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It’s Veganuary 2018 and I’m annoyed! Not because of the attempt to ditch meat from my diet, which I’m happy to do, is difficult, ‘cos it isn’t. Not because I’m looking for vegan and vegetarian alternatives to the dishes that I enjoy. I’m annoyed because the vegan substitute for bacon, (my main love in the meat world) is crap. It is totally inadequate for its job. Food is a visual thing, to me at any rate. If it looks right, it will taste right. Not strictly true as I’ve had some cakes that have looked divine, yet upon tasting was no better than soggy cardboard! It’s mainly true and especially true if you love bacon.

My new diet, briefly, is to eat less meat, feel better and explore the faux meat market. I’m a flexitarian. So, Tuesday to Thursday is the total vegan section. Fish on a Friday, leaving 3 days to eat as I like, with the goal of going 6 months without meat after I drop those 3 days. On Monday, the meat is soups and leftover meat from Sunday. Sunday is only day that i will eat a roasted animal and recently, I’ve been replacing the meat on Sunday with the faux meat version of turkey and gammon. This means I’ll be increasing my non-meat diet to 5 days a week. This leaves Saturday. Saturday is for sausages, ham and ..mmmm… Bacon.

Bacon is delicious. Bacon has a wonderful taste and textue. You’d think a substitute would be ticking the boxes to persuaded carnies to change. You’d be wrong!

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