Blocked again….Fucked if I know why?

Posted: June 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Just had someone block me….
As yet…I haven’t got a fucking clue* why!

( * I found out -look below at Update)


I win, technically. Anyone who blocks “can’t handle the truth!”
If there was a valid disagreement and I’m wrong….I’ll say Sorry.


Blocking usually means…
1- I’ve insulted them. Rarely.
2- I’ve insulted a belief of theirs. Yeah, probably.
3- I’ve tweeted them too much.Possible, but not often.
4- I’ve pissed off someone they know and out of solidarity, they declare and run! Could happen.
5- They discover that I’m an atheist/Green Party supporter/not a vegan/a “New Atheist”. The usual blahblahblah! .
6- They disagree with me preferring Star Trek to Star Wars.Adding this Just for fun, but it can be serious too!
7- I’ve trolled them.(I don’t do this)

Anyway, this is who blocked me


This is why he blocked me….


What a wimp out!
Triggered, by one meme and one comment.
More clues.
He tweets with someone who blocked me ages ago.


The person in question is who is friendly with a Catholic ‘Reformer’, who befriends atheists, that I blocked.
A DM here, a DM there…..”You must block him! He’s a nasty “New Atheist! He shares memes that may challenge your political or religious views”
Oh, and I’m also a Terrible observer of events for suggesting Blairites/Anti Corbynites and Europhile and Socially conscious Conservatives join together to form a Centrist Party!

Hurt feelings that I called it out? Unable to contemplate it? Politics is changing in the UK. Get used to it.

A pathetically lame reason for blocking me! Your loss. I’m glad you are gone! ByeBye.


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