Gender WhatWhat!!

Posted: November 20, 2021 in Uncategorized

On the subject of gender identity and gender critical. 

I find that I’m at odds with both camps.

With the former, I don’t agree that your sexual identity \biological status should limit what you can do, yet I’m also of the opinion about the latter that gender roles are important. 

So, in my mind Trans women are biological men and can’t be biological women and women and men can do each other’s jobs if possible and able, yet I do also think traditional stereotypes and gender roles are important. Women do housework, while the man goes out to do factory work, to support them.

Tad confuddled perhaps…yet you can’t write off many centuries of the way things have been and are being done. 

I like and support the Catholic Traditionalist women who extoll the housewife ethic, supporting husband and children and the cottagecore movement. 

I like and support those who oppose the mantra TWAreW.

I like the idea of the nuclear family.

I’m not so much for radical lesbian feminists who are scathing of all things men.

I believe that the intersectional feminists by insisting that there is no such thing as a fixed female or fixed male brain opened up the possibility that men could be seen as women.The trans ideology is very much a continuation of that chain of thought. Since there is no fixed male or female brain, then men who think they are female can become and be women. They actually brought about the very thing they were fighting against. Male (as Trans women) domination of the female space. 

I’m not so much for some atheist liberals who have pronouns in their bios and are ideological in their trans ally stance. They support the idea of sidelining women and ‘Gendered souls’.

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