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I’m a Remainer, yet I want to Leave!

Why is this? Well, I’ll tell you.

The background:

On June 2016,  52% of UK voters voted Leave in a ” Once in a Lifetime ” Brexit (British Exit from the European Union) Referendum. On the 29th of March 2017,the UK Tory government invoked Article 50. The UK is expected to Leave the EU on 29th March 2018 at 11am.

Of the 17,410,742 votes (51.89%) cast for Leave…….I was not one of them. I was one of the 16,141,241 (48.11%) voters! I voted to Remain.

Why did I vote to Remain?

The economic reason. I knew that UK withdrawal would be Very Disruptive on both sides of the English Channel. It would mean that some companies would leave and investment would go down as they move to Europe. Britain is like a bridge into the EU for many. With tariffs and border controls this fast track would become slower.

The Irish Border. Unlike many(it seems), I knew that the Irish Border would become a very difficult hurdle to overcome.

Hoping for EU reform. I’m not a fan of the European Union. I do not want a centralized, integrated new country! I want a Confederation of European Nations, which would be decentralized, more powers to the regions and no European army. With the UK inside, it had a better position to.push for change. Outside, it has no influence. Also, any new rules that affect the UK, requires the UK to be at the table when they are decided, not shivering powerless in the cold!

Did I think of voting Leave?

Yes. I thought breaking away from further political integration, avoiding a European Army, sovereignty issues and halting illegal and mass integration was important. Another important effect would be that house prices would come down…..this is something I wanted.

Nevertheless, staying in for the economic and Irish reasons I have mentioned above, trumped the latter reasons. Just.

I’m perhaps a first time remainer, second time Leaver? 

So with the vote to Leave being the majority decision, am I a Remoaner and desperate to stay in the EU?

No. I think following Democratic votes, you should abide by them. The reason why I think we should go ahead and Leave, with no deal, is mainly because certain people are pushing for a People’s Vote with a Remain Option. Don’t get me wrong, I’m for a People’s Vote, yet not one that has a Remain Option upon it. The People’s vote with a Remain Option is the incorrect ballot. Having that option on the voting paper is a cynical plot by Remoaners to re-run the 2016 Referendum with the knowledge that the Leavers will be split.

The ballot would look something like this:

  1. Remain
  2. Leave with the Government deal
  3. Leave with no deal (effectively World Trade Organization rules\ the Norway model)

Now anyone with a bit of an IQ can see that the Leave vote would be split as not all Leavers agree on How we should leave. Remainers on the other hand, just want one thing……to Remain. I’m not sure why a few of them would want to Remain, as their political.ideas should put them on the Leaving side? This is because they are:

 against corporations. (The EU is run like a corporation)

 against centralization. (The EU wants to be a state)

 For cultural identity. (The EU wants no national identity)

For Free Speech. (The EU would pass regulation that is supposedly protecting religious minorities, while actually creating blasphemy laws)

Anyway, they would win and no doubt say “There, it’s settled once and for all!” and refuse any further debate. It’s all about getting their way! I’m not sure how the hardcore Remainer would cope if number 3- Leave, with no deal option won…yet I reckon they’d still say the majority has voted wrongly or that “we didn’t know what we know now!”, which they’ve used about the 2016 vote. I really believe that a majority of the Leavers knew exactly what they wanted to do…..They wanted to get out of any association with the EU! They wanted to Leave the European court, the common market and free movement. 

The point is, if you have a Leave Vs Remain vote and Remain loses…..then it’s off the table. It’s an invalid option. Gone. Any further vote should be on the (ironically)remaining option, that of Leave. I suppose you could have an option where it’s No vote or Abstain. The ballot would look like this:

  1. Leave, with no deal and WTO rules
  2. Leave, with the UK government and EU deal
  3. Abstain|No vote

This is what a democracy should be doing. This is the People’s Vote, for richer or ,yes…I’m fully aware…for poorer. I can’t understand why many people can not see the logic of this? Theresa May’s November 2018 deal was a deal to please everyone, yet it pleases no one.

Who wants a worse trade deal for something they already have?

Who wants to have rules made for them, with no ability to say anything about those rules?

Who wants a situation where your in, yet your not or even Brexit in name only? (BrINo)

I voted Remain. I lost the vote. I’m now going forward and saying…..

Let’s Leave, with no deal and make the best of it! 

Ultra Progressivism

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What is Ultra Progressivism?

Very simply, it is the headlong rush, the mad, irrational dash to an utopian future by the Far left, Regressive left and the woke feminists and Social Justice warriors of this world! It is the opposite of considered progressive reform. Ultra progressives can also be regressive left on some topics, though their main thrust is to force social change that is poorly considered upon all of us. They do not regard the conservative person as anything but a hinderance. They can be very condescending and very quick to say “sexist”, “islamophobe”, “fascist”, “racist”, “transphobe” and “nazi” (The buzzwords of debate supression) to those who say “Hey, hold on! Let’s talk it through and think of the consequences!”. The people that are saying “Hey, hold on a moment!” don’t even have to be conservative, they can be centrist, liberal or even non-Marxist socialists, like myself.

These are the people that as soon as they hear a new phobia, a new revolutionary catchphrase and they think and know it chips away at western civilization, they are all for it. They’ll read one article that confirms their bias on any given subject …and it’s True. Any reasoned argument against is automatically Totally wrong! They are dogmatic and ideological to the core! 

Their aims:

1. No borders.

2. Refugees welcome.

3. An end to all forms of capitalism.

4. An end to the free speech that allows anyone who opposes their agenda to have a platform in universities.

5. Radical transgender activism.

6. Zero tolerance for old, white heterosexual males to do anything.

7. Rehashed Marxism. Campus communism.

8. Virtue signaling, media exploitation.

9. Ramming oppressor-oppressed ideology into every aspect of life.

10. Pushing white guilt on everyone white.

11. Placing emotional feelings over facts.

12. Denying factual history. Eg, these are the people that would want a black danish king on a Viking ship going to a multicultural London in Anglo-Saxon England! 

13. They are into social pecking orders, based on class, with whites at the bottom. They are using oppression Olympics as a guide for who is suffering under the most victimhood.

Can’t Take No For An Answer: Jonathan Yaniv files 16 Human Rights complaints against women who don’t… –
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