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What does Capitalism want?

It wants a global economic free trade area with the ability to switch factories and workforces when regulations become too restrictive. They want to make cheap, disposable goods. They want to maximise profit and minimise costs. They want a faceless, leaderless workforce. 

What does the Far Left want?

It wants a global village with no borders, immigrants are free to roam, all refugees are welcome, everyone to have no possessions.

There is some overlapping here. The far left facilitate Capitalism. 

Good question…..

Nothing is the answer. I’m just using it as a placemat for other people’s views, some which are opposite to my own. It’s stuff that I’m going to read and delete, or watch and delete.

I remain a leftie, eco socialist with cosmopolitan views. Just because I’m interested in seeing what the opposition is saying, doesn’t mean I’m ‘in bed with them!’