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Randolph Carter – Wikipedia

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When I wake up in a weekend and pick up my tablet or phone, I will go into Township. It’s a good little micro management app game, yet can be very repetitive. I’ll finish the tasks, then I’ll go to Instagram and look through for about 15-20 minutes, then I’ll go to Pinterest and I’ll pin for about 10 minutes some of the more interesting pictures I find, then i’ll go to WordPress to see how many people have read my blogs and where they are from(Not many and usually from USA or UK.) That takes up a few minutes. I might edit a blog, but This is getting less frequent. Then to Facebook, albeit very briefly. Probably about 5 to 15 minutes. Maybe a bit longer if there’s a funny video, then to Parler, to about the same degree. Not much goes on there and I’ll like\upvote a few things and be done in 15 minutes. Rarely I’ll go into Tumblr and if I do it’ll be only to look at Sci-fi art and classic paintings and after that I may tap into Minds. This is quite rare, as that site seems a deadend. I’m not on Bitchute, Tik-Tock or Snapchat. I’ll then go through the list of YouTube videos. That takes a bit of time. There’s a list on WordPress that I’ve made about what I look at. I just go to subscription part and pick 2-3 short videos. Then to Twitter. This in the years 20122018 would take up a big chunk of my time, yet in 20192020, I’ve dramatically decreased my presence.

About Twitter:

When you have 15.1k followers like me, you’d think you’d be busy with retweets, comments, questions, quote comments and answers. Just stuff you think you can or should reply to. You’d be creating tweets on news items and you would have many interactions. You’d be constantly Tweeting  Atheist memes and replying to creationists. You’d be there for hours(or i was) furiously tapping away and full of rationalist zeal.It used to be like that for me everyday. I’d get lots of followers per day. 20-30 sometimes. What happens now, is that I’ll retweet a bunch of things and get barely 6 replies! It will be nothing like what it was, that’s for sure! Twitter has ruined Twittering for me. It’s the algorithms. It’s maybe who I’m following (not endorsing, just folkowing) or what I have tweeted about (Mainly Atheism in the past, incl. Anti-wokeism and Gender criticism). Whatever it is, I’ve just found that the connectivity has gone. I’ve also lost the desire to tweet about atheism as much. I find that I’m just retweeting other people’s thoughts and opinions. (Some I agree with, others that I do not.). Which would be okay, if I got lots of reaction and replies. Since this is not happening, it’s very boring. 

I’ve noticed that the accounts I retweeted very frequently barely acknowledge me now. I’ve not even got any direct messages asking how I am or what’s going on? There’s very few Retweets on MY tweets! All those times they had a How’s Things? tweet from me are long gone. One way traffic. Why keep doing it if you’re the only one making any effort? Fuck that! 

No gratitude!

Whereas I’ve been concerned about them when I notice a big decrease on their tweets and their previously vibrant, popular and busy  account seem deserted. I’ve taken an interest in them. I treated them like friends. I’ve had nothing like that reciprocated. As I said above, It seems all one-way traffic. All for them.

I feel sorry for new atheist followers to my account…..There’s not much future in it. I used to followback any and all atheists, just for being atheist, yet I can not do that now. There’s no atheist community. Just lots of communities who happen to be atheist!

And they end up bickering! 

So….I’m done with all that. I’ve unfollowed thousands! I went from following 17.8k to 5,000. They won’t have a Twitter reach just that little bit further now. There’s now only about 170 accounts that I’ll give my time to. A few big players are there, yet after retweeting them and a quote tweeting a few funny, interesting or supportive tweets…there’s not much on Twitter to do. The subjects at still good, yet what can I add to them? Nothing. I also don’t want to be the fluff up guy. Constantly giving compliments. I’m not into sycophant behaviors. Other people say it better or give opinions that I’d struggle to even ponder upon or formulate in a concise way.

On Twitter it seems many of my favorite Atheists are at loggerheads,(over “bad” words or Trump) so I’m staying out of it. If you take sides, you get blocked. I do not want that, as I’ve been following for years. I’m also done with the Atheist circlejerking as well. You want to share atheist memes, then why not link to a Pinterest board with 20,000 memes upon it and you’re done with one tweet?!!

So what’s left? Birdwatching and bird photography. Cats of Twitter. Science. Weather reports. Netflix info and new films. It’s okay, raises a few levels of curiosity….yet I can look that up anyway on other places.

“Well, what about Arguing with theists?” you say?  No. No longer interested. Plus, there’s no point. In all my years in Twitter doing this, I don’t think I’ve changed anyone’s mind about their god. They have excuses and rationalizations a-plenty. Waste of time. All the others like Flat-Earthers, Anti vaxxers and Creationists are also the same.

Twitter is boring! The celebrity circles are boring. Biden vs Trump is boring. News the Tories messing up handling the coronavirus pandemic is boring. All true, yet boring. Labour party, Lib Dems and Greens and their views upon things are boring. Brexit is boring! Remainers are boring. News about illegal migration is boring. All of it…..Boring! Boring! Boring!

I’m bored with it in real life and therefore, Tweeting about such things has got very little draw and appeal for me. I’m jaded. I’m not making any impact. It’s all feeling of  I’m spintered off into my own subsection. Broken away. I’m no longer an atheist advocate. 

I’m not a joiner of things and the Atheist Organizations seen to be on a drive to recruit. They oppose giving church tithes and they talk of mindless believers, yet in the same breath….they will ask for recruits and money???

It’s all a waste of time! I like the Atheist street epistemology community and that’s about it.

After I go through Twitter, I’m basically done. 

So I then go back to Township, Instagram and Youtube. It’s become a very slow cycle. 

I mostly go through photos and listen to classical music and watch interesting things. I’m not so much the newshound either. I won’t chase up on stories, reports and articles. I’m interested in Grow Your Own gardening, Lovecraft, Skyrim (again) and Traditionalism. Traditionalism in Art and architecture, not so much societal, though it must be said the rhetoric and Ultra progressive agenda of the Far left and illiberal regressive liberals are making me look for commentary on this side of things. The Far left are becoming The very people they say they oppose! They are Racist(towards white males), violent (Antifa), sexist (towards biological women) and censorious (demanding ppl to adhere\pay lip service to their views or be cancelled). 

Toxic atmosphere all around!

With all this happening, the drive to do things on Social Media is no longer there! In the past, i’d spend hours on Twitter, right now, I can barely get to half an hour or 50 minutes (Last time I stayed for a while, I checked the time!) Overall, social media takes up an hour, maybe 2, throughout the entire day. Looking back, I could have spent the time on reading more books! 

Have I lost direction? Should I do podcasts or YouTube videos? It might get the spice, the West for creativity back?

The answer is No.

I’ve thought about it, but again I reject it as I think other people are being much better at it than I and I don’t have any desire to push myself out on visual social media. I’m a minnow on Twitter and that’s what I’d be on podcasting or YouTube. Whatever the subject, most of my thinking comes from others that I agree with. How can I say it any differently to the original? I can’t. I’m no plagarist either. 

I also want to get out more. Biking and hiking. Social media turns you into a couch potato. I’ll keep up to a certain level of activity, but I’m done.

So that’s it. That’s my social media lifestyle.

Grinding slowly to a slow trudge. 

National-anarchism – Wikipedia

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I’m not a Nationalist or an anarchist. I’m just reading about it. 

I’ve written about 50 blogs about being blocked. That’s a good total I think. Onwards to 100, I say!

Yup, when I go on Twitter, I usually find at least one account that has blocked me!

Who is it now? (was previously ThaWooperNation)

Nope, no idea!

When and why did they block you?

Again no idea on the when. As to the why, I’m thinking it’s because I’m not a nationalist or ethnonationalist and I’m an atheist! 

(Update, after looking via WordPress link)

A US nationalist and thinks the Titanic was deliberately sunk, so the Federal Bank could be created! 

Conclusion. No loss. 


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