Refugee or migrant?

Posted: October 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

If you are bombed out of your house in Syria and flee….you’re a War Refugee. If you are a Kurd from Syria (#Rojava) and go to Turkey and face discrimination and leave to go to Greece….you’re still a refugee.

If you live in a dirt poor village in Somalia and leave voluntarily…. you’re an economic migrant. If you cross seven borders to get to the UK…you are an illegal economic migrant. You should be sent back. You broke the law. You should be given support.

In my opinion, you cease being a war refugee,if you go to the next country from the safe country you are currently in.


You leave Syria (as there’s a war there) You cross the border and as there are no guards stationed on the Syrian side, cross illegally into Turkey. If you have relatives in Britain, for example, and they are supportive and say they want to help you. You should now apply in Turkey for travel permits to go into Greece, then Bulgaria, then Hungary…and so on, till you get to Britain. This is the proper way.

There should be support for Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece to keep refugees in those countries. 

What you shouldn’t do, is just leave Turkey and trek to Calais as an border crossing refugee. This is not the proper way. In fact its against the law. You are doing it illegally and you should be sent back to your point of first entry.(Turkey)
Try again.Do it correctly next time! 

(This is a roughly thought) 

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