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Cultural libertarianism – needed

Racist libertarianism – not needed

And where is Milo?
Flirting dear, as he always does….being a big dangerous fa**ot provocateur, darling!!! 

Rewriting a tune

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For an atheist, this may be ironic, but I’m going to say it anyway. I like the polyphonic tune known as Miserere Mei Deus. I don’t like the lyrics, but the way it is sung on AnglicanDiest Channel, with The Sixteen and Elin Manahan Thomas hitting the Top C note, is amazing.

I can think of no better version. 

Anyway, I’d love to hear it sung by the British Humanist Association Choir, but with different secular lyrics. It must however retain the same tone and expression as the original.
These are the original lyrics and afterwards,hopefully, my humanist version. However, if someone from the choir also wants to rewrite the lyrics, I’d be happy to tweet ideas back and forth until a final version exists. 

As you can see there’s a bit of overlap in the screenshot. (6, 7 and 8).

1.Have belief within yourself, O humanity, after thy great potential, according to the multitude of those good harbingers of peace.

2.Wash me thoroughly of my 

This is going to take a while. Not the finished or polished product.






#GreenParty 🌿

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Update 2016 August— fuck, fuck, fuck….the site has stopped and changed. 

It’s now

No more nations

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Just had someone block me….
As yet…I haven’t got a fucking clue* why!

( * I found out -look below at Update)


I win, technically. Anyone who blocks “can’t handle the truth!”
If there was a valid disagreement and I’m wrong….I’ll say Sorry.


Blocking usually means…
1- I’ve insulted them. Rarely.
2- I’ve insulted a belief of theirs. Yeah, probably.
3- I’ve tweeted them too much.Possible, but not often.
4- I’ve pissed off someone they know and out of solidarity, they declare and run! Could happen.
5- They discover that I’m an atheist/Green Party supporter/not a vegan/a “New Atheist”. The usual blahblahblah! .
6- They disagree with me preferring Star Trek to Star Wars.Adding this Just for fun, but it can be serious too!
7- I’ve trolled them.(I don’t do this)

Anyway, this is who blocked me


This is why he blocked me….


What a wimp out!
Triggered, by one meme and one comment.
More clues.
He tweets with someone who blocked me ages ago.


The person in question is who is friendly with a Catholic ‘Reformer’, who befriends atheists, that I blocked.
A DM here, a DM there…..”You must block him! He’s a nasty “New Atheist! He shares memes that may challenge your political or religious views”
Oh, and I’m also a Terrible observer of events for suggesting Blairites/Anti Corbynites and Europhile and Socially conscious Conservatives join together to form a Centrist Party!

Hurt feelings that I called it out? Unable to contemplate it? Politics is changing in the UK. Get used to it.

A pathetically lame reason for blocking me! Your loss. I’m glad you are gone! ByeBye.


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