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Gender WhatWhat!!

Posted: November 20, 2021 in Uncategorized

On the subject of gender identity and gender critical. 

I find that I’m at odds with both camps.

With the former, I don’t agree that your sexual identity \biological status should limit what you can do, yet I’m also of the opinion about the latter that gender roles are important. 

So, in my mind Trans women are biological men and can’t be biological women and women and men can do each other’s jobs if possible and able, yet I do also think traditional stereotypes and gender roles are important. Women do housework, while the man goes out to do factory work, to support them.

Tad confuddled perhaps…yet you can’t write off many centuries of the way things have been and are being done. 

I like and support the Catholic Traditionalist women who extoll the housewife ethic, supporting husband and children and the cottagecore movement. 

I like and support those who oppose the mantra TWAreW.

I like the idea of the nuclear family.

I’m not so much for radical lesbian feminists who are scathing of all things men.

I believe that the intersectional feminists by insisting that there is no such thing as a fixed female or fixed male brain opened up the possibility that men could be seen as women.The trans ideology is very much a continuation of that chain of thought. Since there is no fixed male or female brain, then men who think they are female can become and be women. They actually brought about the very thing they were fighting against. Male (as Trans women) domination of the female space. 

I’m not so much for some atheist liberals who have pronouns in their bios and are ideological in their trans ally stance. They support the idea of sidelining women and ‘Gendered souls’.

Godless_Mom unfollowed me!

Posted: November 11, 2021 in Uncategorized

“When They Go woke, then they unfollow me!”

I’ve been a long time follower of GM. I’ve liked her content for a long time. I’ve appreciated her following me and her convos and RTs. Over many YEARS! I’ve retweeted her many, many times.


It seems (guessing here)that my criticism of various topics such as the mantra of ‘TWAreW’, the chalk and cheese\seemingly cantankerous discussions with GE_Kaitlyn(Wokeist and cantankerous liberal, wife of Godless_Engineer), my anti pronouns in bio stance and refusal to accept the Woke ‘Gendered Souls’ ideology, is now too much and she’s unfollowed, with no thought to explain why. (I don’t mind pro or con feedback!)

Now, she might have been tidying up.who she follows, as I am doing, yet I don’t think that’s the reason. Even since I took sides with Michael Sherlock (A Blunt and Belligerent Anti-Woke atheist), over the situation that I call the Battle between the Atheist Orgs, I think this has been on the cards.

Bit sad at this, yet…..that’s the way it is.

I’m unfollowing more accounts.

Posted: November 11, 2021 in Uncategorized

The Twitter following purge I’m conducting is going really well. I’m under 2,900 already. I used to follow 17,800 accounts. I follow 2,866.

Why am I unfollowing so many accounts?

Twitter has messed me around. I spent years trying to get to the 18k followers, which was a prediction by Twitter analytics. All was going well till 2016. Then it seems I hit a brickwall. Where previously I’d have numerous followers per week, a positive river of newbies, It quickly went into a trickle. Other accounts have also seen this occur. Atheist accounts that zoomed up to 20k, just juddered to a halt. None could gather the following that they had before. Where previously followers numbers were on a steady climb, it was now going upwards in a slow tentative way.

Twitter obviously crippled many accounts and I was one of them!  Algorithms have seemingly held me back, so I’m no longer doing the follow\followback. I’m dropping my Following list to the bare minimum, to those who followback, reply daily and who could be called “My Regulars” and I’m going to set new strict guidelines for myself. My followers will have to meet my new criterion for me following them and then hopefully, I’ll be only tweeting those ppl. Some interesting bigger accounts that never follow back will be added to Private Twitter Lists.

To be unfollowed:

I’m now unfollowing all those accounts with pronouns he\him, she\her they\them etc You’ve proven yourself captured by woke ideology.

I’m now unfollowing all those accounts with #BLM in their bios.Of course black lives do matter and I support that, I just feel that the Organization BLM is Marxist and anyone supporting them has now bought into the ideology that I’d be no longer happy to support\be interested in following.

I’m done with anyone belonging to American Atheists. Most seem to be woke. I’ll think I’ll only concentrate upon British Atheists.

Any account that supports the organization Stonewall will also be unfollowed. It’s proven to be captured by wokeism.

Any account that’s an avowed nazi\Hitlerite, fascist, communist, (Leninist, Trotskyist), anarchist or neo-Marxist(see above), will be unfollowed. Traditionalists, even Catholic Trads will still be followed. Find them interesting and such a contrast to the wokeists. Certain ruralistic anarchists\Socialist agrarian will be followed still.

Any account that is tweeting 90% pro-Trump, unfollowed. To me He was unfit to be president, so those that love him and still bang on and on and on about him being so great, day in day out, is a bit much.

Any account that is tweeting 90% anti-Trump, I’ll have to unfollow them too. Totally boring now. Move on.

Any account under 250 followers, I’ll definitely unfollow too!

Any account under 1,000 followers, with a few exceptions*, I’ll unfollow.

* The exceptions are my Regulars. Aka People who I interact on a daily basis with or who provide valuable information or insight on the things I tweet about. Anyone over 925 might not be unfollowed as hopefully they will reach 1,000 fairly soon. 

I may unfollow accounts with under 2,500 followers in the future. Depending on how my list looks in January, 2022.

I may at one point start to only follow accounts that have 5,000 followers and above.

Any account that hasn’t tweeted since Jan, 2020…also unfollowed.

This has to be done as I approach the 10th year on Twitter. Anniversary in August\September, I believe. 

New target for following is 2,500. If those I unfollow see this and then unfollow me….I’ll just point out that I am listing you on private Twitter lists, which will mean I see your tweets much more often. Since unfollowing all those accounts, I am now seeing ppl that I haven’t seen for a very long time. Basically, by unfollowing you, I’ll see your tweets!

So don’t unfollow me, unless you’re doing the same, perhaps?

I follow too many channels on YouTube.

I need to bring it under control.


1- old accounts that haven’t uploaded in over 2 years, I’ll unsubscribe from. I’ll list them here if they have anything of use.

2- accounts that have less than 100 subscribers, I’ll unsubscribe. I’ll list them here if they have anything of use.have

The Useful List. Still subscribed.

Forgotten Weapons.


Adoration of the Cross.

The List of the unsubscribed.

I wake up and in the moments between waking up and getting up, I go on Twitter, just to have a looksee on what’s going on and I end up following a thread, which leads me to look at a list of people, who someone in the thread is following, which brings my attention to someone who has blocked me.

@JoshDenny blocked you

it says.

Okay, who the f’ck is Josh Denny and why did he block me? is the question to myself, as this account has a blue Twitter check mark against his name.

So here I am again typing the one way to find out who this moronic person is. All people are moronic, if they’ve blocked me, cos I’m not out to piss anyone off on Twitter, I just ask questions and if those questions cause me to be blocked, it’s YOU that’s the problem, b’cos YOU couldn’t answer them or those questions caused THEM to think outside the box for a moment and THEY didn’t like the relevance or the conclusion!

Most people who block me are either the religious, the far left blue\pink haired woke CRT\Trans Ideology\Censorious PC advocates, namby-pamby illiberal liberals, anti-vaxxers or the occasional white nationalist.

I’m not sure about where Josh Denny is on that, but we will find out.

We type out and let the link go live, avoiding his TwitterBlock and look at the evidence from his tweets to see what he is about.

So, update

He’s an anti-vax comedian that thinks covid is “just lingering flu” . He’s Not As funny as he thinks he is and for someone who obviously wants more retweets, it’s a bit puzzling why he’s blocked me. I’d give him the time of day for retweeting his views, (just for people to rip him a new one, I guess.)

Conclusion -Still don’t really know\care who he is and it’s no loss to me that he’s blocked me. 

Compare and contrast. 

Posted: May 13, 2021 in Uncategorized

Here’s the famous Disappearing Palestinian territory map.

Now where is the contrast?

There is none, yet there are good replies to it:

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

A new meme will point out that Israel has suffered longer.

The disappearance of Judea\Israel.

It’s a new meme to show Israel disappeared too! 

What was feminism about?

It was about elevating women to the level of men. It was about the rightful acquisition of rights that men enjoyed. It was about gaining choices and opportunities for women.

All very laudable things to acheive. 

They insisted that there was no difference between men and women. That their brains held no differences and that gender stereotypes were very harmful and that women could do male things. They argued for this to be in law and applied in society.

So when they got all this into law it must have been a great day

….and then men (as transwomen) started taking over the feminist discourse and entered previously female-only spaces, since the end game of all this should allow that to happen. [Logically -If women can do what men do, then men can do what women do!] were these feminists shouting that they have finally achieved their aims?

It doesn’t seem so! They are actually fuming about it! 

They’ve even caused a civil war in feminism!

There are Trans friendly feminists fighting with sex-based rights feminists!

Men,as Trans women are now said to be better at being a woman than actual women! 

and so these feminists in the forefront of that cause for equality are now saying, “but but but You’re Men in our spaces! You can’t do this!”

But they can! You’ve campaigned for equality! You’ve campaigned for equal rights in all areas.

 and tho’ you didn’t expect it….youve undermined your own cause!

You didn’t think that would be the outcome, yet it is exactly that!

and what of the men they once opposed, many are now trans women that just flutter their eyelashes, click their heels

And reply “Equality ladies….This is what you wanted…..this is what you’ve got!” 

Own it girlfriend! 😀

Devils advocate blog. 

Do definitions matter?

Posted: May 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

Do definitions matter? 

I’m sure you’d say- Yes.

Do you know what Apple means? Yes.

Do you know what Orange means? Yes. Okay.

So, if I send you out to the shop to buy only 6 apples and you are given by the Shopkeeper a bag of 2 apples, 2 oranges and 2 oranges, with their skins wrapped with Apple skins, would you buy them? 

No.. You’d ask…where are the other four apples?  This is because you know what an Apple is, due to knowledge of the definitions.

If the shopkeeper said that apples now includes oranges, what would you say? 

You’d tell them that they were wrong. No amount of twisting would get you to accept that an Apple is also an Orange or that an Orange is an Apple.

Yet why do we allow people to say Trans women are women? 

The prefix shows us that they aren’t women. In the sentence that is used to say they are women is the very prefix that tells you that they aren’t! They are like women, almost women-like, neo-women and similar to women, yet not Women.

Woman is Adult. Human. Female. A biological reality. 

Trans women are Trans women makes more sense. I, as a devil’s advocate, have made a case for trans women to be trans women. Trans liberation is for them to be seen and accepted as Trans. 

Trans women activists think trans liberation is met by vanishing trans within woman. It’s erasure by other kinds of wordplay.

Many people think they are wrong! 

My Krissy Powers account.X

The Only Official Facebook Account of Kris Powers.✔

This is the only Official Kris Powers Facebook account. The other one has sadly been disabled by Facebook* (or compromised). Anything on that account, posted after April 8th, 2021, if it returns and starts to post, hasn’t been posted by me. Efforts are being made to revive/restore the account, yet it will hopefully remain blank until that time. For verification of this, please see my WordPress blog (Here)which you can see via Social media, it will have these same words. The associated accountcount email and recovery numbers are now obsolete /deleted, so there’s little chance of recovery. As I was not very active these past years, I’m glad, in a way, that I’ve got the chance to start again. I won’t be following or putting friend requests to as many as before or joining closed atheist groups. If you do notice my presence gone from your friends list, please contact me via Twitter. Only those I follow will be accepted.

*Facebook has made me change previously from Krizzy Powers.his

My bloated old account has gone. Viva the new slimline one. 

The Only Official Facebook Account of Kris Powers. 

My name is not Atheistpower.

Posted: April 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

Anyone that gets my account knows it’s not This. It’s
At The First Power. @ the 1st P🌞wer. (The Sun is our first power.)
Theists often get caught out by it…..but just had my first genius rationalist get caught by it. 

What a laugh!!!