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What’s it all about ? It’s about Atheism .It’s about the growing numbers of godless in society. Its about ” the more people,the louder the voice ” .Atheism is the view that there is no evidence that a god exists .Pure & simple.

I don’t really want to debate,but I do want to give people the alternative view (Hence the Tweeting of & & etc ) ,then its up to them to have a moment of realisation that the AbrahamicReligion that they have “Faith” in is a con.

If a Theist could provide testable evidence that their specific deity exists or a Logical and reasoned argument for a god, that was watertight,then there would be a change of mind in me. This has not been done.It is the person with the extraordinary claim that has to provide the extraordinary evidence,not the person denying it.

I see Atheism as a transitional stage or word.
“Atheism is only the Gateway to Reality ”
I,like others, use the word loosely to self describe a position of Godlessness, liberal viewpoint and pro-science.Anything else would be just an add-on.From a more thoughtful view, I would say I am a Secular Humanist.

I am Anti-god,Pro choice,Anti-racist,Anti-sexist,anti-ageist,Anti-Animal abuse,Anti-Female & male genital mutilation (Only medical reasons would override this),for A new policy on all drugs,Equal pay for women,free healthcare & education ,Worldwide Human rights ,Federal Democracy ,liberal progressive ,pro-gay/Lesbian,Bisexual & Transgender ,pro-science,Pacifist-Humans should always try for non-violence in World affairs,republican – in the sense that I want to live in a republic ,Ecological minded ,Cosmopolitan ,for the vision of One World,One Race and a follower of Transhumanism.I believe that we should have more space stations,a moon base ,asteroid mining and a permanent colony on Mars,we should also,somehow, create a base on Venus by 2100 CE and how would we pay for it ….I would want a Secular , peaceful World with no wars and less violence…

I do think that many of the things visualised by Carl Sagan & Gene Roddenberry should come to pass.

The philosophy of a stripped down,non reincarnation, non “spiritual” guided Buddhism is what I would go for as a “religion” in a very quiet lightly scented room or garden.

On @athe1stp0wer I don’t debate (or try not to get sucked into one) ,cos for 1 -Twitter doesn’t give enough characters (140) & 2- generally ,you can’t get thru’ to the person who believes in Jesus/Allah no matter if you cover a subject to its tiniest detail …its got to be their choice to change ,not you bashing them out of belief…..all you can do is give the links to websites that have helped you or info pics – ranging from the serious,well argued to the ones that ridicule religion ( a ridiculous notion should always be shown up as what it is …& no mercy given )

Bible questions

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+ Do you really believe that Noah was 500 years old when he fathered his first child ? – Genesis 5:32
+ Why was it okay for God to destroy the sinful city of Sodom ,but not okay to destroy Lot’s daughters when they had sex with him ?
+ If God is all-powerful, how come He lost his wrestling match with Jacob ? – Genesis 32:24-30




+ Do you really believe that anyone who works on a religious “day of rest” should be killed ? – Exodus 31:15
+ Do you believe in killing children ? Then why did God allow Jephthah to sacrifice his virgin daughter ? – Judges 11:30-39


+ Do you believe that children should be put to death for the sins of their parents ? Then why did God kill David and Bathsheba’s baby but let the both of them live ? – 2 Samuel 11:2-4 , 14-27 ; 12:9-19
+ If God is all-powerful, how come God’s armies were defeated by the king of Moab after the king sacrificed his son to the rival god Chemosh ? – 2Kingz 3:18-19, 26-27


+ Do you believe that holiness can be transferred by clothing ? God does.- Ezekiel 44:19
and finally –
+ 3 times in the Bible,Jesus said he will return.How come he hasn’t turned up yet ? Revelation 22:12-13


Oh ,one more I think pt4 ..


Just a short look at the Bible will throw up a load of questions.

And No ..I don’t know who Martin was !


This is a personal list and some people listed may Tweet to you in a different way . Most are W.O.T’s . =W.O.T* =W.O.T* = W.O.T* = Poe and a Troll , idiot and ignorant . ( Patrick Embry ) = W.O.T*
Facebook Disciples of the New Dawn
Facebook Father Embry the Foreseer = W.O.T*,/uspo6 = W.O.T* Vera acct = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T* as above . = W.O.T* as above . = W.O.T* as above . = W.O.T* = W.O.T*

Anti #WhiteGenocide Troll,/LinuxL3wis = W.O.T* ( Avoid ) He thinks he is a superior debater . Floods your TL with replies .

image = W.O.T* = M.B.S** =W.O.T * = W.O.T* = W.O.T* suspended = W.O.T* =Massive W.O.T* Catholic who tries shifting the conversation to getting you to prove a possible negative ( the deist god ),while claiming there is a theist god , which he’s had personal experience of , but who hasn’t actually ‘spoken’ to him , to say that he can provide evidence of this god to the atheist .
Often laces his tweets with putdowns and ad hominem attacks .Believes atheists are part of gods plan .Also anti- #Gunsense.Also , very high and mighty attitude . Lapdog to the above acct . = W.O.T* Another brickwall , but more able than Rocky in so much that he can avoid questions more easily . = M.B.S** = RT’er of @Sacetdotus = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = FaithHead W.O.T* = Trollish behavior

image = W.O.T*
Rocky is a true Brick Wall amongst Theist Brickwalls & he knows it .He’s polite , but does go on and on – Temporary block suggested ,despite his “Blocking is for wimps ” attitude . Blocking ppl who continually refuse to provide evidence or answer questions is the only option .IRISHBLOKE is far more able than Rocky . = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T** = W.O.T* ( probably wants Jesus to come back & vote Republican ) = W.O.T* = W.O.T**** ( True Love ) can’t take banter / verbal fencing /friendly jibes . /Rizzle Dizzle = Axe to grind with Dawkins …A bit obsessed , I think .

image = it’s Ray “Banana & Bibliophile” ” Comfort . Biggest Troll ever ! = Fence-Sitter , with a Theistic slant = Cosmic nonsense = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T****


OTHER PEOPLE — Block or Avoid or Understand / Respect their individualistic Twitter rules . – He has a grudge against RichardDawkins .May have other accts .Spam . Avoid . – Please ,Do not use insults or profanity in your tweets. Sensitive .Blocked me Twice .Permanently now . Doesn’t like rebuttals .
Our Twitter History explained in later blog . 4/May/2015
Avoid . – Smart Alec Atheist .Uses sexist language and uses a tweet to say ” cunt spray works well ” , with a picture of a spray with the word Cunt upon it , after blocking you .

Yes , that’s what he’s like .Avoid .

* Waste Of Time ( People who will not use Logic or Reason & people who can’t see,won’t see the atrocities that a so-called loving god inflicts on OT people invalidates the ‘ religion of peace ‘ tag , also ,those people who think swearing or using racist or sexist language will win the argument , also ppl who say one thing do another , also sexist or Racist ppl who can’t see that they use such terms _ also ppl who can’t understand banter or friendly joshing **** )
** May Be Sacer
*** Sacerdotus ( Catholic,who creates multiple accts,even atheist accts to argue with )

**** are Brickwalls provide logical replies and links and evidence , but they avoid , deflect or switch quickly to another question .They fail to answer . Really deluded , may be out to time waste … Just move on from these . Too far gone .

I’ll be adding to this list as I go on.Just avoid,ignore or block the listed names , for anything you say to them will not be listened to.


Sacerdotus aka M.Agosto See Rosarubicondior blog for further info . It seems to be a very complicated thing and I have no wish to involve myself .

Music mix

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Bright eyes – Art Garfunkel
Bridge over troubled waters – Simon & Garfunkel
I love your smile – Shanise
Sleeping Satellite – Tasmin Archer
Fast car – Tracy Chapman
Do you remember – M.Jackson
Weather with you – Crowded House
The whole of the Moon – The Waterboys
Tom’s diner – Suzanne Vega
Twist in my Sobriety – Tanita Tikkarem
Orinoco flow – Enya
The Fly – U2
Sitting on the dock of the bay –
Vincent – Don McClean
Starry starry sky
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
Dreams – Gabrielle
We are sailing – Rod Stewart
Maggie reilly
Bladerunner theme – Vangelis
Various songs – Simply Red
Various songs – UB40
Roxy Music
Everyone’s talking at me –
Wild wood – Paul Weller
Aka bilk
And the clocks go back – Del Ametri
Stars of the Lid
Wicked game – Chris Isaac
The Crying Game – Boy George
Blue Hotel –
Hazard – Richard Marx
Various songs – The Kinks
Various songs – T-rex
What a wonderful world – Louie Armstrong
Yup,the spelling is suspect
This is not finished yet.Just a quick list of easy listening.

@PumaBare (Not seen the Green Grass of home for many a year!)


Just a short note/list of new followers and ppl whose Tweets I really like

Not in any order –

The usual ppl that Atheists mention –


Back to my list –