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NME Live: Blade Runner 2049 – Release date, cast, trailer, plot and everything we know so far.

NME Live: Blade Runner 2049 – Release date, cast, trailer, plot and everything we know so far.

NME Live: Blade Runner 2049 – Release date, cast, trailer, plot and everything we know so far.

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I’m just being provoative.

Posted: August 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

If you think my words, opinions and beliefs are anything important….they’re not. If you dislike anything antireligious that I’ve said…I’ll probably review the whole thing again next week. Don’t stress it!

My political blogs are also a huge group of rambling thoughts. Pushing the envelope of PC/Leftist thinking from within, as I am a Leftist. There’s no racism/racialism behind this. Just a desire to discuss and be corrected on many topics. If offended, please complain, don’t block me! 

You can actually ignore what I’ve said and move on. It is possible to do that!
*I misspelled provocative, to be provoctive. 

I’m supportive of the trans community. I’ll call them he, she, they, them, xe, xhe or whatever is the description they desire. I’d not ask, impolitely, about their genital status, before an appropriate time. I’d be tactful. I would not “chimp” them or ask “were you a man/woman before?”

I have tried to learn how to talk about and to the trans community. I’ve, regretful entered safe spaces and caused commotion thru’ my lack of knowledge. (Yet how do you learn?) I’ve apologised, only to have a “bye bye “Ally”” comment added by a Cis-phobic transperson.

Nevertheless, on many subjects, this interaction has made me come to the conclusion that the trans community are delusional. They aren’t women, they aren’t men. They are modified men and modified woman. Calling them men and woman, without the trans before each identity, is giving them a false sense of themselves. 

They will not escape the biological binary and factual status of their bodies. Chromosomes are the decideder. Go argue with nature, if you are offended. 

They have a brain that is femanized, yet not actually female (in modified men) and a brain that is masculinized, yet not actually male (in modified women). They can be perpetually offended by this, yet I don’t care. The truth hurts.

 Their sexuality, like all mammals, is on a spectrum. A binary bookended spectrum. Cis male on one side, cis female upon the other. The brain and how that brain formed is the basis for that. Don’t conflate your biological status with your assumed gender.

Biology-in vitro determined. You can only modify it, thr’ surgery.

Sexuality-in vetro determined. 

Gender-how you present yourself is your choice. You want to be called Fiona, after being Frank for forty years and after going thru’ a gender change..okay. Fine by me. Your outward appearance will draw comments. Deal with it. It’s not polite, yet it is there.

The idea that the trans communities can guilt/shame/demand the majority of Cishet people to accommodate their gender agenda without question is foolish.

This blog is due to the recent trans video that claims cishet people are transphobic, unless they agree that modified men(Trans women) with their biologically given genitals are attractive and not to be thought about if we are potentially dating a trans woman.

You just can’t put that aside. If you do not find dicks, to put it bluntly, attractive, then you will not be turned on the modified man possessing them, even if she is an attractive trans woman in all other parts of her body.

I concede that it’s not difficult to overlook physical features that don’t really match your internal desires. A woman with a crooked nose, a bald patch or a scar across the chest, yet a dick is a very hard thing to overlook if your mind is set on having a lover to have a vag!

A case of Thank you, but no thanks!