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I tried to go vegetarian . All that I will say is that my body rebelled . I may have followed it too strictly,but that’s me ” all or nothing ” . Anyway , I’ve taken a Buddhist view on meat . Neither too much , or too little , but in moderation .I also try to buy local and ,as far as I can check it , the best treated . I do not support cheap meats . I do not support Halal or Kosher meats . My meat intake is very low .Fish would be more common on my p!ate .
Beef – The occasional steak , but definitely no fast food burgers .Once a month perhaps .
Lamb – very rarely and only chops .
Duck – no
Goose – no
Turkey – only at Yuletide
Deer – not sure …game pie once .
Veal – no
Kangaroo – tried once ~
Pheasant – no
Quail – no
Rabbit – tried once .May try again.
Pig – Yes , my meat of choice – Bacon ( as a devout atheist ,its in my “religion” to eat it )  , chops , pork scratchings ,black pudding , high content (over 80% meat ) sausages ,ham ,gammon ,Haslet , brawn ,bacon jam .

All yes
Tuna and Salmon – very rarely .

Can you love animals and support animals rights ,yet still eat meat ? I would say yes .
Can you persuade 7 Billion humans to give up meat ? I would say No .

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There Was Nothing Classist About Emily Thornberry’s Tweet… But Our Reaction to It? –

‘Snobby’ Labour MP Narrowly Avoids Showdown With White Van Man –

Its all lies – none of them will say that she probably saw this house ,and thought it looked like the house had a UKip supporting English Racist immigrants out” type of family inhabiting it .She took the photo in a ” look what we are up against ” image .

Trying to comb it over .

Politically speaking in 2015  –
BNP – no
UKip – no
Conservatives – no
Liberal Democrats – no
Nationalists – no
Labour – no
Socialist Labour – no
Communist party – no
Monster Raving Loony Party – no

Green party – Yes

I was a LibDem , but Clegg and the coalition ( the taste of government ,the lure of power – it may have been the correct thing – going with the Largest majority of votes Conservatives , but everyone wanted a Liberal/Labour coalition , in my opinion )  have busted this party for many , many years .

Why Hillary Clinton ? Why ?

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Hillary Clinton Jokes About Getting Child Rapist …:

Seriously , why would you want , let alone vote for , Hillary Clinton in 2016 ?


Reasons not to

1- Going back to the past : pick someone fresh instead .

2 – The above Youtube vid , with links , that shows that her morals are skewed


3 – Who really wants Bill back in the Whitehouse ? That Clinton – Bush merry go around again ?

4 – Who wants more ” mis speaking ” ?

Snipers are all around !!


Europe Future Simulation Version 2 – Realistic Pr…:

I like the idea of regionalization

#i2 is important .

An Atheist Asks: Scientific predictions or Biblic…:

Every Christian should watch this