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I’m glad he survived. 

My Skyrim character

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Currently a Level 65, Breton, 

Basher Ring -Two handed attacks do 40% more damage. Increases Heavy Armour skill by 25 points.

Basher-Ebony Gauntlets (Legendary) – Carry capacity increased by 37 points. Two handed attacks do 40% damage.

Conan’s gift -As Basher Ring.

Ebony mail  (Legendary) You are able to move quietly, and opponents that get too close take 5 points poison damage per second.

OTAR -(Legendary) Resistance to fire, frost and shock is improved.

Stalhrim boots of carry (Legendary) – As Basher-Ebony gauntlets.

The White phial. Restores 100 points of health.

The Black Star Soul Gem. Rechargeable.

Ancient Nordic pickaxe. 13 damage. Mining.

Auriel’s bow. (Legendary) 80 damage.

Axe. Damage 7. Log cutting.

Daedric arrow. 24 damage.

Dravin’s Bow.(Legendary) 71 damaHjalti’s

Hjalti’s sword. 20 damage.

Kahvovzein’s fang. 15 damage.

Keening. 20 damage.

Miraak’s staff. Sprays writhing tentacles on the ground that stagger and poison does that enter them.h

Two Enchanted Daedric warhammers. Both with 626 damage.I

About most used -Ice form.