Just a moan. #TwitterIsAwful

I have around 16,290 followers and I’ve gained that amount out of a mixture of making good tweets, memes and comments. I’ve connected with people and I’ve been Retweeted by famous people(E.g-Richard Dawkins), which brings in a few dozen followers. 

Well….I did. (Past tense)

I’ve stagnated over the last year or so, due to Twitter restricting me (Via some crummy update) or Twitter is actually awful. I used to gain many followers, but now…it’s a trickle, if that.

My trajectory was around 18,000 followers by the end of December 2018. I used to use a Twitter app that made predictions on your tweeting and it showed many graphs, about followers, your tweets and who you followed. 

Many of my peers (people who came into Twitter at the same time or later than i) are in the 20,000+ followers category. I’ve basically bombed.

I’m currently have an issue with not being able to follow and followback anyone, due to an Twitter Follower Limit algorithm that means I can only follow 10 people for every 11 that follows me. I’m not being followed heavily anymore, so I can’t follow. Catch 22. Also, the amount that I follow is higher than the amount I have following me. So that figure has to be passed before I can followback!

 It wasn’t always that way, I used to have more followers than who I followed. Sometime back in 2017, it crossed due to my enthusiasm to follow great accounts and I had the thought that I was well out of the reach of any Twitter Follower Limit. I had only had one painful instance of that TOO phenomenon during my early Twitter years, at around 2,800 followers. I reached the limit and all was well.

The point of the blog though, is to.point out the restriction and lack of Twitter reach I have, because it is the way Twitter has rigged it! You notice this because there are tiny accounts getting massively Retweeted for comments that are good, yet I’ve done better and received zilch Retweet for! 


I’m at 16,290 followers. How many do I reach? You think it’s 16,290…..hahahaha….that’s a joke!

So- what I should, on average, be reaching-

I tweet something out to

16,200 followers – but I minus 1,000 accounts because the holders are dead, suck in hospital or have drifted from Twitter or they are 2nd accounts that no one uses.

So the tweet is going to

15,200 followers – but I minus 10,000 followers for being in work, sleeping, doing other things besides twitter.

So I’m at 

5,200 followers that could potentially see my tweet.

So let’s say 1,200 don’t see it. 

4,000 potential responses and Retweet and likes are incoming to my notifications. Maybe not …because 

So maybe 1,000 didn’t like it. The tweet did not appear to reach their interest level. Okay, I can’t please everyone.

That still leaves 

3,000 followers that have followed me because they like my tweets, want interaction or feel like they want to disagree with me.

Do I get a daily stream of 3,000 followers doing this? 

Do I get 800 likes for a tweet?


Do it get 600 Retweets perhaps?


Do I get 300 conversations?


Do I get 150 people sending interesting replies to me?

No. I’m lucky to get 10!!

Proof is below..A simple joke sent to 16,200 followers…….It gets 217 impressions…4 engagements….and 2 likes!!! Just 2! In an hour. 

From this you can work out my potential comeback on any tweet that I put out is 0.921%. I could get a potential and paltry 149 replies, likes and Retweet for any tweet I ever send out. 149. Why do I bother? 

It’s that bad that it pointless to ask Where’s my potential 2,990 f’cking interactions, twitter? Huh!

Even asking 

Where’s my potential 149 f’cking interactions, twitter? is a stretch.

Where are you Twitter? 

Where? Where? Are you NoF’ckingWhere?

‘Cos I really don’t know! 

As I said…


Free Iran

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I’m a very strong in my belief that Iran should be freed from the grip of the Mullahs and literal Islam.

I follow many #FreeIran and #FreePersia accounts on Social media. While not a strong monarchist myself, I do believe that the Ex-Shahs son should become a constitutional monarch. Even if this was a temporary situation, during the transition, away from Shia Theocracy, it will provide stability.

 I hope the Iranian(Persian) population can gather strength in their fight to topple the Mullahs.

If the country changed its name back to Persia, I’d think that would be a very good move. If the country, after a long change and rejection of Islam, went back to Zoroastrianism, I’d think that was a good move too!

Towards a free Iran. …..one day. 

*all pictures taken from the Internet. I take no credit for these designs.

I f’cking love those white nationalist and supremacist types! (I don’t really, I’m being rhetorical)

They go on and on and on about how there’s a Great White Replacement conspiracy and how there’s a White Genocide going on and a incoming Muslim baby bomb and a deliberate abortion campaign here and a feminist campaign there run by all lefties to create a demographic shift and make way for a population of non whites in previously homogenous white nations….

Ahhh, we will be a minority in our own lands!” “Swamped by immigrants” “They have families with 6 or 7 children!” they scream! 

Then you go and see their Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account and you find out that they are Single or in a partnership with no children or a dog or just one child.

 What the f’ck!!

Don’t you get it? If you want to combat this supposed white genocide, then the only effective way to do it, is to create more white babies and get your wife to produce them every year. 

If you aren’t doing this, then you are part of the problem that you think exists (Not enough Whities getting it together and getting the old INOUT going on!) and you are a massive hypocrite!

Get off the Internet, find a girlfriend, settle down and don’t say a thing until you’ve got a house full of nappies and screaming kids!
Go on! Literally Fuck off!


What Social media am I on?

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I’m on Social media. I’m on most platforms, yet I’m not as prolific as some other atheists. I appreciate a follow and generally follow back.

Twitter. Yes. [1 Main account, 1 barely used back up] @the1stP0wer

Instagram. Yes.[Private account]

Facebook. Yes. [Not much used]

Pinterest. Yes.[Many, Many boards] Kris Pinterest.

Youtube. No.

WordPress. Yes.[You are here]

Tumblr. Yes. [Not much used]

Paper.li. Yes.[Not Much Used]

Minds. Yes.[Not Much Used]

Gab. No.

Reddit. I was, not sure now. 


Robert BiedroΕ„ – Wikipedia

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