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Hahahaha good video

The God Murders

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What a good video! If more people did this. Quit feminism and MRA-ing, the grandstanding, the clash of personalities and ego wars. The toxicity would dissipate somewhat and we can have a better conversation. 

#GenderEgalitarianism is {Anērism and Feminism combined} is Equality is Humanism.

Promote #GenderSolidariy

Promote fairness and honest discussion.


This video goes out to all of us:

Woman haters

MRAs, who strongly believe “Feminism is Cancer”

The egalitarianists who dislike ideological feminism

The Egalitarianists (We come out of this quite well)

The egalitarianists who dislike MRAs

Ideological feminists*

Man haters

[*It indirectly holds Shives & Winters to account for their continued divisiveness, dismissing me when i talked about Gender Egalitarianism. I said it was “almost the same thing” in tweets.They always said, “No, feminism always comes above it, when actually feminism is but part of it.]

Half the world is held up by women.Help them hold it up, for if you don’t, it will all crash down upon us together. 

-Fight the real woman haters.

-Fight the real men beaters. 
She’s not, in my opinion, destroying 1st or 2nd wave feminism or even #Kurdish or #AfricanFeminism or #MiddleEastFeminism, but the feminism pushed by anti-egalitarianist 3rd wave ideological feminists, who still think the Gender Pay Gap is real. (Shives, et all)
Feminism is not a monolithic bloc. 

Radioplayer plays LBC 

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I’m listening to London’s News, Travel & Weather on LBC London News, with the Radioplayer mobile app

Democratic mundialization

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What is the Neturei Karta?

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**Karen Straughan**