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It completely baffles me why we entertain those people who think the World is only 6,000 years old ….it must be out of a pity for their ignorance ….


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Politics doesn’t interest me much .The Main parties promise the World and deliver little & the little parties hardly get a chance.This is what I think

When it comes to the Right wing ……

Far Right parties – I would NEVER vote for them

UKIP – Nope
Conservative – Nope
Centre-Right – Nope
Nationalists – In my area ,that would be Plaid Cymru… Er,maybe ,but probably not.I’m too much of an Internationalist to be hung up on these.
Liberal Democrats – This is where I went to , after I lost the desire to support Labour. I have now lost the desire to support these ,if they continue to go with the Conservatives or elect a leader that is ineffective.
Labour – Maybe ,but I doubt it. New leader & a better agenda .
Socialist Labour – Doubt it. Seem dated to me.
Marxist or Leninist parties – Nope
I still have a (Sigh) hankering after Anarchism ….leave it there ,I think. I’ll cover this subject again.
Joke or protest parties – Nope
One small party I haven’t mentioned is the Greens…this party is becoming the new natural home for me.I used to vote (Off & on)for them in my youth in any case.
Others , like The NHA party I’ll have to look into.

What would be a party I would like :-
The Progressive Reform Party of a Federal Republic of Great Britain
1- Elected Head of State
2- Written constitution
3- Elected Upper Chamber
4- Separation of Church and State
5- A Federal structure ,with all nations equal
6- Promotion of Ecological Humanism
7- Some form of a Youth Land “Army” where teenagers learn new skills and put something into society ,so they feel its something that includes them
8- More Prisons/Harsh sentences
9- Research into new technologies (Solar panels on every house)
10- Equal pay, Equal rights, Equal marriage,
11- Legalise/decriminalize Drugs and have a new policy on the “Harder” drugs
12- Legalise Prostitution (Raise Age of consent & marriage to 18)
13- not sure about Nuclear Deterrent, but support an international move to end having it.
14A- History & Geography & English & Maths taught properly,(dates,Kings & queens)Cooking & car mechanics taught to mixed genders(Not at the same time..of course !)
14B- Maybe Shorter school holidays.
15- 36 hour working week/raise minimum wage to £8:80 – £9:00 bracket
16- Proportional Representation
17- Communalism / Democratic Confederalism
18- Regionalization of Europe / Self determination ( eg Catalonia , Basque region , Transylvania , Scotland ,Northern Italy …etc ) ,then have a proper Federal Europe ,where people have a far better say than they do now .( Democratic Balkanization _)
19- Space Exploration advocacy in schools ,with an increase of education budgets on Physics ,astronomy and engineering .
20- More research into Underwater Habitats etc .

and…I haven’t thought past that …..