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All Christians need to know .

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I’m so fed up of Xtians saying Hitler was an atheist .Hitler was a believer in Providence ,thought Jesus was a Aryan and may have indulged his Paganistic followers like Himmler as a way of redirecting their ambitions . Martin Borman , Hitler’s secretary ,wanted a showdown with The Catholic Church , but it was about replacing it with the Nazi Party and Führer Worship   …Hardly a Freethinking , Democratic Secular Humanist thing to do !

“Jesus: the cover-up”

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Jesus: the cover-up:


Jesus , who is god ,is sent to Humanity to sacrifice himself to a god ,which is himself , for the sins created by that god, who is actually himself and ……..huh ….I give up – Jesus is a myth ,the Bible is mostly BronzeAgeBaloney and The Abrahamic God doesn’t exist .

At least become a Deist and use empathy .


Read books other than the Bible .

Or ,read the Bible and please see the horrible commands .

Watch Atheists on Youtube pick apart the whole thing .

Follow Atheists on Twitter who freely give out Secular and Humanist Information

Rosa Rubicondior: Sac Bag

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It is here for information only . I have no interest in getting involved in this situation .

This is a very good article . Please read it through carefully .


I really love Surrealist pictures .I just love the fantasy and oddness aspect that takes you into the painting .

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