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My thoughts on the JFK assassination.

It wasn’t me. I wasn’t born. It was this guy(above) only he didn’t do it alone.

I think it was two shooters. Lee Harvey Oswald was one. The other is unknown. That unknown person was either a sniper or a security officer.I think there was two conspiracies to kill JFK at the plaza and either group didn’t know that there was another team or just one team knew Lee Harvey Oswald was going to attempt it and planned to use him for cover for their attempt. The second shooter could have been on the security team and shot JFK. There’s the possibility that after Lee Harvey Oswalds first shot, there was a discharge of a security team’s gun for the second hit on JFK and then Lee Harvey Oswald’s second or third shot finished JFK off. The WH security team then covered up the accidental shooting of the President and shifted the blame onto Lee Harvey Oswald.

So, putting aside why it was done- Cuban revenge(Castro wanted to hurt the USA), exiled Cubans angry for the Bay of Pigs extravaganza, for infamy, a mafia hit because he and his brother wanted to crack down upon them or military industrial complex wanting Johnson in charge, the assassination was a botched affair.

I think Lee Harvey Oswald’s claim that he was a patsey was true. He was being used. He must have seen the second shot and thought he was betrayed.

Israel is bad. Palestine is good. Palestine is bad. Israel is good

 That’s the limit of understanding that many Twitterers I meet have about this long running issue. Why not say :

Both do bad stuff. 

Both have done good stuff. 

I can not support Palestine, because of Hamas and strict Islam. I can not support Israel because of the IDF and zionism.

Racism towards whites.

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On Twitter there is an account that is racist towards white peop!e.

Abdullah Öcalan – Wikipedia

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