Top Twitter Atheists.

Posted: October 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

Not in any order. Just a list of Top Atheists. In my opinion, these are the ones to follow. This is stage one, from the top of my head…and I will be adding more detail and more accounts later. 

Only those over 12,500 followers will be added. Some Youtube atheists, with under 12.5k, that have impressed me (or are my internet friends), will be added.

Happy following! 86.7K followers 42.7K followers 29.9K followers 17.9K followers 26.6K followers 56.2K followers 10.6K followers 10.9K followers 11.8K followers 7,947 followers 17.7K followers 52.8K followers 21.6K followers
And me . I’m at 13.6k followers.

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