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I was not brought up in a religious household.
Never really believed in any god(s).
My first real doubt came very early on when I first encountered the story of The Flood.I remember thinking “What about all the babies who drowned?” I didn’t know the word “empathy” ,but I do remember trying to imagine the water coming into my house and getting higher and higher..and higher..and not stopping. The next thought (a few days later,I guess) was “How can a god of love allow this? & “is he really all-powerful?”….
I’m male.In my 40s, White( if that matters ) and a Secular Humanist.The quote ” Atheism is the Gateway to Reality ” is to point out that I see Atheism as a transitional term,not a way to define yourself.Its a handy,shorthand label,but has become interchangeable,I suppose.
I’m liberal,progressive, supporter of democracy,technology junkie,ecological minded (Green), anti-rascist ,anti-sexism ,socialist leaning,but have a single conservative streak with regards to Prisons & sentencing.I’m fully supportive of Humanist/Secular charities.I support Kurdistan,(TwitterKurds) Humanist groups in Midde East, Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender people & groups & cruelty against animals.I’m a cat & dog lover.I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat much meat (Pork is my fav,but I sometimes have lamb or beef(rarely).I do eat fish.I have tried a vegetarian diet,but all I can say is that my body rebelled.I try to eat the more humanely raised meat.(Costs more,but I think its worth supporting)
I’m a theoretical republican ,as I’m not sure any politician can be trusted in the UK to do the job.I’m a supporter of nonviolence, but understand the need for defence.I would support a proper UN army.I’m cosmopolitan, low key with regards to nationalism.Rather be “citizen of the world”.
I love anything to do with Space,Cosmos etc.I would like to see a base on the moon and a human outpost on Mars & mining communities in the Asteroid belt.
Religion = Lots to say,see my Twitter acct for that.Far Eastern religions are better than the Abrahamic ones.Buddhism/Jainism,stripped of reincarnation, spiritual guides & teachers would be something I could follow.I might even do a bit of meditation.

“Just one more question,if I may?” Said Lt.Columbo….

Rudolf Steiner started his career as a Goethe scholar,but over time he developed an interest in theosophy,which is an esoteric belief system centered on ways of knowing g-d.He finally founded a society with it promoting his ideas on anthroposophy.
As we all know,the best way to get a message across is to teach & Steiner was invited by a German factory that made cigarettes (Waldorf-Astoria) to educate the offspring of the people who worked there.This is why Steiner schools are also known as Waldorf-Steiner schools.
These schools were very popular.The first was at Stuttgart in 1919 & now there’s 900+ worldwide.
All good,you might think. A modern school that has Values based on the best teachings of ,God is love,do unto others as you would be done by,etc – very much like a Catholic school..except Steiner believed that schools needed to cultivate “Spirit” ,which is the idea that people experience a type of reincarnation every 7 years,beginning with the physical birth and ending around 21 (so 3 is all you need) and so lessons needed to be taught at the right time and at the right moment by the same teacher (a method called “looping”).
Many Humanist & progressive parents remain largely unaware of these teachings,more taken by the “naturalistic” way of teaching (more centered on child development, smaller classes and high quality teachers) as opposed to the Factory-like “Churn them out ” attitude of everyday schools,with large classes,overworked teachers & an every changing curriculum.Many of these schools do have above average scores in school checks by education officers.
But all may not be as good as it seems,because if you go online,you’ll find many people complaining about this education system, & the BHA has stepped up & wrote a detailed briefing on what they see as the problem with Steiner education.
Group cohesion is very important and bullying is an issue as in all schools.
It’s fantastic that the BHA is trying to find out why Steiner schools have been accepted as free schools,& the points raised are very important.I’m wondering why there wasn’t a single mention of the bullying that so many people complain about in those schools.
This site has post after post on terrible bullying Steiner experiences the World over,including the UK –
What’s particularly troubling about this bullying (According to many of the posts) is that the schools seem to be aware that’s it’s going on but do nothing about it.This has led many to suspect that it has something to do with a warped belief in karma (Which I shall return to in another WordPress).The BHA mention Karma ,but not this damaging outcome. BHA and DfE return to information Tribunal over state funding of Steiner schools

Surely the BHA should also point out how unsafe such schools can be,as having children (Who don’t meet the Group cohesion ideal) feeling unsafe in a school environment must be at least as important as the opposition of the teaching of pseudoscience.
After all,they can be taught the truth/reality (No g-d,no spirit) later on,but you can never really undo the damage caused by bullying.

The question-Was it an oversight not to mention it ?


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Just a quick WordPress about the music/Singers that I post YouTube videos of .

Firstly, I do promote well known Atheist Singers/Rappers

Shout out to 7 & 8:….please follow NOW !

6- #AtheistRap
7- ⭐⭐⭐⭐
8- ⭐⭐⭐⭐
& i hope to find more.

I also Tweet other people , (who may or may not be believers in a religion ), because I really like the way they sing/play and I have the opportunity to share the videos . Also, I have Tweeted them, followed them and they have replied and reciprocated .

These are the musicians-

A- Andy King is a very talented singer/songwriter and guitarist from London Town and I’m really glad I follow him . Good vibes . ( B-OK )

B- Has a very good voice . A vid with B-OK called ” spinning ” is the top song on one of my phone playlists .

C- On following B-OK , i was introduced ,via Twitter , to the excellent singer called Jorja , who has been in 2 bands that I like . Fairfield and Mime Soya . She has new music , as a solo artist , coming out soon .

D- The first video of this excellent Punk/protest singer that I saw (Another stumble upon on YouTube ) shook me up …So raucous and powerful in her singing . Another Billy Bragg perhaps ?

E- A very talented singer who goes by the name of #Yozephine . I think she should be better known . She has an EP out soon and is also on Soundcloud . I stumbled (again YouTube) upon her singing in her native Swedish and was captivated by her voice . ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

F- (Now also as ) I really like Acoustic guitar and good solid song writing / singers ( and i like to step away from my usual diet of Stonerrock bands ) so a good while ago (over a yr at least ) I searched for something that was really good . On that particular day I must have went thru’ listening to 2 or 3 hours of different Folk / indie singers (On YouTube and Twitter) and not one had the songs that grabbed my interest until I found JVincent_Music . He now has a punk band as well .

G-BitchcraftBand (Not Tweeting anymore) I like Doom music and Sirchmanifest had this band following him , so I checked them out and found it was a Female fronted Electric Wizard-like band . I was very impressed . Still on YouTube .

& there was a time when OderionPanorama was a regular to have their videos Tweeted.. (Last Tweeted in summer 2013) A crazy character in a crazy band .

H – I’m now following on Vine and Facebook a very good singer called Megan Rae (Megan Miller) , who is planning an album in Fall 2014 . Please check her YouTube channel . Another talented singer .

I really enjoy listening/appreciating acoustic guitarists and the way they sing . I sincerely hope that my Tweeting does contribute , in a small way to a number of new people also enjoying their music .

I also Love StonerRock* Music . Bands like Kyuss, Hermano, Slo-Burn, Unida (Anything http://www.twitter.comJohnGarciaSolo ) , Fu Manchu , Nebula, Brant Bjork, Orange Goblin, Spirit Caravan, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Cathedral, WO Fat, Earthless (Too many to mention).

I also like Punk , classic punk of the late 70s and early 80s . I also like Early New Orleans Jazz , and Jazz from the 1920’s , 30s and 40s . I love Classical music . In fact there’s not much music I don’t like …er …well , obviously Christian Rock and Gospel , Muslim call to prayer , but… , then again …catch me in the right mood and I overlook the lyrics and just enjoy the way they sing !

I Love Music .

* Please follow #stonerrock (ThunderUnderground ) to keep up with good music mentions .

I apologize for not checking up on some of these accts , I get sidetracked a lot …then I remember ” aahhh , I got these really great musicians I follow , gotta find out what they are doing …. what have I missed ? ” and then tweet in a burst for a while all their new vids …..I should have a more regular spot . I used to do something called MusicPower on a Saturday morning , but that’s gone by the wayside….maybe I shall resurrect it .