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Biology Babe Talks Feminism

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Gender Egalitarianist or Gender Equality will only come about when feminism and anērism are both applied to inequalities. Feminism alone will not uplift women and anērism alone will not uplift men in those areas that need addressing. It is, in my opinion, only part of the solution.

“Norse Legends [Audio]”

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Fair video. I think he’s probably blocked you for it though(I could be wrong)

How about a “5 Toxic things about Steve Shives”?

1- he automatically blocks you if you criticise his beliefs and also blocks you if you simply follow another YouTuber that he disagrees with. 

2- he labels anyone who has justified concerns with feminism automatically as “anti-feminist”

3- he can’t see that the “atheist community” is actually several groups of communities

4- he says that “all men are potential rapists”, but if you said “all members of the muslim faith are potential terrorists”, he would call you an “Islamophobe” and “racist”

5- he advocates (badly) a feminism that a lot of people may agree with. 

It’s described as 3rd wave intersectional feminism- basically a female centred non racist, non sexist meritorious movement that with Anērism would create a Gender egalitarianist(humanistic) society. This is expressed in the #KurdishFeminism displayed in #Rojava.

That he’s the face, the YouTube presence, of this makes talking about it difficult. The automatic response is “you sound like Shives!” 

#Facepalm moment!

JaclynglennLtd does a good job and she goes back up in my estimation. Still won’t follow her….that plagerism and self promotion is still a bit  too much for me.

The 1st wave of gender egalitarianism is here.

Equality, balance and harmony is what you desire. “Equal rights now!”  you shout out! People applaud it. I shout out “Gender egalitarianism now!” and i get told that feminism is the tool to achieve it! “what are you on about?” is another.

People, especially a certain type of privileged, ideological hardened, white, cis feminist do not understand Gender egalitarianism. They don’t! I mean..they REALLY, REALLY DON’T.

At some point Feminism will run out of waves.Do you really want to be talking about the 22nd wave of post-human inter dimensional anti-siliconophobic feminism? I don’t! We are on the cusp of a 4th.The 3rd, well…elements of the 3rd are toxic and meeting fierce resistance. I do not like this particular strand of (ideological) feminism. It denies the very equality it supposedly claims to desire.

Feminism is not a monolithic bloc. The fundamental premise of woman’s rights is universally accepted, but in it’s presentation it is not.I’m here to say that the 4th wave of feminism and 1st wave of Gender egalitarianism is one and the same. It is a return to the path of inclusive feminism and to meritorious Humanism. Many feminists will not like being informed of this. They will refuse to see the obvious. They are the stubborn ideologues.

If you are shaking your head and are saying to yourself “he’s wrong” and that you’ll always be a feminist and only a feminist, no matter what! Guess what you are? 

It is a fact that many women, who have the right to vote due to feminism, the right to work from feminism and many other Rights coming from feminism, are rejecting it. They may be fully aware of thus, but they have decided to be critical of some aspects of feminism they are maligned and insulted.The presentation of Feminism is not inerrant and since it is an idea, it can and must be criticised. The ideological feminists have corrupted it.

Am I ‘mansplaining*’? Since that is a sexist term….no, I am not.

Am I trying to appropriate feminism? No, in fact I am placing the term its rightful place in the equality frame. A full 50%. A full 100% of itself.

Am I trying to abolish or sideline feminism? Hardly!

Read on and please try to understand.

I have labelled myself a gender egalitarianist for a Very long time. Yet i am a proud feminist.They are not mutually exclusive.I accept all the waves of feminism. 1st wave: the fight for votes and ending “the old boys club”. 2nd wave: the fight for employment and reproductive rights and 3rd wave:advocacy of intersectionality, breaking the Glass ceiling & in non Western countries, continuing to oppose religious, social and economic patriarchy. #KurdishFeminism°° , the #Rojava revolution are elements of 3rd wave, though i think you can now call the #YPJ (Kurdish, Arab and Yazedi female fighters) the vanguard of 4th wave as it is a weoponized(literally) feminism.

With this said, I would also say I am a Anērist. This is what an advocate for rights for men should be identified as. It is not mutually exclusive from Gender egalitarianism. This does not mean I am a MRA, as it it known on YouTube or Twitter. Many MRA’s are actively anti-feminist. They forget the struggles of the past. They ignore the very rights that their mothers, aunties and sisters fought for.These are men and women who like the status quo or wish to revert to traditional gender roles.They are Regressives.

Woven into this ignorance is hatred of Political correctness. It is mostly the right wing/libertarian who push this hatred.Obviously so, as they do not like the progressive agenda. This is not Social Justice Warriorism.There is no fighting against each other. It is equality for genders within society. That said…there are things that I dislike about the PC culture. It uses terms like “Islamophobia” and “New atheist” as if they mean something. They are actually words to silence you.This particular PC strand needs to be challenged.

 Just think of “feminism is cancer”.A gay, right wing christian said this. I’d would never say this. It lacks nuance and explanation. I’d have to frame it as “an element of 3rd wave intersectional feminism that has become ideological, divisive and toxic is Cancer”! It is the domineering cis White feminism of those who use block bots, of those who dislike or do not accept criticism of their interpretation of feminism. They are very much like the Christian creationists, who will continue to argue even when proven to have failed in logical thinking. They are the feminist cultists, who will unfriend and block you in all the social media apps that you share. They are patronizing and condescending.

Anērism is legitimate. It is the right of a man to be treated as equally as a woman. Putting the legitimate argument that a gender wage gap does not exist aside; a woman has a right to be paid the same wage as a man. This is equality and therefore a man has a right to be given the same prison sentence, for the same crime, as a woman. This is not the case in many countries. A definite inequality.

Further things that Anērism addresses:

Barbaric circumcision through parental consent ( #MGM -Male Genital Mutilation) of infant boys. For cosmetic, dubious health reasons and/or religious tribalistic reasons.

Automatic Male conscription in the countries that it is applicable.

Outdated Divorce laws.

There are other concerns.

Anērism, in a simplikidstic** explanation, is the male version of feminism. It is not overt Menism or machoism.

Anērism is not misogynistic. It can not be misandrious. Likewise feminism should also not be misandrious. It should not & can not be misogynistic. All those feminists drinking out of Male Tears mugs should be ashamed of themselves. Likewise those feminists who do not like women who “doing it for themselves” should actually be applauding them. They are, without realising or acknowledging it, the feminists vanguard. Feminism is about equality, not replacing a patriarchy with a loutish matriarchy! 

Is there a clash between feminism and Anērism within the umbrella of Gender Egalitarianism? No, they are Non Overlapping Magisteria. This is a term usually placed with science and religion discussions, but it is totally applicable to gender politics.

Feminism isn’t here to climb over men.Anērism is not here to climb over women. 

It is plain that if you want equality between the sexes, you must advocate for it. Women and men should be feminist and Anērist and also call themselves an Egalitarianist.Feminism and Anērism are mutually exclusive, but as I’ve said before, a feminist advocating for disability rights is also arguing for disability rights for men. 

Feminists believe that they should promote woman’s rights to gain equal status to men. This is quite correct, except for the “to men” part, as this assumes that the default baseline is masculine. It is not, as men are also discriminated against. There are valid rights that men need addressing. This masculine baseline is the myth that every feminist and MRA buys into, to attack it or defend it, and this is why we have constant struggle and arguments to gain equality. The rights that men have to gain are far less numerous than women, hence the need for the waves of feminism, but they do need to be gained. This should be recognised.

The baseline for equality is above both genders.Let us strive for it together. I believe we only need 1 wave of Anērism.

Women know they have the rights, but they need to be assertive and use them. That they do not apply for those “men only” jobs is a failing of themselves, not men.This also applies to men…some jobs are seen to be “not masculine”…rise above it. On Merit and Gender blindness are the keys to opening up equal employment rights.

(Ideological feminists will inisit that you failed due to ‘the patriarchy’, even when it’s a female interviewer.)

Not enough women in politics? If you want to do it. Go for it.

Not enough women in construction? If you want to do it. Go for it.

You have existing anti-discrimination laws to back you up.

Does egalitarianism automatically encompass MRA’s? Yes, but MRA’s do not necessarily encompass egalitarianism. If they are putting down feminists..then they are not being equal. Correcting bad logic is fine….having a go at the woman’s apperance is ad hominem. YouTube MRA’s actively do this. Anērists have no need to speak against the classic feminism of the 1st & 2nd waves and 3rd wave is absolutely supported, but not the ideological feminism of exclusion.

On reading the above. Read it again, with the word feminism/feminist replaced with Anērism/Anērist to see what intersectional egalitarianism is. 

Am I having my egalitarianist cake and eating it? 

Yes, I am a feminist , but I’m sharing it 50=50 it with my anērist friends!


* mansplaining is a sexist term.

°° Kurdish Feminism – please Google #YPJ for futher information.

* * simplistic + kid. because a kid would even understand this explanation. 

Why I Chose Porn

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“Why I Chose Porn” –

For anyone who thinks Steve researches his material ….

The people who subscribe to him-

1- regressive atheists who like him

2- regressive feminists who like him 

3- people who have forgotten they have subbed to him

4- commentators (Pro and con) 

5- newly internetted people who have no idea of his history. 

The people who have stopped following him

1- the ones that have found out that he has blocked them

2- most of the atheist community that he claims to speak for.