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Trans women are women. 

Trans women are Freemartins???

Is society copying Brave New World?

My position on Count Dankula.

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1-I like his Mad Lads series on Youtube. This is an apolitical series.

2-I agree with his stance on Free Speech and a UK written constitution. This is a good cause.

3-His court case issues with his dog, the Nazi Pug. Making a joke with context is not a crime. Dismissal of the context is wrong.

4-His warnings about Article 13. Memes and clips are going to be harder to access due to copyright enforcement.

5-His point that if the Left allow the Right to be de-platformed, censored or non personed, it might be used against them in the future. A very good and valid point.


His association with ‘Tommy Robinson’. A toxic brand name in many quaters. (I can understand it, he needed A big name to highlight his situation as the Left would not do it. Yet I don’t agree)

His defence of UKIp(he is a member though!), Generation Identity and groups that are hostile to the Left in all shapes and forms. His argument for this is the same as Dave Rubins. He believes that the Left will be improved if it can listen to the criticism(hardly likely) and change. I believe he was very much a communist in his teenager years, yet has drifted to Centre Right.


I can agree with some of his views, yet I can also be highly critical and disagree with some of his views.

If you don’t understand this…..then your Twitter virtue-signalling for a pure ideological stance that is 100% akin to your own is going to lose you friend after friend after friend.

Though I suspect in Real Life (off twitter) you are also not consistent in this and you have friends that you disagree with. (You F’cking hypocrite!)

You are probably the type that will bandy around the words “Nazi, racist and islamophobe” quite freely towards people who disagree with you, even if they have nothing to do with those terms and you only do this because you lack a coherent counter argument! Quick to Smear, slow with actual substance.

Hilary Clinton – No.

Joe Biden- No.

Bernie Sanders – No.

Definitely not any of the above

Someone younger- Yes.

Someone like Obama on the charisma\education level? Yes.

Male or female? Doesn’t matter.


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If Islamophobia is a racism that is based upon “perceived muslimness”, then Atheistophobia is a racism that is based upon a perceived rationalism. 

If you are rational towards religion and critical of its beliefs, then any violence, abuse and counter-criticism is racist. If you hold secular humanism as your belief and people criticise or attack your non-theocratic lifestyle, then they are being racist. 

This is to pay back in the same coin all those idiots and ignorant people who peddle the idea that the word Islamophobia is the correct one!

It is a misnomer. 

There’s only one Race. The Human race.