Helenohenzo:The Herpes of Twitter.

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Are you an atheist? Yes

Are you an atheist on Twitter? Yes

If you are both of those, then you’ve probably been followed by Helenohenzo.(Nicknamed -Bené). I’d even say that it is a fact that you have been followed. If you are the rarest of atheist that has never been followed….I really do envy you.
Compare– What he thinks he is doing>>>>

<<<< to What Atheists think what he’s doing!

Who is he?

In 3 words…a serial pest. Many atheists even suggest that He’s a retard. He’s definitely got a big hang up (should that be big bang up!)about homosexuality.[There’s some debate here]>>He’s a seventh day Adventist or Catholic (info is split on this) from New Bedford, Massachusetts [Allegedly]. Other tweeters have stated that He lives in the area of possibly Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts. Very probably from the Luso-American community.(Portuguese and catholic). He’s in his late 20s. His English isn’t that good.

More than likely, you’ve been followed several times. Helenohenzo is a serial pest, a person that gets reported repeatedly and a very persistent homophobic, Christian creationist apologist. Most atheists have had to mute and block him. Many have reported him for his outright homophobia. He seems to target female atheists in particular. He often deletes abusive tweets before they get reported to twitter.

I can’t even remember when he started following, yet I reckon he’s easily exceeded 50 accounts by now. He has been on since 2013\2014.

He has several YouTube channels too! 

The only way to deal with him is to block him. I can understand that some atheists follow him

  1.  to take the piss(to mock*) out of him. (It definitely passes the time of day!).
  2. to report any homophobic tweets. (This is very good Twitter etiquette).
  3. to link his Twitter accounts with gay porn Twitter accounts for lols. (Very funny). I have seen (NSFW- 18+) http://www.twitter.com/TheBestGayOne mentioned. [I do not advocate this!]
  4. to give him factual evidence for evolution.(Waste of time)

*UK slang

And that’s fine, yet I’d say that following him is unnecessary, pointless and only encourages him. We need to reinforce that he will not get anyone to tweet him and that a lack of attention is all he will get from the community. Those new to twitter atheist accounts do need to be warned, via DM(Direct message) that pre-emptive blocking is advisable.

Please check your follows list every so often. This will enable you to weed out his accounts. There is no point asking him to not follow you, as he will ignore this. I know this to be true, as I have asked a few times…..and he still follows. You may even find that you have been followed by two or three accounts. I’m guessing he does this because you may block one or two and then not do a thoroughly good check and at least one slips through the net. He probably thinks of this as a victory. To me, it only proves that he is low down and sneaky.

Below is one of his profile photos.

He does follow a set pattern that you will quickly understand. Even if he alters his name, the tone of his tweets are so identical that you will know it is him. He is thought to be using internet cafes or public libraries in order not to have his IP address blocked by twitter.

He has also create innumerable YouTube accounts that have also been flagged and suspended. His footballing skills in one video are pathetic. He is not very good at keeping the ball up. If he fancies himself as a footballer…..I’d say “don’t give up the day job”, if he has one.

He also makes mocking videos of atheists that block him, as he thinks people fear his awesome debating skills! This is pure delusion on his part, as 95% of atheists block him for being a complete idiot and don’t want to waste any time upon him or see any tweets by him in things they have tweeted.

I’d love to see a full list of all the E-mail accounts he’s had to create and the actual number of Twitter accounts he has made over the years. It must be in the mid hundreds at least! He claims that he has only one and when Twitter band he, he created another ONE account. This is a lie. He has several on the go, it is reckoned.

He does follow people with his account name. More often than not, he will use a different one, but he then changes it when he has reached a certain point. It’s always a version of his name- 





With Cristiano Apologia and His bespectacled face in the personal profile bio and the same village picture as the bio header.

His accounts are always very small, very new (because he has his other accounts suspended)and the tweets follow the same train of thought. Example- homosexuality is wrong, anal sex is unnatural, god is good, atheists are dumb, the bible is correct.

It is not necessary to dox him. All the info here are on his profiles and easy to find in five minutes of intelligent googling. I also do not encourage anyone to insult him anymore than is necessary to score a good pointed remark or in reply to his tweets. I do not encourage anyone to threaten him. We should not lower our standards. Also, as its more than likely that, as mainly atheists insist, he is mentally challenged and a self-repressed homosexual that feels guilt for his homosexual tendencies, he probably hates himself more than any atheist could. Any intelligent person that has been told time and time again that he’s a stalker and is a pest would shift away from such behavior. He is stubborn, fixed and focused on doing the same thing.

As to homosexuality..he has a very ignorant view of it. I have a belief that his thought on this topic is very likely to be along the lines of “I do not know why men want to have the sex with men. The anus is not for the making of love. It is a disgusting thing to do.” He is a very virulent homophobic person.

 I have felt a certain amount of pity for him as constantly creating e-mail accounts to create Twitter accounts after being repeatedly blocked is a sign of OCD and perhaps autism. I constantly loose this pity, when I see him following others that have asked him not to follow them. He is a serial pest, that should be removed from social media, especially Twitter. He’s followed me at least 16 times in this year alone. It may be even higher. I’d like it if a local atheist found out who he really is (if any of the information is dubious) and reported him to the police in his locality and then use evidence from Twitter to have him suspended. On-line Harassment would be the charge, I think. This is not to say that he hasn’t the Right to free speech, he does. Atheists just want to have the right not to be harassed by him over and over and over again. 

What hes doing that is wrong?

  1. Repeatedly following when asked or told not to do so. On line harrassment and homophobic tweets.
  2. Constantly breaking Twitter rules about making multiple accounts.

Anyone that wants to report him will have to confirm that his name and nickname(that he gives out) is genuine. I believe that it is. They will have to confirm that he is from Massachusetts(that he gives out). There is a Brazilian Catholic community, so it is possible

The info to contact the police is below. I am not sure of the law in the States, yet I believe it is better that a U.S. Citizen and local atheist reports him. That atheist could then mention the hundreds of atheists on Twitter that have been harassed by Henzo. He is the Herpes of Twitter. He has created the conditions for the following name to be used- He is Helenoherpes.

His only use upon Twitter is that since he follows atheists it is possible to find godless people that you do not follow or do not follow you. He is, ironically, a sort of atheist hub that facilitates networking for those who wish to see the sidelining of religion and the decline of those who worship god. 

So Thank you Helenohenzo (Armando Santiago)for helping atheists connect!

Useful Twitter hashtags.





  1. secularscarlet says:

    Agree with you completely although I suspect his new accounts head into three figures. Report , block and never engage such scum…

  2. TGBX says:

    I’m reasonably convinced he is a latent homosexual. His obsession with “anus” and “sperm” is extraordinary, even for a fundie. He WANTS to talk about it, like, all the time. It seems to play on his minde a lot.
    But yes, he’s completely demented. He cannot be reasoned with, cannot utter a non-fallacious statement. God exists because isn’t it obvious? Homosexuality is wrong because sexual dimorphism exists. Priests are pure and good because they gave up their lives to be priests in the name of god.
    He seems to have a very low IQ.
    Don’t just block him. Report him. It’s pretty easy. Just look for a few mentions of “homo” and flag ’em. I reported about 30 in a single sitting with ease. Twitter has been deleting the accounts, just not as fast as he creates them. If everyone reports him, it should occur faster.

    • Thank you for the comment. I don’t get that many on any of my blogs. I agree. Low IQ. Simplistic theistic reasoning. A homophobic creationist. I’ve been blocking him for years. I’ve reported him also. If you are on Twitter, I hope you follow me. I agree with you that everyone must Block and Report. Thank you.

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