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Dangerous Minds

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Most Christians are hypocrites . They’ll quote the Bible at you to support their view ( Leviticus ) , but when you point out things that they do , but shouldn’t , they turn around and say ” . but that’s the Old Testament ! Jesus replaced it .”


Here’s another thing :

If Jesus was God and God inspired the Bible
:- The Bible is Jesus’s Word .

If God is perfect ,then Jesus is perfect
:- So Bible is perfect

You don’t follow the bible, You aren’t following Jesus
Under God\Jesus’s rules


Wearing mixed fibres ? Hell
Women wearing trouses ? Hell
And so on and on …..

Eddie Izzard – Jesus & the Dinosaurs (Animated):

The Church of Bacon .

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I’m not a vegetarian , though I’ve tried .
I’m not a vegan , though I’ve tried .

I tried because it was the ethical thing to do . Watching videos and reading reports about animal abuse led me to think the whole system of meat production and consumption was very wrong . It is also bad for you to eat too much meat .
I tried both V’s , but was unable to carry on due to failure to adequately absorb protein effectively .It may be down to my mother having anemia as a teenager . I don’t know . A genetic quirk or i might have had to eat more concentrated soy protein .IDK .


Bottom line – I ACTUALLY do have to eat meat .

The other reason was a craving .
A craving so overwhelming that I’d be sitting there doing something and then drift off thinking about eating it .

What was it ?

It was Bacon .


I’m now in a good place with meat – I don’t eat much and definitely not cheap meat . ( I do eat fish, eggs, cheese and milk .) I eat ethically farmed products and this meat does look and taste better .

I’m not one for duck ,goose or veal . Venison \ lamb is a rarity and beef is a once in a while .Chicken and turkey is also now and then .
It is pork that I eat most often .

A roast chop on Sunday is common .

It is bacon however that is regularly consumed .

I do like it …alot .

This is a list of Bacon accounts on Twitter . hur hur


The De-Evolution of Josh Feuerstein: VS

Cultofdusty 9,000,000 Josh -123,456,789,000 trillion


Just in case anyone says I’m always one-sided .

I’m sure that you have good and bad people wherever you go and SArabia is no different .

That they follow a 7th Century holy book is a massive downer though .

Astronaut Weighs In On Where We Should Colonize, And It’s Not Mars –