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I try not to. I think they are past their sell date. Not so much because they are old, but because they will only run the same campaign with the same outcome. Trump will win.

They should withdraw and support new candidates.

I could never be a Marxist. The social-ism that I have as a belief is from the union movement, The Levellers and Diggers tradition and all pre-Marxist socialists and the critics of Marxism .(They did exist while he lived and AFTER Marx’s death!)

They are many topics and issues that I think need to be tackled, yet not in the way Marx wanted tbem to be tackled.

Even his idea that societies are progressive or can be made to progress is erroneous. 

Marx- not fit for purpose.

Yes. I would say that the people who run the BBC are not from tough council estates. I’d say that most come from a very comfortable background. I’d say that if they did come from such places, they very quickly aspire to be middle class like their peers and would distance themselves from where they came from. They do have a bubble around them. They do not want to hear the common people. They do try to present a very harmonious UK, when the reality is so much more different. They probably do many recordings in a manipulative way. There is a very heavy leaning towards the Left on some shows and there’s a very conservative leaning element there to. I would not say that it is balanced any longer as it once was(Again, as it was perceived to be.)

It does toe The Establishment line. They want to keep the monopoly of money coming in. Many people there, probably see it as glorious gravy train.

‘Oh do put it on expenses! The plebs will pay!’

Do I want the breakup of the UK?

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Yes. I want Scotland to be independent, Northern Ireland to be independent, Wales to be independent and also England to be independent. I would like to see the peaceful breakup of many states additional to the UK. Russia, Spain and China included. States power is too much. Decentralization should be the slogan for all.

Why Scotland? 

They vote consistently for left leaning parties , yet due to FPTP voting, they get Tory governments. 

Why Northern Ireland? 

Colonialism is wrong. It is a colonial inheritance.Demographics will eventually have it joined with Republic of Ireland.

Why Wales?

As like Scotland, we get Tory governments when we vote overwhelmingly for left leaning parties.

Why England?

It should have it’s own parliament. The UK is in effect a London based dominion project. England is so much more than London. England should not be the Greater England that the UK is sometimes seen as. England with a few ethnic\Celtic hangers-on it should not be. English regional revivalism should occur. 


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What is Seymourism?

Simply put, it is environmental friendly, agrarian self sufficiency and the rejection of a lot of the harmful things that modernism has brought to civilization. We need a human sized space once again. This will benefit our health and that of the planets.

It is “going back to the land” in practical terms.

Can anyone be a Seymourist?

Yes, starting with a small garden and slowly peeling yourself away from where humanity is right now(Modernism) is a step to becoming a Seymourist. It’s not an outright rejection of modernity, yet it is a rejection of the plastic society, reliance on gadgets and mass media 24\7 lifestyle and an attempt to a more rustic, back-to-the-land lifestyle which involves a re-embracing of Wood, Steel and Twine. All those peop!e who say this is not possible are incorrect. Many people opt out of work and create viable productive (throughout the year) homesteads. 1 acre of land can be enough for many. People do grow plenty of produce on even less than that!

What political things are rejected?

Marxism,(including Stalinism, Trotskyism & Leninism), Maoism, Cuban and Soviet style communism and also radical anarchism. Any authoritarian socialist ideals. Also, Corporate capitalism, National Socialism, Hard Right wing ideologies, Global Free marketing and neo-liberalism. 

All of the above have been ruinous to agrarianism. Some by the use of agrarian imagery to sell an idealized racist society(Nazism) or an utopian socialist future (Communism) and some by the monoculture mechanization of the land for profits, with no regard for environmental damage.(Corporate Capitalism)

These things need to be rejected.

What political things are embraced?

Agrarianism with a non Marxist or a non corporate global capitalist agenda. This means that a eco-communal village be set up and an individual small holdings (for the benefit of the owner) can co-exist. Profits for the excess produce is allowable. Cottage capitalism is the term used for what farmers markets have been doing for years. This involves localism, regionalism and network of producers in the making of seasonal foodstuffs. This is the rejection(not total) of transportation of foodstuffs around the world. The reason why Marxist or corporate capitalism is to be avoided is the divisions both cause. Marxism would put one style of farming against another’s in order to have enforced equality and corporate capitalism would have one farmer try to dominate and out produce others. This is not the goal. The goal is to create a happy lifestyle. 

With policies for reducing climate change, deforestation and soul loss, Seymourism sees a gradual reduction of such things. Local communities will again grow their own foods and it will be seasonal.

  1. agrarianism
  2. Localism
  3. Regionalism
  4. Environmentalism.

Why are the political issues so important to mention first?

Because society is political. Also, Seymourism is a political movement. It is environmentalism at its core. It is a redrafting of the way society will live in the future. If there is an economic collapse, environmental crisis or a transportation breakdown, what will people do? Seymourism is about building a cushion against such events. The home, the small holding that goes with it, will provide those necessities that will become scarce. Primarily food, yet also power (solar, bio-fuel, wind and water turbine), water (filtered rainwater, etc) & clothing.(wool, leather)

Are you just dabbling in The Good Life, like the Tv Show?

At first, yes. There is no avoiding that Seymourism is an attempt to rekindle that passion (scripted) that Tom and Barbara Good wanted to make a go of. What Tom Good wanted to achieve is possible. The added agenda is that people once having that taste of going ‘back to the land’ will go on to do more and fully achieve self sufficiency and create a mini communal food market with others. 

Doesnt that mean that people with no plots of land will suffer?

Hopefully not. Seymourism promotes the allotment. That is, plots of land owned by Councils, rented long term to those who have no access to their own plots or gardens. Land for the growing of veg, animal husbandry(chickens, piggeries, etc) should be available for the Community. Vertical farming should also be explored. (Growing of veg on roofs or in columns.)

Who are your inspirations for Seymourism other than John Seymour?

This is a short list (and with some only reflects their on-screen presentations and books and not how they live in their own lives.)

The Good Life. (Tv show)

Victorian Farm (Book and TV show)

Edwardian Farm (As above)

Ray Mears -Wild food.

Richard Mabry – Food for Free.

The River Cottage TV series and books by Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall.

The Victorian Kitchen Garden TV series and Book.

Herbert Giradet- Blueprint for a Blue Planet (co authored with John Seymour)

Geoff Hamilton – Successful Organic Gardening.

Fritjof Capra -Green politics.

E.F. Schumacher – Small is beautiful.

F.E. Trainer – Abandon Affluence.

Do you support traditionalism?

Yes and no. Traditionalism has many of the ideals that Seymourism wants to accept. Good buildings, human sized cities, towns and villages. Returning to a simple lifestyle, boosting arts and crafts, tariffs, borders, valuing craftsmanship over mass production. These are good things. What also comes with that is social conservatism. Returning to religion, class divisions, (ethno-)nationalism, militarism and a tendency to censor or prohibit certain things like speech, democracy, freedom of expression and lifestyle(e.g. Against homosexuality). Seymourism would be social libertarian, liberal and left leaning.

A balance of these two ideals of traditional agrarianism and social democracy would have to be worked out over time.

I am a Solarist. We are all @ the 1st power. Veneration of the Sun is a rational alternative to the Abrahamic faiths.

image – Kris Powers.

No gods required, no angels or demons. No need for an afterlife or Hell. No made-up stories about a sacrificial god man.(Christ).

The festivals Of Sol in Europe are agrarian and pagan. They are all linked to the seasons and therefore to the Sun. Our own Star.


It is not worship of a deity as such. (The Christian SOLworship means Spring Of Life, e.g. Christ and has nothing to do with the Natural Sun) Even if it was, when somebody asks “where is your god?” . can answer by pointing at the Sun and saying “it exists everyday!” Even at night you can point at the Moon and say “the Moon reflects the Truth that my God exists!”

It is not worship of the Aten. Even though this religion rightly placed the Sun as central to humanity, there are many things that would not be acceptable. E.g. The link to monarchy.

The Great Hymn to the Aten.

 note I’m not a spiritual solarist, so I would not say the above.
A Sun venerationist is how I see myself. It goes well with my agrarian (CentristLiberal-Traditional) and self sufficiency thinking. I also like the 4.5% alcoholic beverage called Sol.