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Helen Allingham – Wikipedia

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Lyrics and hand washing.

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What’s that you ask?

 “Aww, don’t tell me you’re blocked again?”

 Yup. It’s that part of my blog that I note down who has blocked me on Twitter and the possible reason or reasons (I do multitask!)why I was blocked. It’s my explanation, not theirs…so I could be incorrect.

Who is it this time?

I’m guessing it’s a nationalist or a Catholic account. 

 *Publish blog, then look at the active Twitter link. (I bypass the block this way, to see what they are about.)

And… turned out to be Greek Nationalist. I often talk about demographics and immigration, so I don’t know why they blocked me. Maybe I was too liberal for their tastes.(They are probably an Ethno-Nationalist)

Ah well. No loss. 

Two women discussing things. 

Reconquista – Wikipedia

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I believe that the far left wing of politics is absolutely hoping that the virus spreads in the USA. They want the collapse of government infrastructure. Thru the chaos they will build their socialist utopia. Anarchists especially. 

I do think that Right wing peppers are fearful that it might occur, yet I don’t think that they yearn for a collapse of society unless they are religious. A mentality of “a total cleansing of the sinners” may apply to their thinking. 

Watch the propaganda rack up over the next month and see if I’m correct.