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The Right Wing are always banging on about Sharia Law and how it’s coming to the West! Caliphates will arise in the ghettos of Muslims. Courts will silence criticism about Muhammad and so on and on.. 

Here is a solution. They should allow the Left Wing to be as progressive as possible, to have a free hand in shaping the future. To have as many gender fluid, queer and transgender people, to allow cannabis legalization, to allow prostitutes to legally have brothels and homosexual couples adopt. This will so radically change society into a free society that any contemplation to make things strict again thru’ religious theocracy will fail epically. The only snag is that while the Right Wing do not want Islamic moral codes in society , they want to impose their own restricted society……

Well, something has got to give …..You either have a trend towards Sharia Law based on Middle Eastern Islam or a radical ultra progressive Western society ….what do you choose?

I think if humans agreed on one connecting symbol, we may have a better world. And what better symbol is the Sun.

You could still have all the mumbo-jumbo and places of worship and Holy books, just switch the name of god to The Sun.

Solarism and Asatruism.

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Asatruism is to Solarism as Judaism is to Christianity. It provides a bedrock to Solarism. It provides a framework on which the successor idea can expand upon.

Asatruism provides

  1. The seasonal year of rituals for Solarism.
  2. The codes of ethics and morals. The 9 Nobel virtues.
  3. Symbolism in regards to nature and it’s power.
  4. Clothing, without the need for the runic characters.
  5. The usage of blöts (Sabbats) for veneration of the Sun.

        1- The seasonal year (northern hemisphere) is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. These seasons are marked by various ritual days and events. Solarism is agrarian based and Pagan, as are many of the traditional rituals of the seasons, so it follows that Solarism has the same rituals, albeit towards the veneration of the Sun and appreciation of the Earth, rather than to any gods. Solarism follows the Wheel of the Year. This is acknowledging that it is a modern syncretic wheel. To be closer to ancient communities it would only involve four main celebrations. The neopagan movement has preservationists and revivalists that only observe four. For a narrative, the yearly battle of the Holly king and the Oak king can be used.(Essentially a Yin\Yang light and dark, waxing and waning duality). Representations of The Green Man (& Green woman) can be used. Foliated heads, disgorging vegetation is the most common. 

        The Wheel of the Year.

        Yule 20-23 December. The most important. Stonehenge and Newgrange are aligned to Midwinter. Feasting, tree decorating and gift giving.Bringing in evergreenery, such as holly, ivy, mistletoe and pine.

        Imbolc 2 February. First stirring of Spring. Purification and clearing out.

        Ostara 19-22 March. Vernal Equinox.Ēostre. Egg giving and Sun veneration.

        Beltane 1 May. Festival of flowers. Maypole dancing. Walpurgisnacht. Light and fertility.

        Litha 19-23 June. Midsummer. Part of the Four Solar holidays. (Veneration of the moon is also.important. As is the appreciation of the Earths fertility) The Sun shines longest.

        Lughnasadh 1 August. Lammas. Harvest festival. Bread giving.Thanksgiving for grain and bread.

        Mabon 21-24 September. Harvest festival. Agrarian based traditions. Farm market days.

        Samhain 1 November. Day of the ancestors. Day of the dead. Paying respect. Dark and the departed.

        Additional dates such as Days of Remembrance, 11th November, can be added. Yggdrasil day is 22nd April.(Veneration Day of the World).

        The eight armed Sun cross (or Wheel) can be used for representation.

        2. The Codes of Ethics.

        Solarism follows the Nine Noble virtues of:

        Courage, Truth, Honour, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self reliance,  industriousness and Perseverance.

        These have been gathered from various sources such as the Poettic Edda, Hávamál and Sagas of the Icelanders. See Njord Kane.

        3. Symbolism. Sól or Sunna. Nordic narratives about the Sun can be used in story telling and representations. The Sun here may represent an older proto indo-european cultures story, which has been handed down. Look at Sanskrit, Lithuanian and Slavic influences. Linguistic connections hint that the Sun was seen as the most powerful source for a deity. The Sun is older than any religion after all.

        We are all @ the 1st p🌞wer.

        4. The Asatru clothing. Traditional North European dress is the formal dress code. 

        5. The Blót. Communal feasting at the times of the Equinoxes and Solstices. (Small bit of info- The Big Dipper(The Plough) moves around the North Star at these times. Possibly where the ancestors got the idea for the swastika.) Veneration of the Sun is the focus of such gatherings.

        6. The Sun Temple or repurposed Church \Chapel. Strip out all the previous adornments and create a single table. Stained glass windows to have the Sun over landscapes or seascapes and nature. Stonehenge is the central Temple. 

        In conclusion, Solarism is a thread of ideas that breaks from Asatruism where they value gods and Solarism does not. There are no gods. There is the Sun. Solarism is the belief of a rational asatru heretic that only takes the narratives about the 1st Power as sacred and valuable. Humans have a need to mark the passing of time and this was not lost on those who farmed the land. They needed seasonal information in order to plant seeds, harvest the food and prepare for winter. Since Solarism is the veneration of the Sun, it is also in line with many thoughts of agrarianism.

        It is about Heritage, Home and Horticulture.
        Other religions and their influence on Solarism.

        1. Confucianism and Solarism.

        2. Jainism and Solarism.

        3. Buddhism and Solarism.

        4. Taoism and Solarism.

        What is Eco-Agrarianism and Neo-Traditionalism?

        1. Ecology. Concern for nature.
        2. Communalism.
        3. Non ideological agricultural social-ism.
        4. Self sufficiency.
        5. Confederation. Localism. Regionalism. 
        6. Small government
        7. Allotments and eco-urbanism.
        8. Ending the use of plastics and going back to wood and steel.
        9. Binary genders (with gender neutral as the term for others)
        10. Common sense values
        11. Returning to Pagan roots. Solarism or Asatruism.
        12. Holistic Urbanism and traditional architecture.

          Neo-Traditionalism in this context is not of the Catholic, High Toryism kind. While Neo-Traditionalism does take its lead from many conservative ideas, it does add a centrist or even non-Marxist socialism to it.

          For example – where Conservative Traditionalist would have marriage as being between ONLY a man and a woman, Neo-Traditionalism does support the institution of marriage between same sexes. It is the institution that matters, not the people who participates. Neo-Traditionalism moves with the times rather than sits down and stubbornly refuses to move from a supposed ‘Golden Age’. Neo-Traditionalism is Progressive Reform. It is not regressive or ultra progressives*, it is a gradual, rationally considered & evolving ideology, that tries to bring along the majority in a utilitarianist method. 


          Footnote. This can be considered a sub blog about What has gone wrong with the Left

          *Ultra Progressives. These are those who advocate dramatic shifts in thinking and societal change that the bulk of the population doesn’t want to do ASAP. Ultra Progressives have an agenda of

          1. No borders.

          2. Welcoming of the world into regions that cannot support infrastructure breaking mass immigration.

          3. Seeing racism, cultural.appropriation and oppression in ALL things.

          4. Refugees welcome and Illegal economic migrants welcome, with zero documentation.

          5. Breaking of traditions that have evolved with society, yet do not meet with their fast paced more openness, more freedom, more equality, more more more thinking. 

          6. Smashing the patriarchy, even when there’s no patriarchy to break.

          7. Vanguard feminism and transgender activism that does not consider the consequences of such activism. 

          8. Smashing nazis, even though ‘Nazis’ covers almost anyone to the Right of Marx….(& even Marx is a suspect of a person who has misogyny and white privilege!)

          9. Socialist or communist economies. Even though these have repeatedly failed. 

          10. Advancing Equality of Outcome, rather than Equality of opportunity nartitives.The

          11. No longer focussing 0n the gay, lesbian or bisexual part of GLBTQAI++.

          12. Iconoclast revolution that’s ignorant of history. 

          Oh dear…..I thought she was unique. A rebel, a feminist icon, a human rights defender and a champion of free speech…

          Just another NPC! 😦