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Don’t get triggered!


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I don’t hate Jewish people. Many of my favourite actors , musicians and comedians are Jewish and I wouldn’t say a hateful thing against them.

I don’t hate Jewish cuisine and I’m sure many traditions within Jewish culture I’d would love to join in with, if I knew more about it.(My bad, I know.)

I would be appalled and apologetic if what I tweeted or said was seen as anti-semitic or anti-Jew.
It’s not my aim to instill hatred upon believers.
I condemned all aspects of Jewhatred.

My intention is only and sincerely to point out the idiotic nonsense of their belief in a god and the antiquated rules and regulations they believe in.


Part One-
What I do dislike is;
Ritual circumcision.
Rituals to do with animals when preparing them as a food.
Non integration by strict religious communities.
Treatment of women in accordance to the Torah.


Since the word Anti-judaism is seen as a synonym for anti-semitism, I propose a new word for atheists/anti-theists to use when they only want to criticise the Jewish religion and NOT the believers of that particular religion.

The word is Anti-Torah (& Anti-Torahism & Anti-Torahist)
1- it is not associated with racism/anti-semitism.
2- it clearly is concerned with criticism of the belief and practices and not believers.
3- it is not judeophobic.

The second part is added for clarification only and is separate from the above, as it mentions Israel.
Judaism and Zionism are two separate issues, yet linked through the Religio-Political entity of the State of Israel.
It is said “Judaism can survive without Zionism, but Zionism can not exist without Judaism”
While reading this blog, it is important to remember that there are many Jewish groups, who are opposed to the State of Israel.

Part Two
What I do dislike;
Israeli (Zionist) government policy (in contravention of International Law) of settlements in the West Bank.
is colonialism.
is brutality.
is the policy of ignoring Palestinian Human Rights.
is the insistence that the land was God-given.

I do not call for Israel to not exist. I maintain that it should exist WITHIN 1967 borders or to federate itself within a new state with a federated Palestine and a joint Capital.  [The Republic of Jerusalem perhaps?]
To hand back land in West Bank, including, as a goodwill gesture,  Israeli homes built after 1967.
To give the Right of return to Palestinians or to compensate returnees for loss of property.

I would also say #FreeGazaFromReligion and Theocratic Fascist rule. I’m against the policies of Hamas.


Libertarian socialism

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