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Look at this… 👀

Posted: December 27, 2020 in Uncategorized

Look at this… 👀

Yet another blog about people who have blocked me in Twitter even tho I do not recall ever talking to them! 

Who is it this time?

It’s and I’ve no idea which Adam Brooks it is!!

It could be an English tweeter


It could be Adam Brooks aka Adam Brooks aka Adam Wilmot who is an Australian professional wrestler! He’s a perennial main eventer in Australia….

and I’ve never heard of either of them. Why they’ve blocked me is a complete puzzler?

So let’s find out which one it is!


It’s the English one! 

A publican! Why? I like pubs! 

And still no idea why I’ve been blocked! 

It’s probably to do with religion, or politics or gender issues. 
Who gives a xxxx! No loss to me!

What a wuss!
Praise be to Sol.