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Years back, there was big families. Two adults and many children. Many w

free to and worked and cared for their aged parents. Then came the 60s and progressive feminism. No more would women have to have a plethora of children. They weren’t baby making factories. They might even have only one child or no children. Women thought they could have long careers without having large families and still be fulfilled. Over time the population aged with no replacement children to support their parents. So what has to happen? The importation of other people, replacement carers, workers and service personel from countries in which feminism was not as strong and large families are the norm. Many western women now regret not having children sooner and they don’t feel satisfaction in life. Many women, who were once fierce feminists are critical of feminism. They now prefer femininity over feminism. They believe it to be a lie. There are many women who seem to want for the time when clear sex differences were maintained. Hence the rise in Retro-1950’s cosplay and rockabilly glamour sites. Even Goth (Steampunk and mock-vampyr styles) preach femininity. Many of the vocal feminists have probably pushed the ideology too far. Women are now rejecting the very agenda that supposedly fights for their rights!

Many Migrants are from conservative, misogynistic, paternalistic societies with women seem as baby making machines and sex objects. This means that many feminists will have to fight all over again the battles of previous generations. Many feminists are from the intersectional social justice warrior open borders type socialism that welcome these conservative migrants with open arms. Blinkered or what? 

So, is feminism is partly to blame for the migrant crisis?

Governments would rather let in more and more people from other countries, rather than instigate a campaign for more of their own citizens to again have large families!

Because I’m watching the documentary about the Hiroshima atomic bombing. Thought I had seen them before. Had to check. 

Sarakatsani – Wikipedia

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The Far Left often want everyone to adhere to their way of thinking.

The Far Left often want to stop Free Speech.

The Far Left often want to use violence.

BFR (rocket) – Wikipedia

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