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My Skyrim character

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Currently a Level 65, Breton, 

Basher Ring -Two handed attacks do 40% more damage. Increases Heavy Armour skill by 25 points.

Basher-Ebony Gauntlets (Legendary) – Carry capacity increased by 37 points. Two handed attacks do 40% damage.

Conan’s gift -As Basher Ring.

Ebony mail  (Legendary) You are able to move quietly, and opponents that get too close take 5 points poison damage per second.

OTAR -(Legendary) Resistance to fire, frost and shock is improved.

Stalhrim boots of carry (Legendary) – As Basher-Ebony gauntlets.

The White phial. Restores 100 points of health.

The Black Star Soul Gem. Rechargeable.

Ancient Nordic pickaxe. 13 damage. Mining.

Auriel’s bow. (Legendary) 80 damage.

Axe. Damage 7. Log cutting.

Daedric arrow. 24 damage.

Dravin’s Bow.(Legendary) 71 damaHjalti’s

Hjalti’s sword. 20 damage.

Kahvovzein’s fang. 15 damage.

Keening. 20 damage.

Miraak’s staff. Sprays writhing tentacles on the ground that stagger and poison does that enter them.h

Two Enchanted Daedric warhammers. Both with 626 damage.I

About most used -Ice form.

Great show. Brilliant cast. Great acting. Fantastic visuals. Very sad. Horrible villains. A must watch. Go to Netflix now.

I thought it better than the last two series of Game of Thrones. 

Photo credits. Screenshots from Instagram. 

Goo Dong-mae and Loyal Henchmen. 

The Lady As-in’s Fanboys. 


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A person who is on the right is running for political office. He has strong views, some convictions and once set up a protest group. (I don’t agree with this person.)

You’d expect the Left to have solid arguments against him, yet…..this is how it goes;-

Youre a racist, youre scum, fascist, fascist, I dont talk to fascists!” goes the Lefty Trade Union Antifa supporting schoolteacher.

“Where am I a racist? Show me one place I’ve been racist? Give me one racist thing I’ve said?” asked the person on the right.

 “I dont have to!” Says the Lefty ” its everywhere!”

 “Okay” says the man on the right “if it’s everywhere, it should be easy to point to them. What racist thing have I said?”

 “Youre a fascist! I dont talk to fascist scum!”

 “So you’ve got nothing then? You can’t come up with a single example of my racism? Why are you here then?”

 “To oppose you. Youre racist! You are a Fascist! Racist against muslims!”

“Racist against muslims? You do know that Muslims aren’t a race!! You can have a Japanese convert and an American WASP convert join islam. They don’t change race when they join” Says the man on the right.

 “Youre a racist against muslims from the Middle East then!”

 “I have Jewish friends!” says the man on the right.

 “Whats that got to do with it?” says the Lefty.

“Most Muslims are Semitic(Arabic), so if I’m racist, I’d be racist against my Jewish friends, who can also be semites, and I’m not! It’s about the ideology, not the people!”

We know you! You hate Jews too! Your Jewish friends are idiots!”

“How can i be racist against Jews? I’m a zionist. I’m pro Israel. Many on the Far Right say that I’m actually funded by Jews! You know, supporting the people who were persecuted BY the nazis! You’re the person now saying that Jews are idiots!”

Youre a nazi! Fascist! Racist! You hate Free speech!” says the stuck record.

“I’m not. I’ve burnt the swastika flag and I don’t want Nazis following me. I’ve refused to have men with Nazi tattoos at my marches! The far right hate me! I have black friends, Jews and love Free Speech. Even yours!”

Youre a fascist! I dont talk to fascist scum!”

“I want Free speech! How can I be fascist, if I want Free speech?”

*Lefty guy throws milkshake

The Left have devalued these words. By labelling people, who may be obnoxious and a provocateur, falsely as racists, fascists and Nazis they actually normalize interest in those groups. If seeing that the people labelled as racists, fascists and Nazis, arent, a person may think that the genuine racists, fascists and Nazis are just another group being smeared. 

This is an example of why Lefties are seen as loonytunes! They ruin their own arguments for preventing racists from getting a voice.

Do you see this?

 “Most people who need abortions are cis women…”

 “..women are not the only people who need abortions..”

The person who wrote this is definitely a regressive left, a woke leftie and a Trans activist! I say this, as someone who is on the left, very cogent of these issues and Trans supportive. Yet I would say-

Trans men are biological women, even if they outwardly look male.

Trans men, when dressed,  are outwardly looking AS men, yet only in their minds are they male centred.

Trans men are trans men.

Trans men are cosmetically and surgically altered in appearance, yet still modified biological women.

All people who request abortions are biological women. Fact.

If a biological women believes that she is a he. Fine. Yet you don’t get to say that this Man gave birth. You have to put the Trans part in front of it. It must be qualified. Being loose with definitions is very bad form and can lead to misunderstanding that can be blown out of proportion.

These words and their definitions matter!

Man. See dictionary definition. The person with a penis, scrotum and generally an ability to produce sperm.

Woman. See dictionary definition.The person with a milk producing breasts, vagina, uterus and generally an ability to gestate. 

Female= biological female.XX (Yes, i know there are some genetic variations in a tiny minority of people. These are truly* intersex\hermaphrodites. The majority of people are binary.) *not self proclaimed.

Male= biological male.XY

Trans women= a person who has been modified through surgery\hormonal prescriptions. A biological man. Still XX. A person presenting outwardly as a female. A person born with a female centred mind.

Trans man= a person who has been modified through surgery\hormonal prescriptions. A biological woman. Still XY. A person presenting outwardly as a male. A person born with a male centred mind.

So it is not “A man can have a baby”, it has to be “A Trans man can have a baby” or “A modified female, who is now a Trans man, can have a baby”.

The Left are very keen on others being precise on their words. Let’s hold them to their own standards. 

Why are people denying or distorting facts and making these emotional declarations out as facts?

When you read such things, you know the pendulum towards insanity has to stop and start swinging back to rationality and common sense ASAP.