
5 -Indeed, a being can only properly said to be virtuous if it can suffer pain or be destroyed .
6 -A God that can suffer pain or is destructible is not one than which no greater being can be thought .
7 -For you can think of a greater being, one that is no suffering and indestructible.
8 -Therefore, God does not exist .

Worship and Moral Agency

1 -If any being is God, he* must be a fitting object of worship .
2 -No being could possibly be a fitting object of worship, since worship requires the abandonment of one’s role as an autonomous moral agent .
3 -Therefore, there cannot be any being who is God .

The Problem of Evil

1 -If God exists, then the attributes of God are consistent with the existence of Evil .
2 -The attributes of God are not consistent with the existence of evil .
3 -Therefore, God does not and cannot exist .

A Perfect Creator Cannot Exist

1 -If God exists, then he is perfect .
2 -If God exists, then he is the creator of the universe .
3 -If a being is perfect, then whatever he creates must be perfect .
4 -But the universe is not perfect .
5 -Therefore, it is impossible for a perfect being to be the creator of the universe .
6 -Hence, it is impossible for God to exist .

A Transcendent Being cannot Be Omnipresent

1 -If God exists, then he is transcendent ( I.e., outside space – time ).
2 -If God exists, he is omnipresent .
3 -To be transcendent, a being cannot exist anywhere in space .
4 -To be omnipresent, a being must exist everywhere in space .
5 -Hence it is impossible for a transcendent being to be omnipresent .
6 -Therefore, it is impossible for God exist .

A Personal Being Cannot Be Nonphysical

1 -If God exists, then he is nonphysical .
2 -If God exists, then he is a person ( or a person all being ).
3 -A person ( or personal being ) needs to be physical .
4 -Hence, it is impossible for God to exist .

The Paradox of Omnipotence

1 -Either God can create a stone that he cannot lift, or he cannot create a stone that that he cannot lift .
2 -If God can create a stone that he cannot lift, then he is not omnipotent .
3 -If God cannot create a stone that he cannot lift, then he is not omnipotent .
4 -Therefore, God is not omnipotent .


A Theory of God

1 -God is the creator and preserver of the universe .
2 -God is the architect of the structure of the universe and the author of the laws of nature .
3 -God steps in whenever he wishes to change the course of events, which may include violating his own laws as, for example, in response to human entreaties .
4 -God is the creator and preserver of life and humanity, where humans are special in relation to other life forms .
5 -God has endowed humans with immaterial, eternal souls that exist independent of their bodies and carry the essence of a person’s character and selfhood .
6 -God is the source of morality and other human values such as freedom, justice and democracy .
7 -God has revealed truths in scripture and by communicating directly to select individuals throughout history .
8 -God does not deliberately hide from any human being who is open to finding evidence for his presence .

The observable effects of such a God may be expected to have are still testable by the normal, objective process of Science .

The Scientific Argument against the existence of God

1 – Hypothesize a God who plays an important role in the universe .
2 -Assume that Hod has specific attributes that should provide objective evidence for his existence .
3 -Look for such evidence with an open mind .
4 -If such evidence is found, conclude that God may exist .
5 -If such objective evidence is not found, conclude beyond a reasonable doubt  that a God with these properties does not exist .


°° God, the failed hypothesis by V J.Stenger .
* when ‘ he ‘ is used , please assume he / she / it .

Additional –

A Nonexistent Bible God is Perfect .

A -The most perfect Bible God is the one that does not exist .
B -Ancient Humankind required the Bible God for the regulation of society .
C -Ancient Humankind created Bible God to meet that requirement.
D -The true creator of the Biblical God is the ancient human mind .
E -Society changes with the needs of progressive Humankind .
F -The Bible God created by Ancient Humankind is imperfect .
G -Progressive Humankind has no need for Bible God .

First of all , Welcome .
Welcome to Reason , Reality and Logic .Free from Faith and a delusional mindset .

Many people may think – okay , I don’t believe in god , but what do I believe in now ? What direction do I go ? What are my new guidelines for social interaction ?

Well , that’s the benefit of Freethought . You can decide . You no longer have a 1st Century deity intruding on your mind .

Atheism is only the Gateway to Reality .( My quote )

Atheism is a single thing . You have looked around for the evidence for a god or gods and found it lacking . You have looked at the Holy books ( the claims for a godhead ) and found them miserable , pathetic and poorly written .You have no belief that there’s a god .

And that’s it .Atheist .Atheism .

It doesn’t make you a liberal , pro-choice or gay tolerant .These are things tacked onto the word atheist .
You can be a right wing atheist or a racist atheist .
You can be a communist atheist or a pro-life atheist .
Its up to you .
I chose to be a SecularHumanist . I agree with liberal ideals . I walked thru’ that gateway and so can you . Atheism is a transitional term .

Once thru’, you come to Humanism . It is the premise that morality is a matter for discussion and decision in a society , not a divine imposition from up beyond the clouds .
You may find that you become less intolerant of Gay, Lesbian , bisexual and transgender lifestyles .You may think that the giving of blood is a fine thing to do . You may feel no unease at talking to people who have a faith other than the one you once held .

Humanism is an ethical outlook that says each individual is responsible for choosing their values and goals : that being considerate towards others is a worthy thing to be doing . Humanism is about thoughtful living .

No sectarian divisions
No supernaturalism
Treating people with respect

It is a positive outlook and it is never too late to come to it .

Evolution is Fact and it is True

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Why Evolution is True by Jerry A.Coyne

” This book should not be necessary, & yet it has never been needed more ”

A curious aspect of the theory if evolution is that everybody thinks he understands it – Jacques Monod

” Life in Earth evolved gradually beginning with one primitive species — perhaps a self replicating molecule — that lived more than 3.5 billion years ago ; it then branched out over time , throwing off many new and diverse species ; and that mechanism for most (but not all) of evolutionary change is natural selection ” – J A.Coyne

” Evolution is only a theory ”

Evolution is only a theory ,isn’t it ? Well , it is and it isn’t . Ronald Reagan addressed an evangelical group in Texas (1980) and said ” Well, it is a theory.It is a scientific theory only ,and it has in recent years been challenged in the world of science and it is not yet believed in the scientific community to be as infallible as it once was believed ”

The key word is ” only ” . ONLY a theory .This is the very thing that many theists don’t understand .There are two meanings to the word theory .
The first meaning in everyday connotation is ” My theory is that Fred is crazy about Sue ” – this is where it means speculation and could be wrong
Then there’s the Second meaning ,as understood by every legitimate scientist , which conveys far more assurance and rigor than the notion of a simple guess .
This kind of theory is usually backed by facts and evidence . Until the person that you are debating , whether on Twitter or Facebook or wherever , understands this , you will go nowhere very fast .

According to the Oxford English Dictionary – a scientific theory is a ‘ statement of what are held to be the general laws , principles or causes of something known or observed ‘

Then we have the ‘ observed ‘ word that theists grab onto . Evolution isn’t true because it hasn’t been observed , but the counter to this is very simple
; A crime has been committed and detectives have been called in .They didn’t seen the actual event , but assembling all the clues ,they can come to a point where they can say ” This is what happened ” .

In the case of Evolution ,the evidence is in ( DNA and Fossils ) and it is true . The case is closed .

All credit goes to Jerry A.Coyne . I urge all who read this to go out and buy his excellent book .

Looks like I’ll have to hang up my ” hey , you know I’m Scorpio , the sexist sign in the Zodiac ” chat up line …….

My De-conversion story

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I’m not sure if I have a De-conversion story , because my parents weren’t really religious and the schools I went to didn’t really push christianity on to me .

Anyway ,these are memories

1- my mother told me that as a very young child we went past a church and she got talking on the nearby steps to someone she knew and I sneaked off into the church thru’ the nearby door and a few minutes later I came out crying .She asked me why and I said it was because of the man .She snappily asked ” what man ? ” and pulled me in the church and I ,according to her ,pointed and said ” That man ” …it was Jesus upon the cross . ( 5 )

2 – I was taught Bible stories in school and while everyone was drawing Noah’s ark ( a drawing test \ competition set by the teacher I think ) and being happy to talk about the size of the boat ,the animals , all the water, etc ,I refused ,’cos I was thinking about the drowned people and not understanding why the other kids were so taken by the story . To me it was horrible . ( Age ,about 6 )

3 – Watching Paul Daniels Magic Show and thinking that maybe Jesus just used tricks to make people think he had special powers . (7 ish )

4 – Not being baptized , even tho’ some in my family wanted me to . When this was explained to me what it was , I just thought ” water that is talked over makes it special . That’s stupid ” ( Not sure what age , but maybe 6 )

5 – Meeting and being friends with a boy , who had Hindu parents and him telling me about his gods . Other kids used to make fun of him ( think he was the only ” other faith ” believer  in the school ) and we had a rivalry over paper aircraft .He wouldn’t show me how to make his and I wouldn’t teach him the design that my father showed me , but when he did agree ,we became friends until he moved away .( 7 & 8 )

6 – Later in life – reading and using what I read to argue with Street preachers and Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door ,when my father wasn’t around ,’cos he just said to them ” go away ” .

7 – I was definitely atheist by 14 . I declared it on my birthday .