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Peter Boghossian – Jesus, The Easter Bunny and Other Delusions: Just Say…:

Maximize your true beliefs , eradicate as many as your false ones as you can .


Pledge to be a Gun Sense Voter

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Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223:

Differences between Marxism and Liberalism .



Democratic, socialist ,secular #Kurdistan




Britain First’s App Has Been Withdrawn And This Is What You’re Missing Out On –

I’ve heard that BF is run by a Christian \ group of Christians.

Other news – N.Griffin has started a new group called British Unity . I believe he is a Christian .

Britain’s heyday of Right wing groups ( 70s ,early 80s ) is far , far behind us . Splinter groups from Splinter groups .

I’m an atheist and liberal in my views , so I would not follow them . I am however for Free Speech , so they can believe what they believe .

Solar deity

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A question that I asked myself as a child ” If all the Bibles and Holy books disappeared , what would happen to the planet ? …..nothing , I concluded .What if the Sun disappeared , what would happen to the planet ? …..The destruction of the planet ….
So , which was the most important – the bible or the Sun ? ”

This was my early age logic .