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Hannah Hauxwell

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It is what came before.

As Judaism is to Christianity, so Asatruism is to Solarism. Solarism has pagan origins. It is a northern European pagan veneration of the Sun, shorn of any gods, goddesses and spirits. We are all @ the 1st p🌞wer.

The first power being the Sun.🌞

Judaism is a foundation stone to Christianity and likewise Asatruism gives Solarism;

The wheel of the year.
Some rituals.
Traditional Clothing.
Guidance on deep philosophical matters.
Some symbolism.
Solarism is the veneration of the Sun. It transcends all religions, all gods and all holy books. Without it, we are nothing. Solarism is the recognition of that stark fact. The Sun is not a deity. It does not need slavish worship, sacrifices or prayers. It owes nothing. Yet, I believe, humans who appreciate its existence, should show individual and collective appreciation of this, our local star. 

This is what veneration of the Sun or Solarism is concerned with.

The easiest way to become a Solarist is to research a local religion that mentions the Sun and then separate out the irrational elements of gods, goddesses, demons and devils and antiquated beliefs. For example, the Egyptian polytheistic religion has a great deal to say about the sun, but mentions gods….For a Solarist, these gods can be disregarded. You may want to adapt Atenism. NeoAtenism can be ideal for those in or from a Middle Eastern or North African background.

As I’m in Northern Europe, the pre-Christian religion of Norse paganism is my background.
What is Solarism about?

Cosmism, Rationalism, Transhumanism, Naturalism, Humanism, Nature, Space, Cosmoecology, Futurology, Altruism, Intelligence, Love, Life, Joy, Happiness, [Hedonism].

Also, no gods, no ghosts, no demons and no angels. It is about veneration and appreciation of the Sun. It may one day be a religion that unites humanity. It is at present a very independent and personal belief system.

A Solarist twitterer and Solarist blogger has more information. They are the 2nd Solarist.

Yup, blocked again!

Who has blocked me?

Richard #FBPE.

I’ve no idea when he blocked me.

Why has he blocked me?

Not sure. I have no recollection of tweeting him.

Usual reasons, I’m guessing.

  1. I’ve Retweeted something\someone he doesn’t like.
  2. I’ve tweeted something he doesn’t like.
  3. I’ve insulted him.
  4. He’s been proved to be an idiot and has blocked out of a sense of shame or didn’t want my followers redistributing it out!

It could be to do with religion, politics, a hot topic or clash of personality.

Religion. I’m an atheist.

Politics. I’m a Green party. Slightly centre left liberal.

I’m gender critical, free speech advocate, on the fence about Brexit, tho I voted Remain in 2016 and I hate Trump.

I can be straight talking.

Wonder what it was

After looking at his account via WordPress. (I know…blocking means nothing on here!😂) I’m guessing that it has to do with the… *yawn .. Trans Vs Terf battle. He’s a Caroline Lucas supporter who is critical of Corbyn in Brexit, he probably voted Remain and other than the fact that I point out that trans woman are Modified Men or Trans Identified men (Facts are such terribly transphobic!), we may even have had a good debate on Twitter about the Green party and followed each other.

His loss. 

The Pluckrose society

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In honour of Helen.

A society that is challenging towards those who do not regard

Free speech

Gender Criticism

Centre liberalism


Criticism of the left, by the left

As valid ideas. 

What am I doing with my Twitter account?

  1. I’m unfollowing a mega bunch of accounts, who do not followback**.
  2. I’m unfollowing a mega bunch of accounts that haven’t tweeted since December 2017**.
  3. I’m unfollowing a mega bunch of accounts that have less than a certain amount of followers**.
  4. I’m probably not going to followback anyone in January, February, March or April of 2020.
  5. My target is to reduce who I’m following to a very slim(for me!) 5,000 people. If I can reduce it even more to 3,500-4,500 I will do so.
  6. The rules below are mainly for me. #TwitterPurge will help me reduce my excessive following and running up against Twitter Follower Limit algorithms. It will also create a better, leaner twittering experience. One that I may not have had for some time. I’m already seeing results. My timeline has people I’ve followed a long time ago reappearing. It’s more relevant to me. Using the Twitter lists to compartmentalize people and their tweets, means I can avoid excessive mentions of Trump and Brexit.

**Those who have been active after December 2018, have a following of more than 100 and following me and are already being followed by me are unaffected.

New rules

1. In the rest of 2019, from June, i’m only going to be following Atheist accounts over 18,000 followers. All others will be listed. If under this number of followers, thank you for following. I hope you reach 18k quickly. Ironically for myself, I have yet to reach this total. My previous steady rise in followers and consistent level of being followed has slowed to a arthritic snails pace. I have been in the doldrums for over a year. I have seen the neccesity of a purge to unfollow all those dead, abandoned atheist accounts of less than 5,000 followers that I still follow. I am also going to be unfollowing abandoned atheist Accounts over 5,000, yet under 10,000.(Next purge)  Accounts with no tweets after December 2017 will be unfollowed. This will be applied again in the next purge. If there are no tweets after June 2018, every atheist account under 10k followers will be unfollowed.

(*If you follow me, being active and you have less than 18k, you will be okay. I will still be following you back. On January 2nd 2019, there will be a review on a select few with 4,999 or less. The select few (up to 10 accounts) are those that feel they must reply practically to all of my tweets, often negatively and in a pedantic manner. I find this very very irritating.) Overall, if I unfollow you…it’s not personal. I’m doing it to many accounts. Some are very hard to unfollow. Yet, if they meet the requirements to be unfollowed, then that’s what I’m going to do! There might also be a very harsh Phase 2 TwitterPurge, where Anti-Trump & Pro-Trump, Atheist, Skeptic and Humanist accounts under 501 followers, will be unfollowed. This will only come into effect if my timeline is still full of things I no longer want to read about. Thereafter, I will unfollow ppl with only 999 followers. 

2. I’m only following Kurdish accounts over 58,000 followers. All others will be listed.

3. I’m only following Science, History, astronomy, Architecture traditionalists, food, drink, archeology, painters and ecology, Green Party and Goth lifestyle accounts over 158,000 followers. All others will be listed.

4. I’m only following A-listers\Verified celebrity, musician and band accounts over 2.8m followers. All others will be listed. No more will be followed.

5. I’m only following Daily News accounts over 2.8m followers. All others will be listed. No more will be followed.

6. All photography accounts will be listed. Only a very select few, who are consistently good, will be followed.

7. All animal photos\video accounts will be listed. Bye bye Tiddles the cat and all Frenchies. No more will be followed.

8. Gardening, self sufficiency , GYO (Grow Your Own), Back to the Land, and liberal agrarian accounts will not be affected.

9. I’m only following Radio and TV presenters accounts over 1.8m followers. All others will be listed.No more will be followed.

10. I’m only following Breaking News accounts over 3.8m followers. All others will be listed. No more will be followed.

11. Tweeters that are only interested (or 90% of their tweets indicate this obsession) on Brexit and the Trump presidency are under review. Anyone with a crammed timeline about Trump or Brexit, under 8,000 may be unfollowed. Sorry about that. I am done with it all. Brexit is going to happen and Trump is there for a while. Tweet about something else for a time perhaps? It does feel good not to have Boris Johnson or Donald Trump rammed in front of your eyes 24\7. If it looks like the timeline is mixed, you will not be unfollowed. As a general rule…Brexiteers, Remainers, Trumpers and Anti-Trumpers will all be listed in future purges. Only the leading most popular people, on either side, will be followed anymore. “No more will be followed, All will be listed” will be my catchphrase in 2020.

12. Comedians over a certain amount of followers will not be affected. (Follower amount to be 18,600+.) All new accounts that catch my eye will be listed. No more will be followed. Exceptions to this rule will be my favourites E.g. Vic DiBitetto.

13. All porn accounts, which were a handful (only 5, I believe) are to be unfollowed and listed. Any new accounts that catch my eye will be listed, however popular. No more will be followed. Only one exception E.g. Jenni Czech. 

14. Helenohenzo will be blocked everytime I see his account in other timelines or notice that he’s following me. (even under a different name) His tweets will be reported. #HerpesHenzo.

15. Elvis accounts over 1,977 followers will be followed.

16. Victorian era history accounts over 1,837 followers will be followed. History accounts in general will not be affected.

17. Accounts between the cutoff and February 1st that unfollow me, will be unfollowed. This is even if I have a long time following of that particular account. Also, if it is not clear enough…. My unfollowing does not indicate that i dislike your content, only that I want to sort out WHO I’m following. I do not and will not ask anyone to follow me back. (A long-standing rule)

18. Musicians might be followed at my discretion. Especially new and upcoming singers\bands with very few followers. Even if they don’t follow me back, I will retweet and support them until they reach 500 followers (if their starting point is small. Around 50 followers) or 1,000 followers (if their starting point is large. Around 500 followers). I may then unfollow, if I have indeed followed them.

🔲. The Purge cutoff date was the 24th December 2018. I will be having a transition from 26th December to the 31st December 2018, extending to 26th April 2019. I will not be following anyone in the early months of 2019, unless they meet the above requirements. This will go on into 2021. 

This is for the benefit of my sanity. No more Twitter Overload. Those who follow me in 2019\2020\2021 and do not meet the level required to be followed back, my apologies. Personal requests to me about following back will be considered.You will have a reply. I may create a Pending List. Managing my Twitter timeline so that it shows me the things I want to see has become difficult. A battle, even. Once I get it to the standard that I require, I will resume following back.This may take some time.
– Thank you for your patience. 

List names;

New list for 1 wil be called Atheist Roll Call 2019\2020\2021. If you are on this, I will see your tweets. My main following will always be atheists.

New list for 5 will be called Daily News or Breaking News 2021

Pending List will be active after January 2019 and will run into 2021. Included on this list may be people I unfollow, yet may want to refollow

Lists will be private for a time, as some people do not wish to be added to lists. I do respect their desire not to be listed, yet until I start to follow, I need to remember them.


What am I doing about Locked accounts?

That is an interesting question. My answer depends on if they are following me. If they are not and they are not tweeting or are tweeting full on about Brexit, People’s Vote, Remain or about Trump…I’m unfollowing. If they are not following me, yet they seem to be interesting, then I’m continuing to follow. If they follow me, as I follow them…they will not be affected by the purge.

Is this actually a slow departure from Twitter?

No. Not yet. I’m still a big Twitter fan, despite its flaws.

When you get to a small amount of followed accounts, will you start following again?

Not sure. Maybe. I’ll be more considered and stringent in my following behaviour.

Do you recommend Twitter Purging to others

Yes. If you have the time and concentration to do it. Using apps takes the fun out of it.You actually get a better understanding of your own Twitter account, when you go through all of the people.

Are you amazed at the amount of abandoned atheist Accounts there have beeen

Yes. I’ve come across hundreds. Some were getting close to a 1,000 followers & then nothing. No further tweets. I followed an account in 2012 and by mid 2013 they had stopped tweeting, yet I wasn’t aware because I was following so many others. Rapid burnout, getting fed up of the bad debates, lack of likes and retweets given by atheists and\or boredom must have kicked in. Who knows why they stopped? 


What am I doing with my Twitter account?

It’s very simple. All those people that I have followed and that have not followed back, I’m unfollowing. Yes, even atheists!  All those people that I follow, that I think are worth following, yet who do not follow me, are getting listed. Interesting accounts that don’t follow back are getting listed and unfollowed. Some are receiving a fresh follow. Some people are getting muted and unfollowed. A very small amount are getting blocked. Accounts that are following me, yet haven’t tweeted for a very long time. (End of 2018) are getting unfollowed. Any tweeters that have not tweeted out anything since January 2019 to June 2019 are the targets of the next purge in June 2020. Every 6 months a purge will occur. Tweeters that haven’t been active between July 2019 and December 2019 are being listed for future purging.

It has been most refreshing and cathartic. I have unfollowed some well known people that have been in my Twitter timeline for years, yet I’ve not seen any of their tweets, because I’ve followed so many people. I see them better by using the Twitter lists now. Hopefully my purge will give me a timeline that reflects my interests. It is also refreshing as some of these people tweet exclusively about Trump and Brexit, never atheism. So I am getting rid of the boring one track minds.

Twitter has also by design or through new algorithms (via the last 2 updates) restricted the amount of new followers that I have. I’m not tweeting any differently than before, yet I’m not being Retweeted or liked in the same numbers. I used to get 50-60 followers per week. Sometimes 20 a day. I’m lucky now if I get 5 a day and 20 in a week. 

I’ve covered this in another blog, but basically it’s How can an acct with 15,500- 16,000 followers be Retweeted and liked by only 10-20 people? Even at half of a half of a half, I should be reaching 2,000 followers. I’ve allowed for those who are sleeping, working, eating etc, not currently on twitter, those who have not noticed the tweet and those that don’t care! I don’t get 2,000 reactions or replies. I get six or seven at the most. The average is about 3.

With me following less people with tiny accounts and categorizing and compartmentalized the larger accounts into appropriate lists, I can tweet and Retweet relevant topical and up to date items. 

I am sure that I may unfollow accounts that should not be unfollowed. I may assume that an underactive account is abandoned.

Therefore…if you have been unfollowed and think that i should refollow, then all you have to do is follow (if you aren’t doing that already!) and mention that you would like to be followed. If you have good content, I’ll stay. Unfollows now get reciprocated unfollows. So don’t automatically unfollow as soon as I follow. If I notice that….it will be an automatic unfollow with a block or mute.

Blocked people will still be permanently blocked for 2 years. I occasionally do a recheck on people’s content, next is September 2020 and I’m sometimes merciful and forgiving. I give only one or two unblocking requests, via a supportive unblocked voice, once a year. This is my appeal process & it hasn’t changed since 2012. 


I have gone from following 17,800k tweeters, at time of writing, to following🔽 6,554* followed tweeters. (YES! UNDER 7,000!!)

(*Updates will be made, daily or weekly, as I go all the way to the end of my following list.)

🔼11,246 gone! (YES! OVER 11,200!!) I usually purge out 100-300 accounts per week. Sometimes more, if I have nothing to do.

Only another 🔽0 more has to go! I’m aiming to be following only 8,000k (or less) by 1st June 2019. And I did it! (1st June 2019)

My new goal is 6,000. Starting figure is 7,979.(minus update figure from here.)


A- Currently at 6,554. This is the amount that I’m following as of August 4th 2019. 

B- Currently at 6,139. This is the amount that I’m following as of

December 10th 2019.

C- Currently at 5,459. This is the amount that I’m following as of

April 10th 2020. (Brief early June 2020 update- at 5,434 Following. Will be starting another purge soon. In 27th June 2020, at 5,370 following)

D update December 2020 is below: 

Unfollowed- about 2,520. (This is changeable) is the amount that I’ve weeded out because-

They have stopped tweeting. (Since Feb 2018.)

Not following me back.

Under 100 followers.

Tweet out pornography. (Not a prude, just want a cleanish timeline!)

I find their views too Ultra Progressive,(Marxist & Far Left), Conspiracy nutcases or too Right wing. This is because you can’t have a decent conversation with them. They absolutely will not concede that they may be wrong.

Overall, I’ve gone from 17,800 to 5,459. That is a drop down in numbers of 12,341

If I can get it down to 5,000, (ticked √)that would be amazing! As I said, I’m sorry that I’m not following back at the moment, yet this has to be done. Twitter has effectively ended my ability to grow, so instead of struggling to get just a few more followers, I’d rather give a better experience for those that follow me right now. If I follow everybody, it’s a case of data overload.

I’m being followed by 15,301 people on 27th June 2020. I seem to be being unfollowed myself! Could be Twitter deleting old accts, getting rid of Ad bots. It could be people who have noticed I’m not following them, doing reciprocals? Maybe, they don’t like what I’m tweeting out? Maybe they’ve noticed I’ve listed them? Some don’t like that. I’m not bothered if it goes down and down. The loyal ones will stay. That’s the people I want.

D- Update 27th December 2020-

I’m following 4,933 accounts and I’m being followed by 14,876 accounts. Still haven’t reached the end of the list though.

I’ve gone from following 17,800 to 4,933 which is a drop of 12,867 accounts.

I was followed by 16,200 accounts to 14,876 which is a drop of 1,324 accounts.

D (part 2) February 2021. I’m now followed by 14,733 accounts. A drop from the above total of 143 accounts. 

E- Update January 2021.-

I am following just 4,772 people. 

F- Update 15th February 2021.-

I am following just 4,561 people. Down from 4,770 earlier in the month. Still finding accounts that last tweeted in early 2019. I’m now followed by 14,696 accounts. 

It’s less cluttered.

TwitterPurging is good.

Womyn-born womyn – Wikipedia

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Trans criticism is not transphobia –

Basque nationalism – Wikipedia 

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Gender Dysphoria. 

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What is Gender Dysphoria?