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Civil War in Pembrokeshire, 1643-4

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Royal Family Tree | Britroyals

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I’m opposed to SWERFs.

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What is a SWERF?

They are Sex Worker Exclusive Radical Feminists. They oppose prostitution and the clients(both men and women) who buy the women’s bodies and their time. They are also opposed to pornography.

Why am I opposed to them?

While agreeing that there are vulnerable women(& men) in prostitution, who should be helped.. I also believe women should have a choice to do it. I’m non judgemental and not puritanical.

Isnt prostitution and pornography bad things?

Yes and no. Just like drink, marijuana and driving.I

A true feminist is one that supports and expresses female choice. A sex working woman is expressing that choice. And yes, I am aware that many have no choice. I’m specifically talking about the escorts that are free to do what they wish with their bodies, with no traffickers or pimps controlling them!