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ISIS Declares Islamic Caliphate, Changes Name to …: Styxhexenhammer 666

A YouTuber and Gardener ,also Rational Satanist with strong opinions and a following of 12,000 + . He seems to get a lot of news items that I don’t see and talks about religion in a way that I don’t , so he is a very interesting man .
I don’t also agree with some of what he says , like Pat Condell ,but I do value what he says …
A good way to find out what YOU think is to meet others who don’t agree with you .
I agree that the borders should change in this region
I agree that the US and Russia should come together to confront the growing rise in Extremism
Saudi Arabia should be disengaged from by the USA .Renewable energy and research into Fusion should get us out of this region .We are too oil-dependent and should not exchange modern weaponry with abusive regimes . Ethical Foreign policies should be the norm by all civilized nations .
Kurdistan should be a nation state .( & a deal with Turkey should be made :- EU membership for Kurdish Independence ? )

One thing- I would say in the short term ,Mecca should be a Mini-state that resembles The Vatican ,so no one sect has control of this site .

These are a list of the spreaders of #Mythtianity and the Faith virus



Fastest Biplane speed record set by modified Fiat CR 42

The record was set in 1941 – So , come on someone ! This record has stood for far too long . My dream (If I had the money ) is get a P51-Mustang Airframe with new design Biplane wings ,modify it so there’s retractable landing carriage in the lower wings . Then the speed record can be set closer to 380mph or maybe higher .

Or ,have an alternative design based on the CR 42 . The image below is from a concept aircraft site .


I’m sure a way to set a new record can be done … Any ideas ?

The Biplane above is the one that set the record It can be improved . Teardrop cockpit ,better streamlining & retractable undercarriage .Also modern materials that are lighter.
Why doesn’t the soul compensate for the debilitating effects of this ?

The Eternal Soul

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                               The soul you think you have


Do you believe you have an eternal soul? One that was fixed to your body, at the point of conception, by god or a heavenly angel?
A soul that is you, and would survive your Earthly death, and ascend to Heaven if you have faith in the Lord Jesus?

Do you have an aged relative suffering from dementia? Has an aunt or uncle suffered a stroke? Do you know someone who came off a motorbike and suffered a head trauma?

How are these connected?


I know someone who has TIA ” mini strokes ” and when these attacks happen for a good 20-30 minutes they cannot access that part of the brain that enables you to recognize and name yourself and others.
Everything else is fine.They can move around. Interactions on a basic “Do you want this? Do you understand what I’m saying?” are okay, but ask their name, address, how old or “can you say who I am and what my name is?”..there is nothing..a complete blank.

Now if you have a soul, which is said to be immortal, able to survive billions of years of Hell (if an jesus-rejecting heathen) or billions of years of Heaven (if you accept Gawd & JESUSCHRISTISLORD) and is actually YOU, the thing which encompasses your very being & personality, then why doesn’t that continue functioning? How is this thing that is within the body, of the body, connected to the body, but also independent of the body not able to compensate for the neurological error?

You have to say that
1 – you have no soul
2- the eternal, independent consciousness or supernatural energy that inhabits (not proved,by the way) your body is affected by localized, personal health issues …which is absurd, isn’t it ?

Intactivism #i2 TeamUncut

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This is a list of Twitter accts (which will expand) who are against FGM* and Foreskin removal for religious reasons . FGM and MGM** in my eyes , is a crime . Unless done for proper and urgent medical reasons , the cutting of the genital area SHOULD NOT be done .
#i2 , #intactivism and #TeamUncut are all useful hashtags on Twitter . Please use them . Also , please share websites that support this cause .

*Female Genital Mutilation
**Male Genital Mutilation





image (IntactOhio)





Anti-Circumcision 2015

Modern Warfare 2

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                         The Xbox 360 game that I play the most


I play Modern Warfare 2. I play it online on the Xbox 360. Usually with a few snacks, nuts, crisps and chocolates. Also, one or two bottles of beer. It may be an old game, it may be a sandbox game, but I really like it. I’ve gone thru’ the game a couple of times, but I like the on-line multiplayer best. I also have the other Call of Duty games, but MW2 is, in my opinion, the best.


                                 ”  Where is my rocket launcher ? ”

I am also an atheist on Twitter. I support godless American atheists, skeptics and Humanists. I try to understand the subject of Religion
, which i take a great interest in.
You can find me at –
I would like to bring both loves together. So if you like MW2, or any of the other COD games (I will also play FIFA 13 or FIFA 14 ) and you are an atheist on Xbox live …look for (Kriz)atheistpower on Xbox live / MW2.


See you on the battlefield!

just passin’ , sayin ‘ hi .This may be ideal if you identity as #Atheist #Agnostic ,#Humanist #Skeptic or #Freethinker . Thank you for following me .


Here are some helpful links ( ExMuslims N. America )


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Facebook @ Kriz_atheistpower



Book – ‘ Slaying the Dragon ‘… By Robert Griffiths

Book – ‘Atheist Universe ‘ … By David Mills

ATHEIST POETRY by the rational poet

Check out at :–

Other sites of interest


YouTube Could be /channel/UCwL9Nf3… chrisophervandusen (21st Century Man ) I can’t find the proper link . Theoretical Bullshit


More Websites that may interest


and here are some ASH* Twitter accts I recommend you to follow ,also on Youtube ( Sarah Mae ) Youtuber .

image ( also Facebook )
there is also another acct called

image Youtuber – The Belligerent Atheist

image also on Youtube also on Youtube

Podcasts on Twitter podcast


image (Author – Chris Krzeminski )

There are also musicians ,who identify as atheists ( )

Useful Hashtags –

#biblebibblebabble ( via wombleweb )

*ASH = Atheist Secular Humanist

Twitter acct with no blogs as yet :- 🙂

⏩ Atheist Clothing ⏪


#i2 Anti-circumcision accounts

#Creationists or as I like to call them …
Total fucking stupid wankers , who have no bloody idea of the damage that they are doing to society . They are a sickness .
To tell people that the World is no more than 10,000 years old deserves a fucking slap ! (oh all right , a general finger wag ,roughly in their direction ! )
Shut up you mentalist …Do you know there are trees older than your idea ?
Then they come out with such stuff as ” oh , the carbon dating isn’t spot on , it can’t be believed “, but the Bible …oh yes , that’s fucking true ( Talking snakes ,Floods and Angels ! )
& what if your car got nicked and burned out but they found DNA or fingerprints telling you it was So-&-So ? Then all the science stuff you disbelieve becomes good enough .
Whatever suits the way they think is the correct way & if you don’t think as they do , you are the one in the wrong !
Go away you Looney tune !!!

How the Universe came from Nothing , Richard Dawk…: