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What is the Socialist Identitarian manifesto?

Simply put, it is a confederalist, pan-european, libertarian eco-socialist and identitarian guide to the 21st Century. 

The goals are:

We do not want an United States of Europe, that would end up similar to a Greater East Germany. We desire to see the switch to a loose confederation of European nations. 

We reject Capitalism.

We reject authoritarian socialism.

We reject Globalism.

We see Europe in need of a Green Tech and Green Energy revolution.

We see Europe in need of a permaculture/small holdings revolution. 

We believe there must be national identities, civic nationalism, integration and borders.

Cultures that have misogynistic, paternalistic, anti-gay, anti-democratic, anti-free speech foundations aren’t acceptable any longer.

What does Capitalism want?

It wants a global economic free trade area with the ability to switch factories and workforces when regulations become too restrictive. They want to make cheap, disposable goods. They want to maximise profit and minimise costs. They want a faceless, leaderless workforce. 

What does the Far Left want?

It wants a global village with no borders, immigrants are free to roam, all refugees are welcome, everyone to have no possessions.

There is some overlapping here. The far left facilitate Capitalism.