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Dankula- Guest post

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The feelings of guilt, that he brought the child up wrong, in his mind, must be overwhelming. Should listen to his |daughter| and become accepting of the person, not what she\her looks like.

It’s the question at the end that all transphobic ppl should think about! What if the wiring inside the mind was naturally female\male specific, yet the body never followed suit and became male or stayed female? Can they imagine the confusion, then feeling of mental unease with ones own body?

Trans people, when they have finished gender reassignment, are modified men(Trans woman) and modified women(Trans men). It is true that their biological status, their DNA will never change. Yet what reassignment does is match up the way the mind is itself, with how it thinks the body should be. It is a dysphoria, that can be corrected cosmetically, hormonally and through surgery.

Er….doesn’t an Incel, become a Chad when he does an aggressive act and therefore becomes the very thing that he despises?

Yup, blocked again. This time by someone whose content I think is very interesting. He may be very firmly on the Traditional side or of things and hold to some beliefs that I do not, yet has made good content videos that are Highly esteemed. In this instance, I do actually regret being blocked. 

Who is Survive the Jive

He is a traditionalist, scholar, linguistic, vlogger of all things pagan and an Anglophile. He is Very Indo-European. He also has a proud family history. For example; His video journey to India was very very good. Emotionally charged and very thoughtful, I think it’s one of his best. He travelled a great distance to remember an ancestor, who helped build the railways. Very respectful.

Why did he block you?

I believe he blocked me because I rashly corrected another person that he was tagged in with and after he had liked that persons tweet! Always a risky move to vent on a liked tweet, as the person who liked it sees your criticism as a challenge to their judgement. I thought nothing of my misplaced response to that other persons tweet and didn’t think it would even warrant a block from STJ! I was regretfully wrong.

The tweet that caused it.

Did you try to explain?

Yes. I did apologise on his Facebook page. I offered to delete the tweet in exchange for lifting the block. I was sincere in this apology. I fully state here that my view of history may not be in step with others. I’ve read many books from various authors, who may have right wing or left wing perspectives. In this case I may have advanced a left wing perspective. I should not parrot narratives that i’ve not fully thought about.

Just to add I never stated that they didn’t come as conquerors. They raided christian churches and won land in battle. My specific point was that settlers is another word for immigrants. Yet back then it was not how it is now. Immigrants is now a charged word. Misunderstanding can occur if you draw incorrect observations.

The picture below (artist unknown) is rather different to boatloads of illegal Islamic economic migrants. 🙂

How did you try to apologize?

I have posted an apology twice on Social media. The outcome on Facebook was as follows; 

  1. He did not reply to my first attempt on the day. (Understandable)
  2. He replied, yet did not lift the block.

I hope he does not block me on all of his social media outlets- Instagram, Facebook and his STJ blog.

Why is important to be unblocked on Twitter?

My main discussion app of choice is twitter…so there’s now a non existent dialogue, no ability to link to his acct for full credit and a lack of debate opportunity. I like to give full credit to YouTube creators on my Twitter. I do find his videos very interesting and I will keep watching them.

End thoughts:

I thought I was right in correcting the other tweeter. It was about Anglo-Saxons and the question was -Did they emigrate to or conquer Eastern Britannia?  My answer was wrong. 

My revised answer is now -They probably did both, yet it was within a Pan Germanic western Europe and as such much different circumstances to 2018 multicultural Europe. Tribal warfare and homogeneous ethnic displacement back then is very different from what is happening in Europe now. (A failure to controll multicultural immigration)

I can see with hindsight that my example that it was the same than as it is now, with the incoming illegal economic migrants and intolerant Islamic culture, how it jarred with how Survive the Jive saw it. I did not allow for that. I gave no follow up clarification. Advancing a flawed perspective was my mistake.

I also jovially corrected the other persons bad spelling of conquerer. “Conqueres” which can be seen as petty and pedantic. Not everyone speaks English as their first language. I was not aware of this. Another fail.

Below is a much regretted consequence of that exchange.
UPDATEHE UNBLOCKED ME.It took another post on Facebook, yet it worked. October, 2018.