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Are they really? This is a two part blog.

I have put the counter view first, because it is the most prevalent in society. This assumes that they have heard of gender dysphoria.

Part 1-This is the counter view

If you have such a bad case of gender dysphoria that you can not tell if you are a female or a male or a Trans female or a Trans male…..then you need professional help! It really does sound like a case of mental disturbance or attention seeking(Why choose this way though? How does it benefit you to be ridiculed?),peacocking, or Munchausen syndrome or even disassociated behaviour because you unconsciously hate who you are.

Those who say that non binary and Gender fluid are upon a gender spectrum could be correct, yet that doesn’t mean they haven’t got a disorder of the mind. To say that Gender fluid people are treated badly and that’s why they have mental disorders, miss the point that they are treated badly because they already have a mental disorder that exhibits as Gender fluidity. They need treatment to counteract the swings in their character.

If you are waking the morning and can’t tell if you’re going to be your biological identity or whatever your brain should  inform you to be….and even though this state of mind or mood feels real and valid to you … you are unstable. They may adapt to it very well and function very highly. I have no doubt that occurs, yet anyone who has this constant pendulum within their mind is a freak. I’m glad it’s only a minority. Also, as its a minority, they should not be able to dictate how the rest of society should see them. GenderQueer or is it GenderDisturbed?

If you are friends with a person who is gender fluid throughout the day and in the morning s\he, it, they, Xhe or Xe is exhibiting female behaviour, yet then you meet up in the afternoon and they are indeterminate and later still, going about in a masculine way……that is a confusing and conflicted relationship. What if you misgender them or assume their gender identity at a bad moment? That’s a potential toxic event!

This is not me misunderstanding them, This is me understanding all too well! 

It seems that this really is undiagnosed schizophrenia. Which is valid and very real! This is a very slippery slope where people are going to start to think they are canines or love machines.[UPDATE-There are news stories that indicate this is happening!] 

You have to draw a line somewhere.

Non binary people are schizophrenic, which is real and valid. 

Part 2- This is the defence.

People are on a spectrum. The sexuality spectrum ranges across asexual into heterosexual into homosexual. This is mixed with a gender identity spectrum which goes from not wanting to identify as any gender(androgynous) into male and female traditional binary up into Fluidity across all of the spectrum. This may be based upon moods, social conditions and pressures and even hormonal fluctuations in the mind.

People who are brought up within the binary spectrum do not and will not grasp the tumultuous ride that Gender fluidity may bring. The Binary-Norms may have successfully buried their fluidity into the subconscious so effectively that it is virtually non existent. Any questioning of their gender identity triggers a defence response. It is useless to try to reason with these people. The only response is to be patient as they struggle to be patient with you. 

Non binary people are real and valid …(with my addition)…only to those who can grasp the concept.


These two views are the most common. I believe that outright hostility can occur if someone states that they are gender fluid\non binary. This is something that should be avoided. Some people can commit suicide over their inner thoughts and this is truly tragic. It is a sensitive subject.

My public view is to agree with what the Green Party says  (The second viewpoint.) This is because the progressives will push on with this to be recognized. However, My personal view is that there is “something not quite right”. I can not understand their thinking. I may be old fashioned, yet I do feel that they should “get a grip”* and settle on an identity. This does not mean going up to them and shouting “Pick a godamn pronoun!” They are obviously not going to do that! You may also say that this duel approach is hypocritical of me, yet I see it as respectful to the individual and simply …the polite way.


* Yes, I understand that saying “Get a Grip” is not helpful to a person who is in a state of Gender confusion or fluidity….Yet, I feel it is something that they can control, If they wish to do so!

I agree with the following statement.
Trans women are women and Trans men are men.


This is the generally accepted progressive view of Trans people. Now, the reason I may be misunderstood and blocked by Trans activists like Aimee Challenor (Green Party) is that I also say that

Trans women are Modified Men and Trans Men are Modified Women.

I think this can be a valid description that can add understanding and break down barriers in the ongoing trans debate. No more wasted arguments upon what people are called or call themselves. It will result in “Okay, you say Tom Ar Toe(Trans woman), I say it Tom A Toe(Modified Men)“! now let’s get on with the debate.

Let me explain.

You have a homosexual man, who is affected by gender dysphoria, who wants to change to being what he thinks he should be…which is a She. He has a long history of confusion and self questioning about his gender identity. Finally realising that transitioning to a female is the answer, he goes about the procedures and hurdles that he has to face to become a she. Example -Many meetings with various medical practitioners, surgical procedures and hormone blockers. He becomes She. The term generally used for such a She is Trans woman.

This is understood.

The Trans brain.

When they are born a trans persons gender disposition mentally may have been affected by hormones as they grew in the womb. All humans start off as female until waves of hormones change all that. If the waves of hormones only affect the body and not the brain structure, what you have is a female orientated mind in a male body. This is where gender dysphoria comes from.

This is understood. Or should be!

Also understood is Trans Sexuality.

Her sexuality, like everyones, is on a sexual spectrum. From asexual to heterosexual to homosexual. We are all on there somewhere. As a man she was homosexual. By changing gender identity, shebecomesheterosexual as she desires men. I put >becomes< in ”marks because nothing has really changed. As a he, she previously desired men. Yet with the new identity, a new description, comes an alternative way of expressing that desire.

This is understood. Or should be!


Now the matter of facts, biology and terms come into being a controversial issue when you apply this new description and statement of “Trans women are women” in relation to biology. Well, what is a woman?

A woman is a person with a womb(Sigh– Yes… there are conditions where the womb is not there, yet I’m not talking about that minority!) A woman may not want children. Trans women can’t have children.

A woman is a person with bigger milk producing breasts.(Sigh-Yes…there are many women with small breasts and no real breasts and breasts that can not produce milk, yet I’m not talking about that group!) A woman may not want to breastfeed. Trans women can not breastfeed.

A woman is seen in most societies as the female person- having traits, mannerisms pertaining to the feminine aspect of humanity. (Sigh-Yes, there are societies that blur that distinction, yet I’m not talking about those societies!) A Trans woman can be accepted as a Drag artist or performer.

A woman as a biological fact have XX sex chromosomes. Men have XY. (Sigh-Yes, there are individuals that have a hermaphrodite condition with XY chromosomes, yet we aren’t talking about them here!) This is what you can not change! A trans woman does not have XX chromosomes! A trans woman is not a biological woman. This is also the case if they do not retain male genitalia. Lack of a penis, scrotum or testicles will not make you a biological woman! Trans women are biological males.

This should be understood!

Therefore, and this statement is not transphobic, a Trans woman is not a biological woman. They are biologically, a man. Fact. Anyone disputing this is a moron.

So what are they?

They are modified men. They have gone through various changes (modifications) to appear as a woman. 

  1. The hair is grown longer, adopting a feminine style
  2. The clothing, in general, is female specific.
  3. Mannerisms are broadly feminine.
  4. Chemical suppression of male hormones by taking drugs.
  5. Breast augmentation to change the appearance.
  6. Voice is deliberately altered.
  7. Adams apple shaven
  8. Jawline smoothed.
  9. Brow ridges may have changes.
  10. Lips are altered.
  11. Walking style and standing stance is made more feminine.
  12. Body hair removal. No chest hair in the case of male to female transitioning.
  13. Surgical modification and alteration of the genital area.
  14. Cheekbones altered.
  15. Nose thinning.

How can this not be understood? They have cosmetically, chemically and surgically MODIFIED their biological male bodies to become a she!

This also applies to Trans men. Modified, because that’s what they have done. Women, because that’s what biologically what they are! They are biological women.

Now, they may not like being called a Modified Man or Modified Woman, yet how can they deny it?

They could say, “Well, My brain says different…I am a woman!” My response would be that “many brains tell people that the colour red is green and vice versa and do I therefore have to accept that Traffic lights are upside down?” Your brain doesn’t inform reality. Your feelings can’t go against hard facts! They can instead say they “I have a female orientated mind & it is inside a biologically male body, which I have modified to cosmetically mimic a woman‘s body”. 

My opinion that Modified Men and Modified woman can ALSO be used alongside the now established Trans woman and Trans men terms is factually correct. If Trans activists want to argue that these Facts aren’t valid, then they are a (Trans)moron! Trans activists can not force anyone to change this way of describing them! If they can’t handle it or not capable of understanding, tough!

A recent news item covers this very topic.

A biological male, who now identifies as a Trans woman, won a cycling race that was predominantly raced by biological females.

Personally, I use Transwomen or Trans men and I will use their preferred pronouns. I’m just saying that the terms of Modified Men and Modified woman are not Transphobic! 

It’s not hard people! Not hard at all to understand this!

Gad Saad made a video about it.

Some very interesting comments about the winner, who blocked him when he asked if They would join him on a podcast.

Sub mini blog;

Must be read carefully!

On the questions of

  1. Should Trans women, who are post op, be allowed in Biological female areas? Not sure. If they pass AS biological women….then I suppose it is a yes, if that’s what the rules|guidelines of that institution\privately own residence state.They are quite clearly a cut above pre-op Transwomen. [Additional thought-provoking question;-who are policing these toilets or areas?]
  2. Should Transwomen with a penis be allowed in designated Biological female only areas? If there is a majority that created that area as a female(biological) only area [I’m not talking about public toilets, just toilets, changing rooms and bathrooms of private institutions that can make their own rules], then the answer is clearly No. If heterosexual men are banned from such areas, then so should Trans women with a penis. As stated above as a FACT, Modified men(Trans women) aren’t biological females. They should have their own Gender neutral areas and if a biological female is happy with those areas, then they obviously they can also enter. If not, then the biological female has recourse to that biological female-only area. It is a matter of safety from being raped\being penetrated by a ‘Lesbian’ modified man or a deceptive male, who is falsely self identifying as a TransWoman. I do not believe that men feel threatened by Trans Men(Modified Women). As the Trans man is using a cubicle the issue is null and literally void
  3. Should there be more Gender Neutral Toilets? Yes. This is probably where this is going. Those females(biological) who are upset at the thought that Modified Men(Trans women with male genitals) can enter ‘their’ toilets, are going to be pushed aside by the progressive Left. Their concerns are definitely going to be exhibited as indications of Transphobia. They even have a name|insult?- TERFs. (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.) Those who are so called may not understand that Trans women(& Trans men) are not their genitals. The Brain is the main sexual organ. 
  4. Does this mean that there will be a decline in the male urinal? No, because Traditional Gentleman’s Toilets have cubicles and urinals and If a Trans man wanted to use the cubicle, no one would stop him. They could even use a false penis to pee at the urinal!
  5. Do you think this issue will ever be settled? Probably not.You will always have conservative minded people who aren’t ready or are definitely not capable of accepting progression in society. They are unwilling to go along with Left wing thinking on any subject.

Another blog about being blocked upon Twitter by people who dislike what I said(because they have a different perspective – which I understand), misunderstood what I meant or are so completely wrong about a subject that they don’t like the truth and didn’t want to engage with those issues.

This time it’s by Green party members! Also, since they blocked me with no explanation, I’m guessing the motives of why they blocked me.

First up is-

Have no real idea who this is.

I’m guessing that the reasons that they blocked me for

  1. I’m no longer saying I’m an eco-socialist.
  2. I’m not a Marxist.
  3. Possibly this person is a supporter of Aimee Challenor.(See below)

Second up is-

A trans activist (with a family member, her father David, arrested on charges relating to abuse and jailed for 22 years) who had a very promising start, despite being involved with an attempted Anonymous hack on a Birmingham shopping centre(Charges dropped) She was also suspended\retired from a leadership role. She probably agreed with 95% of the things I support.(Fracking, proportional representation, etc) it just that pesky 5% that comes between us.

I’m guessing that the reasons she possibly blocked me for

  1. the story above (Maybe, Yet I cover and tweet a lot of news items about the Green party and I doubt she blocked the Green Party, who also mentioned it!)
  2. about the fact I didn’t support her in her leadership role bid. (I doubt it was that!)
  3. (More than likely–>>)about my comments about Trans women and Trans men perhaps being also called Modified men and Modified woman to stop the constant arguments about classification and gender neutral toilets and expand the Trans debate, which is needed.
  4. Maybe she’s a Marxist eco-socialist and has discovered that I’m no longer describing myself as a socialist* and dislike Marxism.

About number 1. It was a factual case that was not her fault. It was a reason why she could not go ahead in her leadership role bid. 

About number 2. I didn’t even mention that I was not supporting her. She was taken off the ballot in any case!

About number 3. She obviously can not understand that I can be Trans Supportive, yet critical of certain aspects. Her blocking shows an inability to respond to this criticism and perspective. Modified men and Modified woman are factually, biological and reality correct terms! 

About number 4. *I do describe myself as a social-ist. The hyphen is to separate it from ideological baggage.

The additional reason for both of them blocking me is that I Retweeted someone they disagree with. Instead of questioning, they probably thought “Ugh, look who he’s retweeting. I shall judge him harshly!” and pressed block. Shooting the messenger and guilt by assumed association is the hallmark of the Regressive Left
Conclusion- I’m sad that they blocked me. I try to get along with fellow Green Party members. I understand that some of my views, opinions and questions may be disliked, misunderstood or thought wrong (with an assumed assumption that there’s no chance of persuading otherwise! Not true!) I suspect that because they blocked without any indication that they were doing so, that they didn’t want me challenging their views.

Blocked again? 

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Yes, blocked again! 🚫 My continuing fight against delusional people on Twitter has yet another predictable outcome as Bearclawws didn’t like what I said about his imaginary friend in the Sky.

What a wuss.

Why do I support Hungary?

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Why do I support Hungary in its battle with the EU?

Why would a cosmopolitan atheist support a country and a government that opposed multiculturalism and championed Christian traditional values?

It’s a easy thing to explain. I do not want a United States of Europe. I do not want a Federal Republic of Europe. I do not want to see nations that repeatedly vote to stay as a homogeneous, traditional country get bullied into accepting a multicultural and secular, progressive agenda ….if they are democratically opposed to it

I might not like that they want to have Christian values. I might not like that they want to stick their country into a 1950s style timewarp, yet If they vote to have exactly that….then No one outside that country should have the power to override that decision!

The EU wants Hungary to drop down its long established cultural guards and accept migrants from another culture and for them to integrate into a Western European mindset. If Hungary doesn’t do this, the EU will put pressure upon them and sanction them in the European Parliament.

This is wrong

I have said that I once was an open border\no border one human race, one human world believer and theoretically I still am. I believe however that utopian idea will take many centuries, if ever, to come to fruition. 

Right now, you have to accept reality. There are no Finnish communities in Chad. There are no Chilean restaurants in Kazakhstan. African countries are riven with tribalism because they value very strongly their identity and resist being pushed together, seen as one. The far left utopia of One World, One Human race is noble…..yet It’s very unrealistic. I’ve woken from that day dream! 

It’s something that should be put on the backburner. Something for 2318, rather than 2018. If all nations were progressively going for this state of human affairs, I’d be solidly behind it. What we find is, nations valiantly trying to maintain an identity in the face of Globalism, internationalism, Americanization and very poorly conceived vanguard progressive thinking and It’s not universally applied. Europe seems to be the only place that it is happening. It seems to me that we are a testbed for these policies. European politicians infused with this thinking are trying to get it to mirror the USA. No No No! This is not the direction we should be going. It is a project that should be aborted!

As this project is not universally applied or accepted, it can not work. A great many people want an identity, a heritage and a homeland.

I do not want to see a grey, featureless, duvet world that is identical wherever you go. How can it be good to go down a high street and not know where are you in that  ugly monochrome future world? It could be Lisbon, Prague, Warsaw or Dublin, but you do not know, because it is all the sarne! It would also be a Far lefts, regressive liberals wet dream as National identities (seen as racist) are gone, history rewritten as bad colonial times with a statutes torn down as symbols of white patriarchy, individuality is suppressed as not confirming to the society, free speech curtailed as it might offend. 

I want a well loved, colourful, patchwork quilted blanket world where differences and diversity are celebrated in the place that it was originated from.

This is why I’m not a EU supporter, even though I voted Remain in the 2016 Brexit vote in the UK. I voted Remain for two main reasons…

  1. Economically we are so far down the road being tied in to Europe that it would be chaos and sabotage to break away. It would hurt millions.
  2. To reform the European Union into a Confederation of European Nations, where a countries sovereignty and independence is respected, while still having good trade links with them. To essentially reverse the whole experiment back to about 1974. 

The Confederation of European Nations isn’t my idea. It was a counter idea to a Federal United Superstate  of Europe, which we may ultimately have in the future. The CEN would have a weak central committee and power would be retained in the hands of each country. Localism, regionalism and direct democracy would be the order of the day. 

Alas that opportunity has gone for the UK. It can not help change the system and its economy will be in Crisis mode for a good while. The only hope is a rivial formation(such as the CofEN) can arise or the European Union collapses. 

I hope Poland and Hungary resist Brussels. You can not expect or force conservative countries to accept your liberal perspective, if they aren’t ready for it.

Vote Orban.