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Posted: October 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

The Right Wing are always banging on about Sharia Law and how it’s coming to the West! Caliphates will arise in the ghettos of Muslims. Courts will silence criticism about Muhammad and so on and on.. 

Here is a solution. They should allow the Left Wing to be as progressive as possible, to have a free hand in shaping the future. To have as many gender fluid, queer and transgender people, to allow cannabis legalization, to allow prostitutes to legally have brothels and homosexual couples adopt. This will so radically change society into a free society that any contemplation to make things strict again thru’ religious theocracy will fail epically. The only snag is that while the Right Wing do not want Islamic moral codes in society , they want to impose their own restricted society……

Well, something has got to give …..You either have a trend towards Sharia Law based on Middle Eastern Islam or a radical ultra progressive Western society ….what do you choose?