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I wake up and in the moments between waking up and getting up, I go on Twitter, just to have a looksee on what’s going on and I end up following a thread, which leads me to look at a list of people, who someone in the thread is following, which brings my attention to someone who has blocked me.

@JoshDenny blocked you

it says.

Okay, who the f’ck is Josh Denny and why did he block me? is the question to myself, as this account has a blue Twitter check mark against his name.

So here I am again typing the one way to find out who this moronic person is. All people are moronic, if they’ve blocked me, cos I’m not out to piss anyone off on Twitter, I just ask questions and if those questions cause me to be blocked, it’s YOU that’s the problem, b’cos YOU couldn’t answer them or those questions caused THEM to think outside the box for a moment and THEY didn’t like the relevance or the conclusion!

Most people who block me are either the religious, the far left blue\pink haired woke CRT\Trans Ideology\Censorious PC advocates, namby-pamby illiberal liberals, anti-vaxxers or the occasional white nationalist.

I’m not sure about where Josh Denny is on that, but we will find out.

We type out and let the link go live, avoiding his TwitterBlock and look at the evidence from his tweets to see what he is about.

So, update

He’s an anti-vax comedian that thinks covid is “just lingering flu” . He’s Not As funny as he thinks he is and for someone who obviously wants more retweets, it’s a bit puzzling why he’s blocked me. I’d give him the time of day for retweeting his views, (just for people to rip him a new one, I guess.)

Conclusion -Still don’t really know\care who he is and it’s no loss to me that he’s blocked me.