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Oh dear…..what a mess! 

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The people that want to push this are….well…foolish to say the least.

In the comments people talking sense.

 “….  But not this!”


Here we go again…I was blocked for expressing my opinion. Just one opinion means YOU ARE THE DEVIL! I CAN NOT SPEAK TO YOU! FOUL BEAST, YOU MUST DEPART!

On one opinion, I am so judged by these people. There are easily triggered stupid flucking idiots! These are the people, the adults, that if you say something you don’t like, will scream and scream as a form of silencing you in a non-physical way. Facts, don’t care about your feelings! Woke intersectional feminist trans ally ultra progressivism in action! 

Who blocked you?

New account. 242 following. 32 follows. And already blocking ……pathetic! 

Here’s the block.

Why did they block you?

I tweeted about something, then I had a reply, I replied and they apparently sent a reply and blocked me at the same time. About Jk Rowling and conversion therapy for Trans.

All I did was comment that someone had already blocked me. They just dived in. 

Nothing at first.

Then they sent this.

What was that to do with me?

Just because I’ve tweeted about JK Rowling, doesn’t mean I agree with everything she says! Anyway, I untagged GSpellchecker. And I responded.

They sent another tweet when I was away from the phone. They didn’t tell me why they joined in the convo or the link to 221Bcrow. They didn’t even give me a chance to point out that when I said “IN MANY CASES“, it didn’t necessarily mean in this particular case! IN any case, Jk Rowling is not Transphobic for saying women are a biological sex and they should not be merely called “menstruators”! 

And then sent this and blocked me! If she voted against a bill that would outlaw it, (outlaw conversion therapy) I think that’s a good idea. If children aren’t capable of voting, etc then they can’t be responsible to make life changing decisions that could have them on drugs and constant surgery for their entire lifetime. 

Update.(after i take a peek via WordPress.)

I think they didn’t realize my level of support for Jk Rowling and didn’t like my reply, but how does this translate to blocking me? We could have agreed on many other things! There was no effort to debate or to switch subjects…..These people are ideological purists. If you fail to agree with one thing, that’s it ….blocked! They are intolerant, inflexible idiots. 

Conclusion. *shrugs shoulders. No loss. 

I’ve experienced a bit of a drop in my following today*. I’ve noticed it go down steadily from a total of 15,318 (last time I looked!) to 15,297 followers.(*Monday, 29th June, 2020). I will do regular Updates to show this decrease by taking away the new total from 15,318. I’m sure that I’m placed under an algorithm that limits my reach and ability to gain followers. Twitter has deleted some accounts, that may have been following me, yet to decrease so much in roughly 2 weeks is excessive!

Update 1.– gone back up to 15,301. Tuesday, 30th June, 2020. +4

Update 2.– gone down to 15,288. Wednesday, 1st July, 2020. -30

Update 3.– gone down to 15,281. Thursday, 2nd July, 2020. -37

Update 4.– gone down to 15,278. Friday, 3rd July, 2020. -40

Update 5.- gone down to 15,260. Monday, 6th July, 2020. -58.

Update 6.- gone down to 15,217. Friday, 17th July, 2020. -101.

Update 7.- gone down to 15,115. Friday, 4th September, 2020. -203.

Now, I have been conducting my Twitter purge, which is the unfollowing of all the accounts that have stopped tweeting around the December 2018\January 2019 mark. Also, I’m unfollowing any atheists  accounts that are purely about Trump Trump Trump …..and no longer about atheism. So, I do expect some decrease as the followback crowd unfollows me. I also expected that some people, who are dead set against Parler, on seeing me say that I have joined…. that they will also unfollow. I also expected that some people will unfollow because I tweeted about JK Rowling. Only natural, if they don’t agree. I also think Twitter has culled some dead accounts, so this also adds to the decrease. Maybe some atheists have unfollowed, due to other loyalties. A few may have been recent followers, yet have tired of my Retweeting. Fair enough. 

Yet, I do think that Twitter is manipulating accounts and censoring what other accounts can see. There may be deliberate unfollowed done, not by those accounts, but by Twitter. This is known as deboosting.

So, am I bothered? No.

There was a time that I tried to get a big following and followed any atheist going, yet since Twitter has put me in the doldrums, that avenue is firmly shut. I’m not going to get to 20,000. I’m not going to get to 18,800, which was my last 2016, projected audience figure by Twitter analytics. I doubt it I’ll get to 16,200 followers, which was my peak. It’s possible I may not even return back to 15,300!!

Big deal! Whatever

The ones that stay are the ones I value and appreciate the most. Thank you.

If they are leaving because I seen to have changed my views on some things….fine. Not bothered.

If they are leaving because they no longer see as many Atheist memes being tweeted….fine. Not bothered. They can find thousands on Pinterest.

I won’t be mean and say “There’s the trash taking itself out the house!” either, ‘ cos it won’t be true. I’d rather say “Thanks for following as long as you did. Much appreciated.” 

 If I go down further…to being followed by say 14,984 followers. I do not mind one bit. Finally takes the pressure away and I might find I get a more authentic audience participation.

As I’m decreasing my list of who I’m following**, I’m getting most likely getting unfollowed by the active accounts.

Well now…that just saves me the time of doing it myself! 

Bye bye, y’all.
**5,273 as of 2nd July, 2020. I was following 17,800. That’s a 12,527 decrease! I unfollowed 99 accounts.

**5,181 as of 3rd July, 2020. I was following 17,800. That’s a 12,619 decrease! I unfollowed 92 accounts.

**5,034 as of 6th July, 2020. I was following 17,800. That’s a 12,766 decrease. I unfollowed 147 accounts.

**5,024 as of 17th July, 2020. I was following 17,800. That’s a 12,776 decrease. I have not really unfollowed anyone. This decrease of 10 has been via Twitters doing or accounts leaving and blocking me. 249 accounts have gone on 15 days. So I could be down to following 4,775 by 1st\2nd of August![Prediction]

** 4,993 as of 4th September, 2020. I was following 17,800. That’s a 12,807 decrease. I have not really unfollowed anyone. This decrease of 31 has been Twitters doing or accounts leaving and\or blocking me. My above prediction was incorrect. Im thinking that  with summer, there was more ppl on Twitter that offset my losses and maybe Twitter has now stopped deletingtoxicaccounts. [I’m still intending to purge out more accounts and get down to following about 4,500.]

More and more commonly do you see the words, Rational Femininity, New FemininityTradWife, Restore Masculinity, Reject ModernityTraditional values and European Heritage

Are these just buzzwords of the neo-Traditionalists? Are they musings of Classical liberals? The Secret thoughts of libertarian Trads, Right of centre conservatives or are they full blown dogwhistles for Ethno-nationalists, white nationalists, conservative Trad-Catholics, Anti-feminists and those opposed to ultra progressivism?

There are All of those things. It’s a sign of the times. People are quite clearly fed up of all this chaos, disruption and kowtowing to iconoclastic mobs! There seems to be no backbone to our politicians. The Right may have the levers of power in many countries, yet the neo-Marxists have the universities and the social media. This is not an endorsement of the nasty views of many of the above, yet it’s becoming clear that many institutions are under attack. There is a division in the heart of many nations and agreement across the political spectrum. This is slightly worrying in many cases, yet it is a reaction to the ultra progressivism and iconoclastic mobs, who are reuniting racial divisions and claiming to speak for all BAME communities, when they don’t! Their claims that they are speaking for all black people, for instance, is a lie. It is actually racist to see one community as a homogenous bloc.

This division creation is a headong dash for a clash. People are bombarded with newthink, newspeak and a jumble of initializing to get to grips with. It’s bewildering to many. People without anchorage are going to solid ground. Women disenchanted with Marxist, intersectional feminism are going to Rational femininity & Trad wife sites to feel again secure and get away from the very vocal, man-hating, family-breaking ideological nonsense.

Women are often the first to say that they don’t like male feminists. They find them creepy that they agree with them all the time. They want to go back to gender roles. Gentlemanly and chivalrous ways are seen as better than simpish equality. Even the word Trad Wife can be seen as restrictive as it makes the woman, who loves to bake, clean and care for her household, seem an antiquated thing, when actually all what she does is normal and in the now. It is however a useful hook to hang a movements identity upon. 

You see plenty of people complaining about modern life including the commercialism of things, corporate capitalism everywhere, 24\7 365 day news cycles that can’t be trusted, give out read one to be depressed, stress and anxious, the over reliance on technology, the loss of crafts, massive plastic pollution etc. Modernity has benefits, yet terrible consequences. 

Also, with race becoming a topic of discussion, mainly driven by so called ‘Anti-racists”, who are often the most racist, people of European origins are feeling pressured. This is not good, yet it it slowly becoming clear…that’s where things are going. We were at a point where things were improving. Race relations were becoming much more frictionless. Yet there’s a sustained redressing on all things deemed white! This makes people think. They obviously can’t identify as white because that’s immediately seen as a racist thing to do, so caught by that, yet not wanting to give up all western civilization to iconoclastic mobs, they have to call themselves something or put themselves under some banner. European Heritage seems to be that banner.

It’s not racist, yet it is specific.

It’s not sexist, as it encompasses European Human Rights.

It’s not pro-Slavery, as it acknowledges history.

It’s not fascist, because it defends free speech and democracy. 

It’s not Nazi, as it sees those 12 years as absolutely ruinous to the people’s of Europe (Except Sweden and Switzerland!)

If asked, what are you….I think i’d say I’m supportive of european values. I’d say that I value my heritage! I’m very interested in my origins. Is this red-pilling? I don’t know. I don’t think I’m being guided or coerced. It seems a very rational path compared to the Out with the Old, In with the Untested New of the neo-Red Guards. They are the heralds of 1984 and Animal Farm. Their Brave New World has no place for traditional things and that’s a recipe for New Terrors! 

Therefore, these terms will become more mainstream. The constant ppressure from the Ultra Progressivist advocates make this a certainty. The will be pushback! 

It may seem reactionary….yet when explained in detail, drawing attention to the reasons why it’s happening, i.e. what western civilization has been and can be, and the demands of the mobs ultimately are, I think most people would be pro-European Heritage!

This seemingly reactionary movement is actually falsely called. It’s not reactionary, if it’s against strident, destructive, increasingly deranged demands. Counter revolutionary is more what it is! The desire to go back to a slow thought out rise and restoration of consensus based progressive thinking. the
Counter-revolutionaries of the world, Unite!

(Photo credit: Andrew Doyle\unknown)

He’s a good to follow account. Recommended. 

A break down of a tweet.

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Do you know how you can tell if you have a good tweet on Twitter?

Someone might say “Check your impressions!”

& I’d respond with…. Hahaha haha haha hahaha hahaha *stops for breath hahahahahahahahahaha haha hahaha and laugh right in their face! 

You are kidding right? 

This below is my most successful tweet of 2020. It got 16,058 impressions. That’s not bad is it? Well, I don’t know….cos if that means 16,058 saw my tweet, how in the strange workings of the mind can only a paltry 1,533 engagements come from it? 

Look at the figures! Sixteen thousand and fifty eight people saw this tweet, YET only one thousand, five hundred and thirty three interacted with it? 




8 replies from 16,058


.049% replies. That’s the rough estimate of how many replies you will get.

9.5% engagements. That’s the rough estimate of how many engagements you will get.


This is my picture. Peter Egan liked it! It was a mock up of them together on Ever Decreasing Circles, with Ricky Gervais replacing The Late Great Richard Briers. I’ve seen tweets from smaller accounts get 150 Retweets and 570 likes for less than this! You’ve seen it too! My tweets fade at around 250-350 impressions mark. Twitter algorithms have easily quartered the amount of feedback that I could potentially get.

I’m a 15.3k followed account and I’m getting less than an account with only half that! It’s wrong! 

No boasting or blowing of my trumpet, this tweet deserved far more than this! A celebration of a good show with the cast. It should have reached 48,000 impressions! 

Even if nothing had changed except that impressions total.

That would have given 4,560 engagements.

That would have given 23 replies.

Do you not see how much better that is? How much more in keeping with fairness that is? 

A more realistic 2% on replies would give: 960. So with an algorithm reduction of 10%, I’d have a solid 96 replies.

A more realistic 25% on engagements would give: 12,000. So with an algorithm reduction of 50%, I’d have a solid 6,000 meaning perhaps 200 Retweets and 600 likes.

Which would be the case under a better Twitter! 

This is the tweet. My best tweet of 2020, this far…and this is what I get from it!

I think this is proof that my account is restricted! It’s either a manual decision or an algorithm that calculates my reach and that reach is to be virtually zero!

I’ve been saying that I’m in the doldrums for the last couple of years. Since around winter 2016. I’ve been saying that Twitter doesn’t like any deviation from its preferred liberal agenda. This tweet is evidence that it treats my account like dirt! 

No wonder people are going to Parler!

#ExitTwitter #Twexit #GetParlered.

It’s been resolved temporally. Apple is now allowing updates. 

Oh, here we go. Someone has blocked me. The Who Has Blocked You Now? train keeps chugging along. This is The only real consistent thing about this blog. 

Who has blocked you?

Never heard of them! Name doesn’t ring a bell. I like the Mona Lisa smiling though. Good wallpaper. 

How did you find out?

I saw James Dreyfus tweet him. To my recollection, I’ve not ever tweeted them. 

Why do you think theyve blocked you?

Don’t know yet. As we always do, we will publish this blog and then use the link here to have a look! No one escapes the Blogged Inquisition!

It could be 

1- that I tweeted them and they didn’t like the reply!

2- that I’m guilty by association!

3- a block list did it automatically!

4- I was in a tweet thread and they blocked me, through mass blocking, not knowing what I’m about!


Looks like I might have tweeted him in the past. Seems familiar. Might have had a debate about the Kurdish flag-Hungarian flag, if it is the same person. Ah well! 

If it’s someone else…..I’m none the wiser! Don’t know why they blocked me. 

Open verdict